10 Miniature Haunted Houses To Spook Up Your Halloween

There are still a few weeks before Halloween. But it’s never too late to begin your decor plans for the spookiest night of the year. While you often deck up your home with the scariest and creepy All Hallows’ Eve decorations, this year set a perfect Halloween scene using miniature haunted houses. With a mini haunted house, you and your kids can come up together to create a scary display on your end table, mantle, windowsill, or any other area of your choice.

Using a miniature haunted house, you can come up with so many ideas. For instance, you can create an old witch’s farm with a haunted house, black cats, bats, spider web, and other accessories. Or you can set up a haunted doll house with spider webs all around and ghosts flying near it. You just have to be a little imaginative and you can surely create a spooky scene.

However, one essential that you cannot miss out on for more such scary displays is a perfect miniature haunted house. Here we list a few cute but terrifying mini haunted houses to complete your Halloween decor.

LED Haunted Treehouse

This eerie illuminated haunted treehouse would be the perfect focal point to create a Halloween-themed fairy garden. This treehouse seems to have a ghastly face that would look even scarier when you switch on the LED light. You can create a wonderful Halloween decor with this miniature tree house.

Buy: $33

Miniature Haunted Houses

Handmade Miniature 1:12 Scale Treehouse

This perfectly scaled handmade treehouse is another great piece to set up a Halloween scene. It is made using reclaimed aquarium trees, dollhouse scraps, and other found objects.

Buy: $512

Miniature Haunted Houses

Standing Halloween Haunted House

Add Halloween spirit to your living space with this haunted standing house. It seems ideal for a tiered tray decor or any other idea that you may think of. This piece also comes with a stand to easily put it on display without any hassle.

Buy: $23

Miniature Haunted Houses

Dollhouse Miniature Halloween Haunted House

If you are thinking of creating a haunted dollhouse, this miniature house with moss on the exterior is a perfect piece to consider. It will add up to the ghoulish decorations that you have in mind.

Buy: $17

Miniature Haunted Houses

Primitive Lighted Haunted House

This handcrafted haunted house looks scarier when illuminated. The pumpkins, flying ghost, and overall rustic appeal of this mini house are perfect to create a scary farmhouse scene.

Buy: $56

Miniature Haunted Houses

Haunted House With Warning!

This particular miniature haunted house comes with a warning – “Enter At Your Own Risk.” You can use this mini house to set a Halloween decor just outside your front door, table, shelf, or mantle. Whenever your guests will see this, they’ll surely be warned of the night of horror.

Buy: $31

Miniature Haunted Houses

Miniature Haunted House

This is another scary miniature house for decoration. It looks cute and just on point for All Hallows’ Eve decor. Plus, this scary house also warns your guests as it says, “Enter if you dare!”

Buy: $9

Miniature Haunted Houses

Handmade Polymer Clay Halloween House

This one is rather cuter than scary. It is perfect for those who like to add some frightful yet elegant factor to their All Hallows Eve decor. You can create a fun Halloween-themed garden scene with this one.

Buy: $19

Miniature Haunted Houses

DIY Paper Halloween Haunted House Village with Bats

It is a fun DIY paper village kit that includes three black houses with chimneys and eight bats. All the pieces are nicely cut using 65-pound card stock paper. This kit would be a fun Halloween craft for your kids to help you with the decor.

Buy: $23

Miniature Haunted Houses

Halloween DIY Kit For 3D Haunted House

It is another fun art and craft DIY kit for kids. It includes a 3D haunted house, haunted character pen toppers, a black cat trick or treat sign hanger, and an owl notebook.

Buy: $11

Miniature Haunted Houses
Image: Amazon

LEGO Haunted House

This creepy LEGO haunted house offers you hours of entertainment while setting it up. Start building this frightful horror house while exploring its impressive details and features. You are likely to lose track of time when building this LEGO horror house.

Buy: $305

Miniature Haunted Houses
Image: Amazon

With these miniature haunted houses, you can make heads turn with impressive Halloween displays. Just pick any one, two, or more of these horror houses and create something astonishing for the most frightful night of the year.

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