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Life upside down? Why not ink this looped phase on your body? Here are some great upside down tattoo designs that are sure to please!

Upside down tattoo ideas

Upside down tattoos refer to the orientation of your tattoos which faces the wearer and not the onlookers.

Upside down tattoos are meant to be seen by the wearer and are inked the wrong way round. However, tattoo lovers are divided on the good and bad of these tattoos.

Most of the people you see tend to place their tattoos in front of other people because the tattoo signifies the exposure of your true self on your skin. On the other hand, some people believe that their tattoos are for seeing and therefore should face them. Although one school of thought contradicts the other, upside down tattoos are still very popular as they are personal and give tattoos a sense of authority. For convenience, these tattoos are mostly seen on the inner forearm and wrist, and sometimes even on the thigh. There are even tattoos that retain the same meaning, the upward or “straight” orientation doesn’t matter much. Ready to explore such a free kind of body art? Keep scrolling and find inspiration for your next ink date!

upside down rose tattoo

Upside down rose tattoo

Roses are one of the most commonly used tropes in upside down tattooing. Here, the tattoo artist is inking an inner forearm tattoo in black and gray. The word “blessed” adds an edge to the beauty of this rose tattoo.

Roses are a great idea for your lapel tattoo as these flowers often symbolize something personal. An upside down rose could mean that you are deprived of the relationships in your life, of the people you appreciate without having to show off too much. Try playing around with black roses, dead roses, and other flowers that resonate with you for a cool forearm tattoo.

Upside down lettering tattoo

Upside down lettering tattoo

First of all, we’re not advocating sneaking around, but it definitely makes for a fun tattoo! From the elbow to the wrist, this forearm tattoo is filled with measurements and conversions that will make sense as a tattoo if you are someone who likes to break the rules. This tattoo shows that not all body art has to be an appropriate message or a symbol of something deep – it might as well be gibberish and put on a fancy show! And honestly, if you can’t turn the formulas on yourself, then what’s the point?

Upside down lettering tattoo ideas

Upside-down tattoos on forearms and wrists are a must-visit site, but not the only place to experiment. This design shows you how to make a thin pattern on the side of your chest. The words are totally reversed and highlight the purpose of the upside down tattoo. You can try other word tattoos or take this example to experiment with placements.

Demon Angel Upside Down Forearm Tattoos

Demon angel upside down forearm tattoos

An intriguing way to wear upside down tattoos is to focus on the duality around us and present it through art. Here the artist paints a striking portrait of a woman in love with a horned headdress, but looking to the other side you will notice the figure of a wild beast. Relevant human-animal duality is a relevant theme in tattoos and can be easily incorporated into upside down tattoos as well. So the whole image is basically a play of perspective drawn in black and gray to make you aware of the trope more than the colors.

Angel demon upside down forearm tattoos ideas

Likewise, the demon and the angel are here two contrasting images emphasizing perspective. The monochrome set appears with precise shading and black outlines. Your viewers won’t be able to help but notice such a detailed design when tattooed on your forearm or calf as shown in the picture!

Upside Down Tattoo from Stranger Things

Upside down tattoo from stranger things

Upside down tattoos are incomplete without the mention of Stranger Things! The show that popularized the misadventures that happen on the other side of the “correct” world can serve as a splendid cover. Encased in a diamond is the vertical portrait of the protagonist against the Demogorgon on the wrong side. The tattoo is clearly drawn in black for the most part and can display well on any skin tone.

Due to the show’s association with the upside down, a Stranger Things tattoo will make sense without being too politically incorrect! You can slide this tattoo onto your upper arm or other areas of your body that have a good chance of being exposed.

upside down triangle tattoo

Upside down triangle tattoo

Tattoo artists often opt for geometric shapes when they need altered symmetry. Triangle tattoos are especially attractive as forearm and wrist tattoos because they are small and fit a lot of tropes. The artist brings together here the two forms of earth that we see around. The visible differences between the mountains and the forests ultimately define a complementary image in the blackwork.

