10 horrible things Marylin Monroe had to go through to be a star

Raised to the rank of Hollywood icon as a young woman, Norma Jean Baker quickly became Marilyn Monroe at the cost of many sacrifices. While several documentaries and films have told her story at length, today we are going to dwell on the rather horrible and disgusting things the actress went through to reach fame before disappearing. Yeah, it’s not super gay, I promise my next top will be about happy stuff like the best toaster promos.

1. She had her chin redone with beef cartilage

In order to give the impression on screen that she didn’t have a double chin, Marilyn Monroe had surgery by putting beef cartilage in it to make it look cooler and pay homage to the city of Menton ( Nope). But over the years the cartilage has stretched and the “perfect chin” effect has disappeared, leaving a double chin to appear, probably even more visible than if she had done nothing at all.

2. She’s been on a special diet most of her career

Since she was constantly hyper-sexualized, Marilyn Monroe was forced to take care of her appearance. She had a bit of a belly so used to tuck it in and stand in weird positions in photos to keep it from showing too much, but she was mostly on a permanent diet and allowed herself to eat steak evening while swallowing almost nothing the rest of the day. Too cool to suffer to be beautiful, cé tro vré.

3. She started losing her hair because of the products she was using.

Known for her iconic haircut, the star had started dyeing her hair platinum blonde to erase her natural black color. The problem is that on the one hand she dyed her hair far too often, like every two to three weeks, but on top of that she used bullshit products like sulfuric acid which not only burned her hair in the long run but also the surface of his skull. Towards the end of her career she wore wigs at only 36 years old.

4. She had complex on her nose but the operation did not satisfy her

Basically she thought her nose was too big, so she had surgery to shrink it, except that she found it too small after the operation and couldn’t do another one, it would have been boring. So she started doing makeup on her nose, mostly learning how to “contour” herself to make it pop and look a little bigger. How boring it is to be a sex symbol.

5. She did not expose herself to the sun for too long

In order to keep her skin white and “stay blonde everywhere” (her words), Marilyn Monroe did not go out to tan and tried to prevent herself from staying in the sun too long. A little boring when you live in California not to cross the sun but she put this pressure on her face on top of everything else, generally not being kind to herself.

6. She slathered Vaseline on her face to “shine” on screen

Before excessive make-up to appear perfect in front of the cameras, Marilyn Monroe applied thick layers of Nivea cream or petroleum jelly to her face to give a super sexy refined shine effect. The rendering of his luminous face, which shines with a thousand lights in the image, had recourse to a lot of artifices finally, even if it was not necessarily a secret.

7. She forced herself to speak in a particular voice to get rid of her stutter.

When she was younger, the actress stuttered, which she managed to reduce with the help of a speech therapist who advised her to “speak by the throat”, which she began to do, forcing herself to hide his natural voice all the time and it can quickly become very boring on a daily basis. Try changing your voice for an hour and you’ll see.

8. She had to take lessons to smile

It’s starting to do a lot of things to constantly monitor yourself, but Marilyn Monroe was forced to take lessons to smile. The reason ? When she smiled naturally, she smiled “too high”, which made wrinkles appear near her nose and that’s not at all sexy, Marilyn, you have to learn to smile while remaining desirable. Pressure bastard.

9. Her nude photos were published in Playboy without her consent

Before being famous, Marilyn Monroe had started doing pin-up photos, including a series of nudes where she was paid $50 for everything, which was no longer her salary as a famous actress. However the photos were not edited and released until it became known and Hugh Hefner, the creator of Playboy buys a copy to put it in one of his magazine without asking the opinion of the main interested party. Very classy Hugh.

10. She was still on heavy medication

The actress suffered from endometriosis, depression, insomnia and overwork and fatigue. She was therefore continuously on several treatments of painkillers, sedatives, barbiturates, sleeping pills and other drugs to “keep her in shape” and to keep her working while she also consumed a lot of alcohol. . Not a great mix.