10 Best Wrist Name Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Name Tattoo: Are you planning to get your wrist tattoo but not sure about the design? We have amazing wrist name tattoo designs perfect for you!

Wrist Name Tattoo

Wrist Name Tattoo Ideas
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Tattoos have now become an expression of a person’s personality, rather than being merely decoration or body art.

Tattoos have become more and more common in recent years and people love the idea of ​​having some kind of body art on their skin. Some people like to have big tattoos, others like to have small, simple black ink tattoos.

One of the most common places to get a tattoo is on the wrist, where everything is visible but also hidden at the same time. There unlimited race status choices. Some like to get tattoos of hearts, stars or other elements, while others like to get names and phrases tattooed. Name tattoos are very intimate and have a special meaning attached to them. They are not flashy at all. Instead, they are very sleek and stylish. Name tattoos are actually loved by both men and women. Getting someone’s name tattooed on your body is a great way to show their importance in your life and honor them. No matter if it’s your kids, grandparents, parents or partners or your pets, everyone will feel special after seeing their name on your body. People who stay away from their families especially like to get name tattoos as a constant reminder of their love and support in their life.

We’ve put together a list of simple and stylish name tattoos that you’re sure to love! So what are you waiting for? Choose the design of your next body art now!

simple name tattoo

simple name tattoo
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There is relatively less space on the wrist. Therefore, if you want to adjust the name horizontally, it is recommended to choose a small name. The most common names that are usually tattooed on the wrist are the names of partners, parents or children. The point of tattooing them on the wrist is that the wrist is a very visible area and you don’t want everyone’s name to be visible unless it’s a special someone.

This particular design has the word Araceli written on it. The tattoo artist used a cursive font to complete this design. The artist also used fine lines and black ink for this tattoo. Wrist tattoos can be a little painful, but it’s worth it once the design is complete.

bracelet name tattoo

bracelet name tattoo
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There are several different and unique ways to get a wrist tattoo. In this design, the tattoo artist has chosen a very soft way to represent the name. They made a bracelet like tattoo around the wrist with thick, bold lines of black ink. In 2 bold lines they wrote Charlie’s name in cursive script. The name was also written in black ink. The bands of the tattoo are a symbol of love and represent the love knot between two people. Such a tattoo is a very powerful and exceptional choice to demonstrate continuity in life and love. It’s not a very elaborate tattoo and you can include the names of anyone you like between the bands.

Matching Name Tattoos

Matching Name Tattoos
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If you are looking to get matching tattoos with your loved one, then this is the design you should go for. You can ask the tattoo artist to write your loved one’s name on your wrist and your name on their wrist. Such tattoos are actually very common among couples. It’s also a great way to show your bond and love for each other. It also represents the lifelong commitment you have to each other.

In this Tattoo Design, the tattoo artist has written the names of the couple on each other’s wrist. They used cursive script for this tattoo. Fine line walking and black ink was used for this design.

Initials Tattoo

Initials Tattoo
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It is not necessary for a person to write the full name on the wrist. Many people simply like to use initials to show their love and commitment to the other person. This tattoo is a unique and timeless symbol to show your love for someone without exposing their full name. Initial tattoos are actually universal and have been around for a very long time. They are elegant and simple designs that will stick around for eternity.

In this design, the person has 2 different initials tattooed on their right wrist is initial A and the one on the left is an initial L. Although we don’t know the meaning of these initials, it means something special to them. . If you are looking to honor someone with a small, simple tattoo, this is the way to go.

meaningful tattoo

meaningful tattoo
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Apart from getting name tattoos or initial status, you can also get an extremely meaningful phrase or quote for you on your wrist. This tattoo can become a constant source of motivation in your life. This design has the word resilience written in cursive script. Resilience represents the power you have within you to do things without hurting yourself. It represents the patients you have so that all the negatives pass. This means that the storm will blow and it is your responsibility to survive. You can also get other motivational words or short phrases tattooed on your wrist so that when you look at it you will be motivated.

small tattoo idea

small tattoo idea
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This Tattoo Design is actually very small and simple. It has the name ‘Kika’ written in typewriter font. The name can be someone you love, someone who has passed away, or someone you want to hold close to your heart. The rest is a very common placement of his name tattoo as it is visible and will constantly remind you of that person wherever you are in life. This design was done in thin lines of black ink. If you want, you can add other elements like birth date or butterfly flowers with this design to make it more attractive. If you are looking for a small and simple name Tattoo Design, this one is for you!

memorial tattoo

memorial tattoo
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Memorial tattoos are very special and hold deep meanings for the person wearing them. This tattoo is taken in honor of a deceased loved one. People love to remember their loved ones and keep them close to their hearts forever and a great way to do that is to get their name tattooed on their body.

This particular tattoo has the deceased person’s name, “Jennifer Runyon” written on it. Below the name is the year of birth and the year of death. The name was written in a cursive font. The tattoo artist used black ink and a thin line to complete this design.

kids name tattoos

Child Name Tattoo Ideas
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For all parents, their life revolves around their children. Every moment with your child is special and people are trying to find a way to keep them close to their hearts forever. Once your child is an adult, they fend for themselves, see the world build their career, and they drift away from you. Getting a tattoo in their handwriting is a great way to keep them close to your heart forever.

In this tattoo, the person has asked his children, Hugo and Adam, to write their names by hand. They then asked the tattoo artist to print this writing on the rest so that it looked like their children had written it. This tattoo was done with simple black ink strokes but has a deep meaning.

Red Tattoo

Red Tattoo
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This design is a very attractive name tattoo. It bears the name of Eden written in red ink. It appears the person had their loved one write their name down and then copied it onto their wrist. This design resembles a traditional name tattoo as it only includes the name. However, if you are looking to make the design more interesting, you can add other elements to this design like flowers, butterflies and many more. The most common element that is added to these designs is the person’s date of birth. It’s a cute and adorable way to honor them and their importance in your life.

pet name tattoo

pet name tattoo
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When you’ve grown up with a pet around you, it’s not just a pet, it becomes your family. It is very painful to see them suffer or bear their loss. A very unique way to keep them close to your heart forever is to tattoo their name or paw sign or portrait on yourself. It will also be a great way to pay tribute to them.

In this particular design, the tattoo artist has the word Hazel written on her wrist. Above the letter, Z is a small paw dedicated to his dog. The entire design was done with thick strokes of black ink. It’s a beautiful design in a perfect way to pay homage to your pet.

Many steps are actually required to create a name tattoo. You choose the person you care about the most. You need to choose a font that will fit. Indeed, it is also necessary to choose the color of the ink and the elements which one wishes to add to the tattoo. After making these decisions, you will have your perfect name tattoo. If you are skeptical about getting a permanent tattoo, you can have a temporary one and then convert it to permanent later. If you want to explore more designs, you can check out –

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