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Are you a person with diabetes and want to show the world how strong you are? We are listing some fantastic type 1 diabetes tattoo ideas for you!

Type 1 diabetes tattoo
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In recent years, tattoos have become very popular.

Some people with type 1 diabetes want to show the world their strength and make them aware of their daily struggle. Although people with type 1 diabetes are allowed to get tattoos, doctors advise them to wait until their blood sugar levels are controlled.

In the United States of America, about 1.5 million people suffer from this disease, called type 1 diabetes. In this condition, the body cannot naturally produce insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar. The ADA or the American Diabetes Association has pointed out that people with type 1 diabetes can easily get skin infections; thus, diabetes management is of the utmost importance, whether through insulin or a continuous glucose monitor. This means that anyone with this condition should think twice and take a doctor’s advice before getting a tattoo or piercing. Also, after getting a tattoo, they need to be very careful about aftercare to avoid any problems in the future.

A question that arises in the mind of every individual is the fact that pregnant women can get tattoos? Well, this is something that needs to be consulted with a doctor. Anyone who gets a tattoo needs to take extra care of that particular area after the tattoo is done, especially someone who has diabetes and poor blood circulation.

We have created a list of very simple yet meaningful diabetic tattoo designs that will blow your mind.

Diabetes Tattoo

Diabetes tattoo
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People with type 1 diabetes usually get tattoos after consulting a medical professional or someone who has experience making tattoos for people with diabetes. This particular tattoo design is simple yet meaningful. The tattoo features a blue heart; the color blue is very closely associated with diabetes. Along with the heart, there is a drop of blood representing blood sugar. Along the heart are the words “Type One, Est 1993”, indicating that the person born in 1993 now has type 1 diabetes. The tattoo artist used thin strokes of black for the quote and bright colors like blue and red for the heart and blood drop, respectively. If you are looking to get a simple and meaningful tattoo, you can consider this.

Diabetic Tattoo

Diabetic tattoo
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Usually, when someone gets a diabetes tattoo, they want to make people aware of their condition and show the world how strong they are. This particular tattoo does just that. Anyone suffering from this disease requires a lot of care before, during and after tattooing. They need to make sure that blood sugar levels are in good condition and that circulation is correct. They must consult a medical professional before getting a tattoo to avoid any type of complications that the tattoo may cause. The tattoo artist created this design with all-black ink. They used thin lines for the whole tattoo. The beautiful plant on the left side of the tattoo signifies rebirth and strength, while the words T1 diabetic represent the medical condition. You can consider this tattoo if you are looking for something sweet and meaningful.

Medical alert tattoo

Medical alert tattoo
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When people suffer from diseases such as diabetes, they should ensure that those around them are aware of the disease so that if any medical intervention is performed on them, it can be done with all due care. This particular tattoo features a blue circle representing type 1 diabetes, the words “type 1 diabetes” and an A+ blood drop representing the person’s blood type. This tattoo will inform medical professionals of your condition in case of an emergency. It works like a medical alert jewel. The location of the tattoo of these patterns should be such that it is clearly visible at all times. This tattoo is usually done by people who are prone to getting sick.

Never give up tattoo

Never give up tattoo
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The person suffering from this disease does not need to get a tattoo. Someone may also want to pay tribute to people with this disease. Something like this can motivate people to continue their struggles and never give up. This particular tattoo has the words “never give up” written with thin lines in black ink. With the words are blue ribbons. These blue ribbons are a representation of Diabetes Awareness Month. If you are looking for a sweet and simple tattoo that will pay homage to someone with diabetes, then this tattoo is something you should definitely consider.

Type 1 diabetes tattoo

Type 1 diabetes tattoo
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This tattoo is quite simple and straightforward. The words type 1 diabetes are written very clearly on the side of the forearm. This tattoo is meant to inform medical professionals of your medical condition so that they can take proper precautions before performing any type of surgery or giving you any type of medication. The tattoo was done with thin strokes of black ink so that it is clearly visible at all times, even if it fails in the long run. The word font is such that it looks nice on the arm and doesn’t make you feel like you’re going through a medical condition like diabetes.

Stay Balanced Tattoo

Stay balanced tattoo
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Anyone with a disease like diabetes needs to understand that there are ups and downs in life, but what is needed is to stay balanced. This particular tattoo is the perfect representation of that. The center of the tattoo has a large syringe that represents the insulin that every diabetic patient should take. It comes with a blue ribbon, which represents Diabetes Awareness Month. It may seem like a very simple tattoo, but it is deeply meaningful. The tattoo artist made this drawing with many subtleties. Colors like dark blue, light blue, white and gray were used to complete the design. A thin line of black ink has been used for the border as well as the quote.

Type 1 warrior tattoo

Type 1 warrior tattoo
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This tattoo is the symbol of a person fighting diabetes. Few people know about The Fearless Diabetic Project, a project set up by a health coaching company dedicated to helping and improving the life of a diabetic patient through nutrition, mindset, coaching as well as fitness activities. This tattoo is a representation of the person who is a warrior even after battling a disease like type 1 diabetes. This tattoo is designed in a very intricate way with a sword in the center and a snake wrapped around the sword. There are wings on each side of this design. The entire tattoo has been done with a thin line and black ink. This is a simple tattoo that is very meaningful and would make perfect body art if you are a diabetic patient.

Blue Circle Tattoo

Blue circle tattoo
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This is a beautiful tattoo that symbolizes type 1 diabetes. This tattoo depicts a medical alert bracelet, a medical symbol done on diabetic patients to alert medical professionals to their condition. Instead of opting for the traditional blue circle, the tattoo artist added flowers to the half of the circle. These flowers represent beauty, rebirth and purity. The tattoo artist used a bright shade of blue to create the entire design, as well as a bit of green to make the flower leaves. The tattoo is placed in a position where it is always visible, especially in an emergency.

blue ribbon tattoo

Blue ribbon tattoo
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It is a beautiful tattoo that is done with permanent ink. The center of the tattoo is a large ribbon that represents Diabetes Awareness Month. Between the ribbon are the words type 1 diabetes, representing the condition the person has. A date on the ribbon could symbolize the day they were diagnosed. Instead of going for the pure blue color for women, the tattoo artist added a watercolor effect to the whole design. They used shades of blue and purple to make the tattoo more appealing. If you are looking for a simple and meaningful design, this is something you can opt for.

You are greater tattoo

You are greater tattoo
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This is a very sweet and simple tattoo that may not look like something big, but it means something beautiful. The symbols in this tattoo mean “I am greater than my highs and my lows”. All the people who get tattoos come. suffer from diabetes. It is important to understand that this tattoo represents something much bigger than that. Not only people suffering from this disease should get a tattoo, but everyone who wants to support and help them should get it. This sweet and simple tattoo might be just what you are looking for.

Getting a tattoo that represents your medical condition, such as type 1 diabetes, requires a lot of attention before and after the design is done. Other than that, people who get tattoos should make sure that their blood sugar levels are constantly monitored and that the design is perfect for them as it will be a part of their body forever. If you are skeptical about these designs, you can get a temporary tattoo and convert it to a permanent tattoo later. While there are plenty of templates to choose from, we hope you enjoy our top 10 list. If you want to explore further, you can also check out –

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