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Japanese style tattoos are popular for their unique designs! If you are considering getting one, here is a list of models you should check out.

Traditional Japanese Tattoo
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The Japanese tattoo style is known as Irezumi which means “insert ink”.

The subject of traditional Japanese inking style includes elements of nature, Japanese mythical creatures and animals. These designs, enriched with symbolic meaning, represent the essence of Japanese tradition.

Tattoos have dominated Japanese culture for decades. The origin of this ancient art form dates back to the Paleolithic period of Japanese history. However, during the Edo period in Japan, tattoos were used to mark criminals and the placement of tattoos was determined by the type of crimes committed by them. Japanese tattoo artists use special Nara ink to depict tattoos which gives the design a unique shade of color. The traditional Japanese tattoo is often done using traditional tools consisting of a wooden handle and a needle attached to a silk thread. The theme of these designs revolves around mythological characters from Japanese folklore, living creatures, as well as various aspects of nature such as the sea, flowers and leaves. Take a look at these traditional Japanese tattoos with their beautiful symbolism!

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoo
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The Japanese dragon is inked in a vibrant shade of blue and the patterns on its skin are detailed in white ink. Its underparts are inked in a contrasting shade of yellow. The dragon’s bulging red eyes are inked with realistic detail. Moreover, the purple floral designs enhance the charm of the tattoo. According to Japanese mythology, dragons are depicted as protectors of mankind. Thus, the dragon symbolizes strength, protection and courage.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Ideas
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A stunning monochromatic dragon is paired with vibrant hibiscus flowers. The dragon is beautifully inked in black ink with intricate detailing on its skin. The hibiscus is inked in a crimson red hue which adds a striking contrast to the design. You can place this floral dragon design on your thigh or back where there is enough space to ink the details.

Japanese Hannya mask tattoo

Japanese Hannya mask tattoo
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This traditional Japanese half sleeve tattoo depicts the popular Hannya mask with a blue snake wrapped around it. The mask is inked in a red shade with yellow piercing eyes. The fangs of the Hannya mask are inked with vivid detail. The blue snake contrasts with the red Hannya mask. The tiny flowers placed on the dark background add to the beauty of the design.

Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoo Ideas
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The Hannya mask is inked all over the wearer’s back with intricate detail. The mask is shaded in a grayish tint and detailed in black ink. The mask’s intimidating appearance is enhanced by the fierce look in its eyes and its long fangs. In Japanese, the word “Hannya” means wisdom. Thus, it is a popular theme when it comes to Irezumi tattoo art and symbolizes good luck.

Japanese Floral Tattoo

Japanese Floral Tattoo
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A peony tattoo sleeve on a dark background can be a gorgeous idea for your next ink. The peonies are inked in a bright orange hue and underlined in black and white ink. The traditional Japanese style backdrop beautifully highlights the whole design. You can also incorporate cherry blossoms and maple leaves to add layers to your Japanese floral tattoo.

Japanese Floral Tattoo Ideas
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The floral long sleeve tattoo depicts the samurai beautifully on the chest of the wearer. The samurai is inked in monochrome on a black background. The peony flower on the arm is shaded in an orange tint. Samurai happened to be powerful military warriors in feudal Japan. So, a samurai tattoo represents courage, bravery and strength.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo
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A giant koi fish is inked in a traditional Japanese style on the wearer’s arm. The shimmering scales of the black koi are highlighted in white ink and shaded in a yellow tint. The fish swims in a sea with small tidal waves. The beautiful floral patterns accentuate the charm of the koi sleeve. Koi fish tattoos symbolize perseverance and are indicative of the obstacles one has overcome in life.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos Ideas
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This can be a great alternative to the koi fish tattoo inked in a bluish hue. The fish’s fins are depicted in a contrasting shade of yellow with black detailing. The fish’s blue scales are inked with intricate detail. Black sea waves with orange floral patterns serve as a stunning backdrop to the design.

Japanese lion dog tattoo

Japanese lion dog tattoo
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A Japanese lion-dog is a famous mythical creature from Japanese folklore. It can be made into great body art with symbolic meaning. The lion dog, also known as the fu dog, is inked in a vibrant shade of red down the length of the leg. Its eyes and sharp teeth are inked in white while the small patterns on its body are inked in black. Place this design on your back or leg where there is enough space to fill in the details.

