10 cult cartoon credits that will make you nostalgic

Like an authentic Proust madeleine, the credits of cartoons from our childhood have a powerful nostalgic effect, carrying an emotional charge capable of making us regress and melt instantly. The proof by ten.

10 cult cartoon credits that will make you nostalgic
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We can no longer count the animated series, Japanese or not, which left a lasting mark on our childhood, whether we were born in the 70s, 80s or 90s: Cobra, Inspector gadget, Cosmocats, Mask, Princesse Sarah, Jeanne and Serge, Ken the Survivor, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Nicky Larson, Lady Oscar, Olive & Tom, the Mysterious Cities of Gold, Ulysses 31 … The list is almost endless.

From there a small selection of ten generic favorites, for fun. That of plunging back into childhood with delight and gluttony thanks to a real Proust madeleine.

And you, what was yours? Say it in the comments!

Jeanne and Serge

In the team there is now a young girl who packs a punch / She knows how to play with talent and her heart is leaping / The boy she loves a lot suddenly comes in / And for her the world is there in the eyes of Serge, Serge, Serge … / Jeanne and Serge, love at first sight at the volleyball match / Jeanne and Serge, love from the first sight!

It is to Valérie Barouille that we owe the interpretation of this credits, to listen again below!

It is an understatement to say that many were the children and young teenagers to vibrate with the adventures of the adorable Jeanne Hazuki, her passion for volleyball and her more or less upset loves for the handsome Serge. Anime series in 58 episodes of 26 minutes created by Shizuo Koizumi, Jeanne and Serge was broadcast for the first time in France in 1987, in the show (cult!) Yeh! School is over on La Cinq. And will of course be broadcast multi later on other channels, such as Antenne 2 or TF1, in the Club Dorothée.

The success of the series was absolutely phenomenal, to the point of even making the cover of a TV magazine (Télé pocket). And above all aroused a huge enthusiasm for registrations in Volleyball clubs, while sport began to compete with football in the playgrounds. A fashion phenomenon which however disappeared when the series stopped.

Sherlock holmes

With nearly a hundred adaptations ranging from cinema to plays to television series, the character of Sherlock Holmes, created by Scottish novelist Arthur Conan Doyle in the 19th century, is now known to all generations.

Viewers of the youth program Cabou Cadin and Dorothy Club particularly remember the eponymous program in 26 episodes of the 1980s, and which resumes the adventures of the famous detective and his sidekick, Doctor Watson, facing the shenanigans of Professor Moriarty.

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Represented in the form of canines, the characters carefully investigate and solve various mysteries throughout the series, all driven by the combined talents of directors Hayao Miyazaki to whom we owe the Ghibli films, and Kyosuke Mikuriya, head of other mythical animes of the time such as Georgie and Ulysses 31.

The wonderful French credits, carried by a magnificent music, were sung by Amélie Morin, with a very childish tone of voice. The greatest of detectives / Yes he is, Sherlock Holmes here he is / He lives in Baker Street / And pursues Moriarty the villain / Elegant brigand, cane in hand / Unmasked by the cleverest Sherlock Holmes!


French animated television series in 52 13-minute episodes created by Jacques Morel, Éric Turlot (script), Philippe Marin (drawing) and Marc Tortarolo (concept), Bibifoc was broadcast between October 3, 1985 and December 23, 1986 on Antenna 2 in the broadcast Recreation A2.

The oldest ones will certainly remember the adventures of this adorable and cute baby seal, friend of a young boy passionate about nature (Tommy) and a little Inuit girl (Ayma), who fought seal hunters in the Arctic.

The original idea of ​​this series is also moving and touching: to raise awareness among young people and public opinion about the massacres of poor seal pups for their fur. What was originally intended to be an awareness-raising commercial eventually turned into an animated TV series.

And here is the wonderful generic soft toy from Bibifoc, whose plush was sold by whole pallets (including one for the author of these lines)!

The credits of the cartoon, sung by Marie Dauphin, released as a single in 1985. Absolutely colossal success: it will be for 26 weeks in the Top 50, even reaching 13th place in January 1986, and was downright gold record with 800,000 copies sold . It’s also the first time that a cartoon’s credits music has made it to the Top 50 Best Selling Records. Suffice to say that the incredible feat is not ready to be repeated …

Lady Oscar

Created from the manga The Rose of Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda and published in 1972, itself nourished by the authentic story of the famous knight of Eon who loved to disguise himself as a woman, Lady Oscar recounted in 40 episodes of 23 minutes each the – ultimately tragic – fate of Oscar, a young woman raised as a boy by a father tired of having only daughters. The military education of this one will allow him to become the captain of the royal guard, in charge of the protection of the young dauphine Marie-Antoinette.

