10 kilos, 3 months of training: how the heroine of My Name turned into a killer …

Available on Netflix, My Name follows the tragic journey of a woman desperate to avenge her murdered father. Its interpreter Han So-hee followed an incredible preparation for this role.

My Name is a fast-paced eight-part South Korean drama series created by veteran Korean drama director Kim Jin-min and written by Kim Ba-da. This thriller tells the bloody journey of Yoon Ji-woo (Han So-Hee), who will join the Dongcheonpa organization, led by the mobster Choi Moo-jin (Park Hee-Soon) to learn the arts of combat and become a real murderous.

The young woman plunges into this gangster environment in order to avenge her father, pursued by the police and murdered, while he also worked for this drug trafficking organization. Yoon Ji-woo will change his identity and play the moles for Choi Moo-jin by infiltrating the police narcotics squad in order to obtain information on his father.

If the heroine is desperate to find her father’s murderer, her interpreter Han So-Hee has also thrown herself headlong into an incredible preparation for this role.

10 kilos taken for the role

At a press conference on the Netflix series (via GMA Network), it was revealed that Han So-Hee trained for 3 months at a school specializing in preparing for action scenes, while her male partners prepared for 2 months.

Thanks to this drastic training, Han So-Hee was able to eat what she wanted and put on 10 kilos. The actress improved over the course of her sessions and even took a liking to combat sport: “After this series, I have developed a lot physically and I am learning kickboxing today.”

10 kilos, 3 months of training: how the heroine of my name turned into a killer...

There were some sores, as she explained to Soompi, but nothing serious that could have stopped the shooting, thanks to the tremendous work of the stuntmen:

“There were small and big injuries during the preparation of the role. I had quite a few cuts, but there were no big accidents. The stuntmen did as much as I did. was injured, but that’s what allowed me to gain stamina. During filming the cuts, scrapes and bruises weren’t a big deal. The stuntmen were injured as much as I was, so I was able to toughen myself up. “

In the brain of a killer

This is not all since in a video interview of the making-of, the actress explained that she did not leave the role on the set thanks to the accessories including:

“We were still using guns and knives. So I always had a knife with me to get used to it.”

But the young woman made a point of respecting the security measures: “I trained a lot, not only to protect myself but above all to not hurt anyone and to finish the shoot without a hitch.”

10 kilos, 3 months of training: how the heroine of my name turned into a killer...

Also at the press conference, Han So-Hee indicated that she had done some research while watching action movies with female heroines to prepare for her role like those of Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard:

“I had to focus on the vital parts of my opponents. So I watched a lot of movies to look for references.”

It was also a desire of the actress to find more muscular roles after starring in many romantic dramas, as she indicated to Soompi:

“I wasn’t particularly looking to work in an action series but I always wanted to land a role of heroine who carries a project. It turns out that it is an action series that gives me this kind of script and I said I would. I like film noir a lot so I think that played into my decision to play that role. “

Thanks to this incredible preparation, Han So-Hee not only impressed his partners but also the public, who discovered with My Name, a new South Korean nugget on Netflix, while the Squid Game phenomenon continues to gain momentum. .

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