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Need a tattoo displaying your love for Iroh from ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’? Here are some awesome Uncle Iroh tattoos you need to check out!

Uncle iroh tattoo
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Uncle Iroh, also known as General Iroh, despite being a supporting character, has been one of the most favorite characters for everyone who has watched the series.

The Last Airbender tattoos are very popular among anime lovers. And among the other Last Airbender tattoos, those inspired by Iroh are more sought after than expected.

Iroh was a firebender who was the former crown prince and retired general of the Fire Nation. He was the uncle and mentor of Zuko, the banished son of his younger brother Ozai. Iroh was a kind, open-minded, generous, wise, and humorous firebender. He believed in living life fully and choosing your own destiny. He was a master of spiritual fire who wanted to maintain the balance between the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Absolute fan favorite Iroh even made his way to the spirit world after losing his son. He even entered the spirit world after his own death, unlike other humans. Even in his old age, Iroh was a womanizer who was called “handsome” on numerous occasions. He believes in the philosophy that encourages peace, harmony and mutual understanding. However, when he feels threatened or sees injustice or violence against innocent people, he can become a formidable enemy. And these are the qualities that make him so special and adorable that tattoos inspired by him are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. And here are some Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos inspired by Iroh:

Old Iroh tattoo while sipping tea

Old iroh tattoo while sipping tea
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Iroh’s penchant for tea was made pretty clear in the series. As we all know, ginseng and jasmine tea were his all-time favorites. During his retired life, he was extremely passionate about his teahouse in Ba Sing Se. And that essence has been captured very well in this piece of art. And so this simple tattoo outline would be a good choice if you like Iroh. If you know an artist with a steady set of hands, go with this one.

Iroh tattoo sitting in the sun

Iroh tattoo sitting in the sun
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It was the sun that allowed the firebenders to control the fire. This tattoo perfectly depicts Iroh sitting in the sun enjoying a cup of his favorite tea. The use of red color is quite dominant in this one. The colors of this artwork give it a vibrant and radiant look. With a skilled artist and some care from you during the healing process, you are sure to rock this calf tattoo.

Iroh holding tea cup and lotus tile tattoo

Iroh holding tea cup and lotus tile tattoo
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This one depicts two things Iroh was passionate about: tea and Pai Sho, a two-player game. According to legends, the game was prompted by spirits and has been popular since its inception. And the lotus tile in his hand is used in Pai Sho. The use of blue and green in this watercolor tattoo is really beautiful and intricate in nature. Getting this one tattooed can be expensive and painful, but we assure you it will be worth it.

western dragon tattoo

Western dragon tattoo
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Iroh’s claim to have slain the last living dragon and his ability to breathe fire earned him the title “The Dragon of the West”. But the truth was that he lied about killing the last dragon to keep the dragon masters alive. Therefore, the nickname given to him was indeed just as significant as this work of art. If you know someone who has experience in tattooing, you won’t regret getting this one tattooed.

Iroh tattoo and other avatar symbols

Iroh tattoo and other avatar symbols
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This stunning piece of art features symbolic elements from the series. The tea in Iroh’s hand, the moon and ocean spirits in the form of koi fish, and the symbols of the four nations (fire, water, air, and earth) inscribed on the lotus tile are what make this unique tattoo without the use of colors. It’s just that the black ink shading needs to be done well for this one to look perfect on your forearm or calf.

General Iroh watercolor tattoo

General iroh watercolor tattoo
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This beautiful piece of art is a symbol of the title that Iroh had won. It introduces Iroh as the Dragon of the West. The use of the three primary colors of light ie red, green and blue is wonderful. And the use of white ink is also worth mentioning. It gives this work of art a realistic and sparkling touch. An artist with expertise and reasonable rates will be perfect for getting this one tattooed on your skin.

Iroh and the spirits tattoo

Iroh and the spirits tattoo
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This one is somewhat similar to another one we have on our list. This features Iroh, the moon and ocean spirits (named La and Tui respectively) in the form of koi fish and the lotus tile from the game Pai Sho, in a beautifully colored way. This tattoo is extremely intricate and realistic. But it is going to require a lot of attention and care from both the artist and the wearer, during and after the tattoo.

Black and white Iroh tattoo

Black and white iroh tattoo
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If your love for Iroh is real, what better than a black and white Iroh-inspired artwork inked on your skin? Iroh was very fond of tea. That one thing Iroh loved never failed to make him happy. And this pleasing piece of art perfectly captures that essence. If your artist is good at the dotwork technique, this one would look absolutely aesthetically pleasing. So don’t wait any longer and go for it.

Smiling Iroh tattoo

Smiling iroh tattoo
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This piece of art highlights Iroh’s happiness that he gained from brewing tea. Iroh, although he went through heartbreak many times, was a happy soul. He gained his happiness through a variety of things like singing, playing instruments, playing the two-player game Pai Sho and especially tea and serving tea. This colorful skin art captured her spirit very well. And all you need now is a great artist to get you inked.

Small Iroh back tattoo

Small iroh back tattoo
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Want an Iroh themed back tattoo but don’t want to cover the whole back? We have the most perfect thing for you. This one features the smoke coming from Iroh’s teacup transforming into a dragon that basically represents Iroh (the Dragon of the West) himself. It’s also a nice mix of colors. With a little cash, patience, and a pair of deft artist hands, you’ll be ready to get this one inked.

It doesn’t make sense to mention this, but the character, Iroh, has received a lot of love from viewers of the show. He was a role model for many people who saw his story unfold over time. This anime character has never failed to inspire lives and even tattoos. Given this symbolic value attached to the character, it’s no surprise that Iroh is a favorite among anime tattoo lovers. We hope our list of Iroh inspired tattoos was helpful for you to choose, customize or create one for yourself. And if you’re still confused, we’re here to offer you some other designs for you to think about:

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Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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