10 Halloween Party Games For Adults That are Fun and Frightful

It’s that time of the month when Halloween is glancing at me and I am gandering back at it. I know, we are still more than a couple of months away from celebrating the Spooktacular event but I have my list ready of what I am going to wear, eat, drink and even play.

While most people would associate Halloween with decorating house, watching horror films, and going on a pumpkin trail but I’d prioritize staying inside and hosting my guest with some Halloween party games that they’ll never forget in a lifetime.

Fun and frightful Games for Adult Halloween Party

Murder Mystery Game

Halloween Murder Mystery Game
Image: TeamBonding

We are going old school here. Murder mystery game involves your guests (family or friends) to play multiple characters of a story. Every single party guest dresses up and plays a suspect of a murder. They eventually work together to solve a fictitious murder and find out who the real assassin is. In case you want to play the game this Halloween, look out for free murder mystery game scripts online. These scripts provide detailed instruction on gameplay.

Spider Web Splat Game

Spider Web Splat Game new featured
Image: Walmart

I am sure you have played darts all your life. Spider Web Splat is similar to the game of darts and adds a creepy element to your Halloween party. Instead of dart, the game involves an assorted plastic spider which you have to throw at the colorful cardboard and score points. Just like any other dart game, your focus should be on landing the spiders in the center to score maximum points and secure a win. Buy this game on Walmart for $11.

Ouija Board

Halloween Ouija Board Game
Image: Amazon

I am pretty sure you were searching for a timeless and classic board game. Ouija board has a lot of mysticism and dark theories attached to it. Whatever might be the case, an Ouija board can be your Halloween companion and is best suited for two people to play. All you need to do is place your hands on the planchette and wait for magic to unfold. I won’t spoil your mood by saying it’s mostly battery operated, even though it is. All you need to do is ask a specific question and then wait for the answer the mystifying oracle has in store for you.

Pumpkin Decorating Station

Pumpkin Decorating Station Game
Image: Amazon

Halloween and pumpkin go hand in hand. While you might use these pumpkins for your interior decoration but it can even play a major role in spooking your Halloween party game. The best part about this game is you don’t need to cut or carve the pumpkin, rather just place the stickers on the pumpkin body and make it as spooky as possible. You can play the pumpkin decorating game with your kids or can even indulge in a small competition with your friends on who decorates the best. Buy a pack of 48 pumpkin stickers from Amazon for $7 to add an fun feeling to your party.

Halloween Costume Contest

halloween costume party contest
Image: Amazon

Halloween is not just decorating your homes with wreath and mason jars. The festival is also about dressing evil and scaring the heck out of everyone. If you are planning to host a Halloween party this season make sure to include a Halloween costume content to the event. The rules of the game are simple. One who dresses the best outfit for Halloween talks the regard home, and when we say the best outfit we mean something that is scary as hell. So, what are you waiting for. Dress up adult!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

pumpkin carving contest hallowen party game
Image: Quinstar

We have another pumpkin game that many adults would fancy. Pumpkin carving contest involves a lot of skill and concentration. The rules are simple, one with the best carving takes the reward home. You can even set a time limit to find which adult ends up making the most terrific, spooky and impressive pumpkin design.

Pumpkin Bowling

pumpkin bowling halloween party game new

You don’t need to visit your nearby mall to play bowling on the Halloween eve. I’d rather recommend you to transform your lawn into a bowling ramp. Get some toilet paper bowling pins and place them in your patio or garden and use a pumpkin as a bowl to tumble them down. Fun yeah! Imagine the amount of fun with dozens of pumpkins around.

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Pumpkin Ri­ng Toss

Pumpkin Ring Toss Game
Image: My Baba

This may not be a very popular game but that is what we intend to do. Introduce you to some Halloween party games for adults that will make a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your guests. As evident from the name, the game involves multiple pumpkins and rings that one will toss over them.

Halloween Charades for Adults

Halloween Charades Game
Image: brooklynactivemama

A party without charades is like Halloween without jack-o’-lanterns. While in normal dumb charades game you have to try and guess the title of a book or a film but in Halloween things get a little spiced up. All you have to do as a host is divide your guests in two teams and play the game. Fill the bowl with ideas of scary hollowed movies like Conjuring and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and get rolling!

Never Have I Ever

Halloween Never Have I Ever Party Game
Image: Etsy

The ‘Never Have I Ever’ game is usually associated with your kinks but can be wonderful addition to your Halloween party. With options like, never have I ever carved a pumpkin, read a horror book, it is the perfect icebreaker for your party. The game cards can be availed at Etsy and will cost you less than $10.

Final Thoughts

There are a plethora of Halloween party games for adults but these will help you add both fright and fun element to your celebration. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your party game before its too late and you get occupied with other works.

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