Japanese Lion Dog Tattoo Ideas
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You can also opt for a monochromatic fu dog tattoo design. His fierce eyes, large claws and sharp canines are finely detailed in black ink. In Japanese tradition, fu dogs are depicted as ferocious beasts that serve as protectors and symbolize guardianship. It is believed that mythical fu dog tattoos ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to the wearer.

Japanese snake tattoo

Japanese snake tattoo
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Snakes have always been a popular subject when it comes to Irezumi. A superb serpent, coiled in a spiral, is inked on the wearer’s thigh. Its bluish skin is detailed with tiny dots while the underparts are shaded yellow. Its long fangs and forked tongue are visible from its mouth. As snakes shed their skin to heal, Japanese snake tattoos are often associated with transformation and rebirth. Japanese snake tattoos also serve as a symbol of protection against bad luck.

Japanese Snake Tattoo Ideas
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A stunning black snake is paired with bright red flowers in this Japanese tattoo design. The vivid depiction of the snake in intense black ink makes the design enchanting. Moreover, the contrasting red floral designs, highlighted with white, add to the brilliance of this snake tattoo.

Japanese tiger tattoo sleeve

Japanese tiger tattoo sleeve
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A fierce tiger is depicted with a touch of realism on the wearer’s arm. The intricate shading of black tiger stripes in a yellowish hue enhances the beauty of the design. The glow in his eyes is beautifully depicted in a shade of green with black detailing. Its large claws and sharp canines are shaded in gray ink. The tiger tattoo symbolizes the qualities of strength and courage that are attributed to the animal.

Japanese Wave Tattoo

Japanese Wave Tattoo
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You can opt for this really cool armband tattoo detailed with beautiful waves. The scene depicts a mountainside by the sea at night. The blue waves, representing the majesty of the sea, are underlined in white ink. Waves are an unstoppable force of nature. Likewise, wave tattoos symbolize continuity in life. It is a reminder to move forward in life despite the difficulties encountered.

Japanese Wave Tattoo Ideas
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The design depicts a large ship sailing through the ocean on a stormy day. The ocean water rolled up into a giant wave in front of the ship. Intricate ship details enhance the depth of the design. Large waves are shaded in gray ink and outlined in black.

Japanese goldfish tattoo

Japanese goldfish tattoo
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This beautiful Japanese tattoo design depicts a pair of goldfish with floral details. The tattoo artist replaced the scales of the goldfish with stunning floral designs. Pink flowers on a black background are inked on goldfish tattoos. Its fins are shaded with black stripes. The eyes of the fish are detailed with concentric circles. Goldfish tattoos represent prosperity and harmony in the family.

Japanese Goldfish Tattoo Ideas
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You can also ink a realistic pair of goldfish like the one shown in the picture. Fish scales are inked in a gradient of blue and green ink. Her sparkling eyes are detailed in white. Sea water is shaded black with traditional Japanese waves.

Japanese skull tattoo

Japanese skull tattoo
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The snake is wrapped around the skull in this mysterious design. The intricate shading on the skull gave it a realistic appearance. The snake is detailed with red patterns on its skin while its eyes are inked in a yellow hue. The orange maple leaves accentuate the charm of the design with its vibrant hue.

The vivid depiction of Japanese tattoo designs along with their cultural significance has resonated with people all over the world. It is an ancient art form that dates back centuries. Traditional Japanese tattoos are a representation of Japanese society, culture, values ​​and tradition. Here is a curated list of traditional Japanese tattoo suggestions you might like!

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  3. Yakuza tattoo with realistic details on the back
  4. Japanese traditional style samurai tattoo on arm
  5. Peonies, lotus flowers and hot springs in traditional Japanese tattoo style on the back
  6. Traditional Japanese style tattoo of the Hannya mask in vibrant colors
  7. Japanese Mafia Traditional Irezumi Tattoos
  8. Traditional Japanese Phoenix Chest Tattoos
  9. Full body tattoo of Koi fish tattoo with floral details
  10. Traditional Japanese Snake Tattoos

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