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Looking for inspiration to honor your favorite rapper, Tupac Shakur? We have the best Tupac tattoo ideas that you will love!

Tupac tattoo
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Tupac Shakur was an American rapper who was long considered one of the best in the industry.

His work was hugely influential and considered an important part of hip hop culture in the United States. Even after his death in 1996, people consider him a father figure and one of the best pop artists in the industry.

Tupac Shakur has a musical career spanning around six years during which he released four albums which became famous overnight all over the world. After his death, he had seven more albums, which are still extremely popular today. Apart from his incredible musical talent, Tupac was also famous for his style of dress and his tattoos. Over the years of his career, he has adapted several different styles and made each look famous. Anyone who knew Tupac even a little understood that his way of expressing himself was the various tattoos he had on his body. All the tattoos were beautifully designed and each tattoo had a different and deep meaning. Tupac got his first tattoo at the age of 18 in 1989. After that, he got another 20 tattoos which added to his fine collection of body art. A few of his tattoo designs have become extremely famous, and these are the designs that his fans also like to copy. Not only do they like to copy his tattoo designs, but there are also fans who get a portrait of Tupac tattooed to pay tribute and honor him.

If you are looking for a way to honor Tupac, we have some amazing tattoo ideas listed below. Check out these designs and select your next body art now.

Tupac chest tattoo

Tupac chest tattoo
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Tupac had several tattoos on his chest. On the right side of her chest is a tattoo of Queen Nefertiti. Just below are the words “2 die 4”. On the left side of the chest is the word ‘2Pac’. In the center of his tattoo is the word ’50 Niggaz’.

Queen Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen and royal consort of gender or Pharoah Akhenaten. The couple were extremely popular due to the revolution they brought about in religion and the fact that they worshiped only one God, Aten. Egyptian Queen Nefertiti was often seen as a symbol of black femininity and excellence. According to pack 2, this tattoo is a dedication to his mother, Afeni Shakur. This tattoo represents his love for her and he honored her as his black queen. 2 Die 4 Tattoo under the Egyptian Queen Tattoo is a tribute to her song released in 1993 called “Something 2 Die 4”. This beautiful song was an inspiration from his mother, who told him that if he couldn’t find something to live for, he had to find something he could die for.

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The 2pac tattoo is an inspiration that has marked his career since birth. His birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks and his mother, Afeni Shakur, changed her name to Tupac Amaru when she became linked with the Black Panther Party.

The ’50 Niggaz’ tattoo is inked on his upper chest, just above the thug life tattoo. This design is a tribute to the black community. The 50 in the tattoo represents a black male that is found in every state in America. This tattoo is an inspiration that represents the fact that if all these black men united, they could be stronger and better than AK47.

These tattoos are absolutely stunning and perfect for paying homage to Tupac.

Tupac arm tattoos

Tupac arm tattoos
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Tupac also has several tattoos on both of his arms. On his right arm, there is a skull and crossbones tattoo. This tattoo is a depiction of death and below the design are the words “My only fear of death is to return reincarnated”. Above this design is a heartless tattoo that pays homage to his friend, “Stretch.” This design was to mark the bond they shared after Tupac became godfather to his Stretchs daughter, Moneysha. On his left arm, Tupac had an inked black panther head. This design marks his support for the Black Panther Party which supports and promotes black equality.

He has another tattoo on his left arm that reads “Only God Can Judge Me” which is a tribute to his song of the same name which belonged to his famous album, “All Eyez On Me”. Along with that, there is an “outlaw” tattoo on his left arm. Outlaw is an acronym that stands for “Operating Under Thug Wars As Warriors”.

These designs are a great way to show your love for the artist.

Tupac Tattoo – Thug Life

Tupac tattoo - thug life
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Of all his statuses, Tupac’s thug tattoo is the most famous. The tattoo is ink on his abs. The inspiration for this design came after visiting the Day Go tattoo shop, located in Houston. He liked the drawing so much that he decided to ink it on his chest. This tattoo was an inspiration for thousands of his fans around the world who copied the design in the same place. While many people have interpreted this tattoo in different ways, this design held a special meaning for Tupac. For him, this tattoo represents the injustice faced by small infants. If you look closely, the I in “life” has been replaced by a bullet. In his later years, Tupac also formed a music group called Thug Life, which released their debut album, Thug Life: Volume One. This design is as simple as it comes with a thug life written in thin lines in black ink. If you are looking for a way to honor Tupac, this design is something you can consider.

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Tupac Cross Tattoo

Tupac cross tattoo
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Among all the other tattoos, one design stands out: a massive cross tattoo done on her back in a gothic style and the Exodus 1831 tattoo. This cross tattoo is a beautiful representation of her faith. The design was done by Dennis Coelho, also known as Dago. Tupac wanted a design that could be with him and represent him for the rest of his life, and the two of them decided to go with this cross tattoo. The Exodus 1831 tattoo is a depiction of a rebellion that took place over two days by Nat Turner, who was an African American slave. This rebellion took place in Southampton, Virginia in August 1831. Although people say Exodus 1831 could also be linked to the Bible verse, many say it is linked to the rebellion due to its growing interest in black equality.

Both of these tattoos were extremely personal and meaningful body art is a great way to pay tribute.

Realistic Tupac Tattoos

Realistic tupac tattoos
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This is one of the most beautiful and realistic tattoos you can find from the artist. The tattoo artist used fine lines and beautiful shades of color to make the tattoo precise. For the tattoos to look realistic, it is important that the person can consult an experienced tattoo artist who can create each line of the design in a way that looks real.

Tupac Fan Art

Tupac fan art
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Tupac had a huge fan following, and many of them loved him with all their hearts and wanted to honor him after his death in 1996. One of the best ways to do that was to get a tattoo similar to Tupac’s or a portrait tattoo of his face on their body. This particular tattoo design is very intricately crafted. The tattoo artist used colors like black and gray for the entire tattoo, with shades of white to highlight specific areas. Every detail of his face is beautifully crafted, with thug life written across the top of the design and 2Pac written below. The artist used the brown color to add more richness to the design.

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Tupac song tattoos

Tupac song tattoos
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Another great way to honor Tupac is to get his song names tattooed on your body. Although all of his songs were extremely popular with the public, one of his most popular albums was “All Eyez On Me”, so much so that Tupac himself had a song tattooed from that album. This design was very cleverly placed on the neck and the artist used black ink for the entire design.

Tribute to Tupac Shakur

Tribute to tupac shakur
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This is another very beautiful and realistic design. The artist used black, brown, white, and blue to create the entire design. Since this design is complex and delicate, multiple sessions may be required. Only talented and experienced tattoo artists can give such a realistic design. You will remember the amazing artist and his work every time you look at him.

Tupac Portrait Tattoo

Tupac portrait tattoo
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After Tupac’s death, it impacted many people as the artist was much loved all over the world. This is a very realistic portrait tattoo that the tattoo artist created with small author elements that remind you of the artist. The tattoo artist used many different color shades to create this intricate and delicate design.

Detailed Tupac tattoo

Detailed tupac tattoo
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If you are looking for different ways to honor Tupac, a portrait tattoo is the best fit. Not only will you have their face tattooed on your body, which will always remind you of them, but you will also be able to pay them a beautiful tribute. This whole design was done with black and gray ink with white in some areas for highlighting.

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