Here the artist omits guessing the vertices of a triangle and shapes the design in the center of the forearm. You can move it to the arms or any other site where it can be easily noticed.

funny upside down tattoo

Funny upside down tattoo

People often think that turning your tattoo the wrong way will make you regret your decision in due time. Even a few tattoo artists point out this mistake because a tattoo signifies a forever commitment. But what if you can turn those mistakes into some kind of edgy tattoo? Surrealism arrives.

This tattoo is weird, funny and quite trippy like any surreal art. Images of everyday life are brought together in a square that disturbs and questions the meaning of reality. Throughout the drawings, the artist leans towards the simple use of black and abstract placement. The words with their trippy font present a holistic view of the perspective and motto behind these upside down tattoos.

Upside down tattoo with cross

Upside down tattoo with cross

Cross tattoos are the must-haves for men. Forearm tattoos often feature a small cross or a full fledged cross tattoo to show their faith. Here, the tattoo artist is painting a decorative cross with a fake outline. The image looks way too familiar with the kind you might have seen in church, but here’s a catch.

An upside down cross tattoo meaning is something completely different. The symbol is often considered satanic and extremely controversial as a wrist tattoo. Wearers would often see this as turning God to themselves, but other people intentionally wear it the wrong way to make room for ambiguity. Whatever your position, a cross has never had a bad effect on your arms! Be careful though to know your pain endurance before opting for wrist tattoos as they tend to hurt due to the lack of flesh between the skin and the bone structure.

Scenic upside down tattoo

Scenic upside down tattoo

They say an upside-down tattoo will end up looking less attractive and make you regret everything. Not with this beautiful watercolor tattoo! The artist captures an ethereal sunset that bleeds its color onto the cityscape. The idea is colorful and contains a visible essence of life.

Sunset forearm tattoos are a great example of how you can add a magical element to your arm tattoos. Sunsets often symbolize the cyclical course of time and also signify that the end can be as beautiful as the beginning. In other words, these picturesque tattoos allude to the healing process after being injured. Venture into more tattoos in a similar line of thought and honor your body with what it deserves.

Upside Down Gothic Tattoo

Upside down gothic tattoo

A very Tim Burton-esque approach to inking this upside-down forearm tattoo, the design calls to mind the director’s gothic aesthetic. La Belle is embellished with a monochromatic cover and surrounded by roses and hearts. The sketchy look of this forearm tattoo stands out from other tattoos and helps create a somber mood.

You can certainly experiment with female figurines or other famous pop culture characters and tactfully create your own upside down tattoo design. Placement ideas are also flexible with this one and can cover the back of your arm extending from the elbow to the wrist.

Traditional upside down girl tattoo

Traditional upside down girl tattoo

Old school tattoos have an incomparable charm! No matter the trope or placement, traditional tattoos are known to command attention. Here, the portrait of a traditionally seasoned young girl merges with that of a tiger. The use of color and blackwork is commendable as it helps to strike a harmonious balance without overdoing it.

The representation of two contrasting subjects here again establishes the duality of beauty and the beast. It can also indicate the coexistence of the two qualities when they merge into a singular entity. Either way, we love these optically illusory tattoos and how traditional fashion enhances their beauty. For more options, you can refer to the image of the Queen card in a deck and turn it into a jaw-dropping forearm tattoo!

Now that you know how amazing an upside-down tattoo can be, feel free to make a not-so-right ink choice. These tattoos are fun, bold and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. You can play around with a number of tattoo designs and tropes and create all-around individualistic body art on your own. However, we don’t recommend these designs if you’re looking for inspiration for your very first tattoo. That said, here are a few more tattoos you can start thinking about:

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  • Upside down umbrella tattoo on forearm
  • Upside down word tattoo on chest
  • Upside Down Hannya Mask Tattoo
  • Ambigram tattoo on forearm

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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