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Looking for cool urban tattoo ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have a list of fantastic urban tattoo designs for you!

Urban tattoo ideas
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Urban tattoos are different from general body art as they represent an aesthetic style.

There are endless designs to choose from that will not only have a unique style but also a story of their own, something personal to you. The main idea behind making open tattoos is to duplicate the images that are found on the streets like in cars or different art forms.

Urban tattoos usually hold significant meaning to the wearer. Tease designs usually contain elements such as trees, flowers, and oceans. Sometimes geometric patterns are also added. These tattoos are often colorful, but they can also be done in monotone colors, making the design worth looking at. Sometimes the airbrush art form is also used to make such tattoos. Generally, urban tattoos can also look like unclear lines and very saturated colors which all form a bold and bright image. Elements like plums, religious figures and dragons are common in this type of tattoo. The interesting thing about urban tattoos is that they are remarkable designs and can have their own personal meaning. These designs represent your inner self in a very bold and beautiful way.

We’ve put together a list of awesome urban tattoo designs to help you choose your next body art.

rose tattoo

Rose tattoo ideas
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Roses are one of nature’s most beautiful flowers and rose tattoos make for one of the most beautiful designs. The meaning behind the Rose tattoo is very special. It represents passionate love that is won or lost. Roses have been a popular symbol of the highest level of passion over the years. The beauty and emotions of this flower are balanced and no other flower can duplicate its importance in history.

Rose tattoos have evolved over the years. Was always meant to be seen at its full bloom. The placement of the Rose tattoo on the body can impact the meaning of the tattoo, as can the color of the Rose.

In this design, the Rose tattoo has been placed on the lower belly. The colors used to make the Rose are pink and red, with shades of black. The leaves are green in color. Although the meaning of this tattoo is very personal to the weather, it could represent a long lost love. Getting a tattoo of such quality would be a great experience for you as well as your tattoo artist.

bird tattoo

Bird tattoo
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Flying birds are a very common design because people are very easily attracted to them. They are a representation of freedom. Flying birds represent a human desire and a desire to live, a spiritual and happy life. In some cultures, birds are seen as a representation of eternal life as a link between earth and heaven. Different types of birds represent different meanings.

In this tattoo we see a Blackbird tattoo, which symbolizes a higher potential in intelligence and thoughts. This is because blackbirds fly very high. They are also considered to have a high sense of knowledge when transferring to the afterlife. They are also considered a symbol of higher energy. This particular tattoo shows the different phases of a bird’s flight. They are made with thin lines and black ink on the person’s forearm.

Parisian tattoo

Parisian tattoo
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This tattoo bears the words “Je Ne Te Resiste Pas” which can literally be translated as “I can’t resist” or “I don’t resist”. This tattoo looks like a board hanging from lanterns. It is a beautiful design made with fine lines. It is placed on the wearer’s right thigh. Getting a thigh tattoo done by a professional is a safer experience due to less pain in the area. Although this design is already a feast for the eyes, for more options you can add colors to this design to make it more attractive. The price of such tattoos depends on the size and appearance of the design.

dog tattoo

Dog tattoo
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For all dog lovers, this Tattoo Design is perfect for you. This is a portrait of a pug. To give it a more realistic look, the tattoo artist has highlighted certain areas with white ink. The other colors used to complete this tattoo are mustard gray, black, and red. This tattoo is a representation of the loyalty and devotion that these animals have towards humans. They are the most loyal creatures on this planet. This is also one of the reasons why dog ​​tattoos are an added element on military tattoos, and some of the best friends and family tattoos you can. obtain. If you are looking for a cute tattoo then why wait, take your dog’s photos now and create the cutest tattoo ever.

Realism Tattoo

Realism tattoo
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This tattoo is one of the most beautiful designs of the tattoo artist. It shows the portrait of a person and there are flames around it. This is a representation of the wearer’s strong will. This is one of the most popular tattoos among those who like to take risks. To make this tattoo look more realistic, the tattoo artist did a great job with some facial features like the eyes and lips. Instead of hair, it looks like there are flames of fire. This tattoo is meant to make you look cool and badass. If you are looking for a tattoo that shows the fire burning inside you, this tattoo is the answer.

Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoo
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Flower tattoos are very common among tattoo artists. The significance of these flowers are meanings on many levels and on people’s cultures and beliefs. In some cultures, flowers were a direct statement related to God. Present the time. These flowers are a representation of love and beauty. The meaning of these flowers changes with variety and colors. A pink flower represents prosperity. A white represents purity. Reds represent love and passion. Orange flowers represent pride and yellow flowers represent gratitude.

Looking at a flower tattoo every day will heal your thoughts. In this tattoo, the weather has made the very bold choice not to color the flowers at all. There are different types of flowers that cover the upper arm of her body. Each flower represents something different and meaningful to the wearer. You can also add piercings to the tattoo by visiting a piercing studio near you.

Minyon Falls tattoo

Minyon falls tattoo
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For anyone who wants to feel connected to nature, this Tattoo Design is for them. These designs often symbolize a person’s spiritual belief. These landscape designs have different meanings for different people. Some people might find supernatural power in them, and others might find some strength in these designs. Open people also get tattoos of magical landscapes, as it gives them a sense of belonging and togetherness.

This particular design was carried out at the back of the person’s upper arm. It appears to be a landscape of Minyon Falls located in South Wales, Australia. This design was done with shades of black and gray with fine line art. The image is placed on a stamp and the strokes give it a realistic look!

Alley Tattoo

Alley tattoo
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This is another beautiful design of a landscape. This design appears to be that of an alley. According to the caption on the Instagram of this page, it seems that this landscape has deep-rooted memories of the wearer. The tattoo artist has used fine lines and black ink to complete this tattoo as it is one of the largest tattoos it is placed on the wearer’s left thigh. This tattoo could also be placed on the back or chest due to the larger area. There is no other way to express the raw beauty of this design. If needed, you can add more colors and improve the look.

Koi Tattoo

Koi tattoo
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One of the most popular tattoo designs among the Japanese is the Koi fish tattoo. This tattoo is a likeness of perseverance in one’s life. They are also used to symbolize the struggles that every individual has to overcome in their life. Koi fish tattoos can be in different colors and the size can also vary.

The tattoo artist used thin lines and black ink to complete this design. The koi fish appears to be a sleeve tattoo wrapped around the wearer’s forearm. It is the work of one of the most talented artists.

Road to wealth tattoo

Road to wealth tattoo
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It is a very common tattoo for people who are going through some financial difficulties in life. This tattoo bears the term “Road To Riches” which could be a sign of patience, setting some financial goals and working to achieve them. It tells a fascinating and powerful story. The tattoo artist used fine line art, dots, and similar technologies to complete this design. Due to its large size, it is placed on the person’s forearm and can be placed on other parts of the body such as the chest or the back. The tattoo artist used black ink to make this design, however, colors can be added to make it more attractive.

Among the plethora of options available, these 10 models we liked the best. Urban designs can be large, small, bright or in monotone colors as they are very versatile designs. If you want to explore more designs, you can look –

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