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If you are fascinated by dark elements in a Tattoo Design, the traditional plague doctor tattoo is an ideal choice for your skin tone.

Traditional plague doctor tattoo
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The bubonic plague that swept through Europe, Africa and Asia was responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

Also known as the Black Death, the bubonic plague ravaged Europe during the Dark Ages and was a crucial turning point in the economic development of European countries. Now not everyone could hire doctors for them, the town or towns they lived in hired the plague doctor.

Mostly young doctors or volunteers, if one goes through the old literature the opinions on plague doctors were mixed. To be more precise, some of them did not help the cause they wanted to serve and could hardly save any patients. Now, people who are fascinated with the concept of darkness, horror and death usually get plague doctors tattoos.

simple plague doctor tattoo

Simple plague doctor tattoo
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The simple plague doctor tattoo is mostly done with elemental design. The size of the tattoo can vary from medium to large and totally depends on the tattoo artist. The ideal place to put the plague doctor Tattoo Design is on the arm, back, legs or chest. The concept of death and darkness is associated with this tattoo style.

In the simple plague doctor tattoos, you will find that the doctor wears all the precautionary measures like a coat, a hat and a mask. They used to treat patients with bubonic plague and also carried a cane with them so they wouldn’t have to touch them. This tattoo can be done for a variety of reasons ranging from being a reminder of the Black Death outbreak to inking them for its unique deadly vibes.

ear plague doctor tattoo

Ear plague doctor tattoo ideas
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One of the most unique designs and placements is the ear plague doctor tattoo. Many people who don’t like piercings can certainly get a tattoo on their ear. The color of the tattoo is totally decided by the owner of the tattoo and the meaning of death is reflected in the plague doctor design.

Now, a beginner is advised not to get an ear tattoo as it can be much more painful than elsewhere. The plague doctor design can also be merged with lanterns, skulls, crows and many similar ideas. But only an efficient artist can perfectly engrave this design in this sensitive space.

Plague doctor mask tattoo

Plague doctor mask tattoos
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One cannot pass without noticing the unique type of mask that the plague doctors wore. Italian doctors in Naples first wore these beak-shaped masks and they eventually spread throughout Europe. Now these tattoos are mostly done in traditional black ink and are placed on the forearm, wrist, biceps and calves.

Herbs, dried flowers and spices were stuffed into the long spouts which doctors said protected them from airborne viruses. The long-beaked bird mask alone is enough to scare anyone and is inked as a symbol of death. If you are a horror genre fan who loves horrifying and cool tattoo ideas, this is the best plague doctor tattoo choice.

plague doctor tattoo

Plague doctor tattoos
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This traditional plague doctor tattoo follows the same theory as the line art. With the minimal use of shading and pigment, line-art plague doctor tattoos are created. The line drawing technique can be done with bold black ink or with colors. Ranging from small to medium, these tattoos flourish extremely well on the biceps, forearm, wrist, calves, thighs, and back.

With bizarre uniforms and tall hats, these self-proclaimed doctors were not only responsible for caring for Black Death patients, but also kept records of the death toll. For these reasons, the plague doctor Tattoo Design is mostly associated with death and is done by people who idealize the concept of death. The concept of trait plague doctors is popular with both men and women.

Gothic plague doctor tattoo

Gothic plague doctor tattoo
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Often in Gothic folklore there are mentions of vampires, witches, werewolves, and several other dark elements of the world. Many goth lovers are drawn to these deadly elements and similarly can get a gothic plague doctor tattoo.

Often these gothic tattoo ideas are merged with other ominous symbols like skulls, crows, crescent moon and many more. They further reinforce the idea of ​​fear and death and the best place to put these tattoos is on the forearm, wrist, back and calves. They are made by many tattoo lovers who are most inclined towards mysterious and gothic designs.

Realistic plague doctor tattoo

Realistic plague doctor tattoo
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Realistic style plague doctor tattoos are extremely popular among men and women. This style of tattoo is barely done in black and is mostly inked as a colored plague doctor tattoo. The bird-shaped mask and unique dark costumes are mostly done in black and gray while bright colors are used to create a dark and smoky effect.

These downright grotesque traditional plague doctor tattoos look so dark and real when done following the realistic approach that they seem to grow out of skin. Just as in realism, a skilled artist is only capable of creating stunning works of art, likewise, only an efficient tattoo artist can replicate the concept of realism on the skin.

monochrome plague doctor tattoo

Monochrome plague doctor tattoo
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As the name suggests, these plague doctor tattoo styles are done with a single color. For an effective tattoo artist among thousands of colors, only one is enough to create the scary feature related to this tattoo. From the monochromatic color palette, the tattoo artist can choose their favorite color and the correct placement for this design is the neck, arm, leg, back and ankle.

The monochromatic technique used to create these plague doctor tattoos gives the viewer a chill, just like the horror movies. Hired by towns or villages during the time of the plague, most of them lacked the qualifications or experience to treat patients, which often resulted in the death of their client. For this reason, plague doctor tattoo designs are often understood as a harbinger of bad news and a deadly vibe.

Upper Arm Plague Doctor Tattoo

Upper arm plague doctor tattoos
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One of the most popular and cool places to choose for any Tattoo Design is the upper arm. This part includes the biceps and triceps areas and is a great place to do tattoo work with lots of detail. The tattoo on the upper arm shows the confidence and strength of the tattoo artist as it is a place that does not go unnoticed. Traditional plague doctor tattoos, only mask tattoos or any other designs can be done using black or other colors.

Long dark robes, pointed fingers and bird masks with a long beak are the content of these tattoos and the concept it demonstrates is that of death. They are both popular among men and women who love the dark elements of this world. Beginners are suggested to choose this portion for tattooing as it hurts less due to the presence of muscle and fat.

Female Plague Doctor Tattoo

Female plague doctor tattoo ideas
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The concept of the plague doctor came in the 17th century. With the plague epidemic of 1619 in Paris, these physicians became the primary carers of plague patients. Now the field of doctors was mostly dominated by men, but there were also scholarly female doctors. This particular plague doctor tattoo showcases the power of femininity.

In the 17th century, women were not considered suitable for such professions and were treated as second-class citizens. As a costume with a mask was worn, people could not clarify the gender of some doctors. This became an advantage for some women who wanted to pursue this profession. Depending on the size of the tattoo, they can be inked by women on the wrist, forearm, back, calves and thighs.

Small plague doctor tattoo

Small plague doctor tattoo
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With a small hat and a costume, this unique appearance is mainly based on the concept of minimalism. Done using a small area with mostly black ink, they bloom perfectly into the ankle, neck, wrist, forearm and chest.

They mainly symbolize two concepts, one is that of death which is related to the plague doctor and the other is the concept of minimal tattoo art. They are both popular among men and women and are made by people who are selective about displaying their tattoo art.

As medicine began to improve and the profession of medicine became methodical, plague doctors were eventually deemed impractical, but the idea was later adopted to create tattoos. cool.

Other designs that can be tried with this tattoo idea are:

  • Abstract plague doctor tattoo.
  • Knife plague doctor tattoo.
  • Plague doctor tattoo in Roman numerals.
  • Plague doctor tattoo playing guitar.
  • Candle and plague doctor tattoo.

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