10 People Recall What They Used to Think Made a Person Rich

When you’re a kid, anything that’s not familiar can seem fancy. Of course, if your family is middle class, or lower than that, there probably were a ton of things as a kid that might seem normal to others, but screamed “that person has money to you.”

These 10 people recalled exactly those things, and reading through their tweets was like a burst of nostalgia!

Good or not, they are yours.

This looks so disgusting now, but then?

Or like, not ever if you’re the dishwasher.

It is great for people-watching, though.

I can definitely believe it’s not butter, I’ll tell you that.

Like Seattle. Or England.

Though travel in general was definitely for families with money.

But this was military housing? I don’t think that’s awesome.

That smell was worth every penny.

So does my lazy a$s at this point.

As someone raised solidly in the middle class, I definitely agree with most of these things!

Would you add something to the list? Tell us what in the comments!


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