Since we speak above of Marie Dauphin, we still pay tribute to her with her song from the credits of this fantastic series, very neat too, which knew how to pay homage with a certain elegance to the tormented history of France.

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In France, the series was broadcast from September 8, 1986 on Antenne 2 in the program Recreation A2, and multi rebroadcast thereafter. For the anecdote, the lyricist of the song, Paul Persavon, is none other than Antoine de Caunes, son of Georges de Caunes and Jacqueline Joubert, then director of the youth programs of Antenne 2.


Ahhh, Cobra… Who does not yet know this unforgettable character created by Buichi Terasawa, star of a manga series and especially of an absolutely cult animated series? A cigar eternally screwed in the mouth, always quick to save the widow and the orphan, this tireless seducer of the most beautiful women in the galaxy and slayer of the space pirates with the help of his delta ray in his left arm has left indelible traces in our memories. The series may be almost 40 years old (and yes, already …), it has not aged a bit.

The credits are not to be outdone, very classy. Performed by Olivier Constantin, the song was written by Antoine de Caunes, alias Paul Persavon. Him again !

Denver, the last dinosaur

Denver the last dinosaur / He’s my friend and much more! / Denver the last dinosaur / Comes from a world never seen before!

If you grew up in the 80s, you most certainly ran in front of your TV set when you heard the first words of this cult cartoon, Denver the last dinosaur. Franco-American series of 52 episodes broadcast for the first time in France on the FR3 channel in March 1989, it evoked the story of a gang of Californian teenagers discovering a dinosaur egg on a wasteland. An egg that gave birth to a green dinosaur – a Corythosaurus – which they named Denver. Able to travel through prehistoric times thanks to a piece of its eggshell (!), Denver was also an ultra fan of skateboarding and guitar!

It is not known if the series has aroused many vocations of paleontologists, but with Denver, the dinos have never been so sympathetic!

Ken the survivor

A masterpiece of barbaric romanticism largely under the influence of a Mad Max: Road Warrior, whose violence was also censored during its TV broadcast in France, the adaptation of the ultra violent manga by Tetsuo Hara made dated. Between the hallucinatory kills of adversaries sometimes as tall as a 10-story building, Ken the survivor, heir to the Hokuto martial arts school, walked his carcass through a post-apo landscape, using his art to save the innocent in a world without faith or law.

In the credits, Bernard Denimal gave the best of himself, as a little taste of the edgy program to come: Ken, survivor of Hell / Ken, often cross swords / Ken, in the chaos of spirits / Ken, against the madmen the bandits!

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Olive and Tom

Yes Jeanne and Serge aroused an unprecedented enthusiasm for volleyball and an overcrowding of candidatures in the Clubs (before being disillusioned anyway, given the physical demands of the sport in question …), what about the impact at the time of the animated series Olive and Tom about football?

True Shaolin Soccer ahead of its time, with its meteorite-like strikes, 3km long soccer fields and gravity-defying balls, Olive and Tom cradled the youth of more than one child, who, as soon as he got home, threw away his schoolbag to commune with the ritual of the show Yeh! School is over on La Cinq, in 1988.

The nostalgia is overpowered with this credits interpreted by Jean-Claude Corbel, and Claude Lombard for the choirs:

Princess Sarah

First broadcast in Japan in 1985 and in France in 1987, the cartoon Princess Sarah takes place in 19th century England. We follow the adventures of Sarah Crewe, the heroine, an eight-year-old girl of French mother and English father. A father who made his fortune in mining in India. But Sarah’s world falls apart when she learns of the death of her beloved father on his birthday. Sarah is now an orphan and above all ruined. The princess of the English boarding school for young girls where her father had left her, is going to become a handyman, and mistreated …

It is an understatement to say that a whole generation has more than once crushed a few tears in front of the misfortunes of poor Sarah, enduring without flinching the bullying and mockery of the director of the boarding school, the horrible Mademoiselle Mangin.

The 46 episodes of this cult series were punctuated by a wonderful credits sung by Cristina d’Avena, whose first musical notes recall India, the land of Sarah’s heart and adoption …

The Knights of the Zodiac

Called Saint Seiya, or The knights of the zodiac in French, the cartoon adapted from the manga by Masami Kurumada was one of the flagship programs of the children’s show. Dorothy Club on TF1 between 1988 and 1997. If the franchise had consequences, we think back especially to the fabulous fights, sometimes very violent, of our favorite bronze knights in the 12 houses of the zodiac, against the golden knights.

Of the multiple cult credits that Bernard Minet sang, he had interpreted not one or two but three credits of Knights of the Zodiac. In addition to the most emblematic title (see below), the latter also signed the songs “The song of the Knights” and especially “Under the sign of the Zodiac”, unforgettable “B side” of the CD of the time.

Go hop! Back to the past below:

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