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If you are unpredictable and have an explosive personality, time bomb tattoo ideas are perfect for you. Check out our handpicked time bomb tattoos today.

Time bomb tattoo
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Bombs can represent aggression, danger and life on the razor’s edge.

A bombshell tattoo can represent anything that you find bold or “explosive” about yourself, such as your temper, intelligence, or personality. You can pair it with body piercings to get the desired effect.

Since the invention of gunpowder in the Far East centuries ago, mankind has seen the course of history begin to change in many battles. Anyone who could master this element could seize the reins of chariot power and direct the destiny of nations and armed forces.

Talking about bombs is an expression that has become too generic, with many variants diluting the meaning. One of the main reasons for bomb tattoos could be that the term bomb comes from the various themes that we know today. And that’s where we find design ideas from bombshells that reference video game characters to more cheerful designs that look like they’re pulled from a classic animated series story arc that’s popular today.

Bomb tattoos have no specific meaning or symbolism. Although we can assume that those who tattoo a bomb (from a classic round black bomb with a fuse to a massively destructive atomic bomb) do it to represent that great energy or a very large figure hidden inside that can “explode “at any time.

time bomb tattoo

Time bomb tattoo
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These ticking time bomb tattoos are amazingly done. The tattoo artists have done a wonderful job and seeing the work one can tell that the artist is incredibly talented. The tattoo looks like a live bomb with added care instructions. It can be seen that the tattoo artist is quite professional as he added the smallest details to the tattoo.

The bright colors that have been added to the tattoo make the tattoo more attractive. Adding yellow and greenish blue thread makes the tattoo all the more realistic. This tattoo is perfect to be tattooed anywhere all over the body.

The Curiosities Time Bomb Tattoo

The curiosities time bomb tattoo
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This body modification time bomb tattoo is simply stunning. This tattoo works like body jewelry. The tattoo artists did a wonderful job and anyone who sees this tattoo would absolutely love to get a tattoo appointment from them. The way the ink is used throughout the tattoo exudes professionalism. The way the color is used to fill in the image is brilliant and looking at the tattoo it looks like the whole process must have taken quite a long time.

This tattoo can be done by both men and women. If one decides to gift a tattoo on his friend’s birthday, this tattoo is the one he can go with. The details on the tattoo are perfect as the exact ticking time bomb.

The Super Sweet Tattoo Time Tattoo

The super sweet tattoo time tattoo
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This is a super cool tattoo and can be considered a ticking time bomb tattoo. This is one of those cute tattoos we see when we go to a tattoo shop. If anyone is considering getting a ticking time bomb tattoo but not the realists, they will absolutely adore this tattoo. One wouldn’t even need care instructions for such tattoos because they look more friendly than dangerous.

These tattoos can be tattooed anywhere on the body. Such tattoos lighten the mood when looked at. This tattoo is a great tattoo idea for people who are short of temper. So whenever they are angry and look at this tattoo, their mood will be lifted. This tattoo can be inked by both men and women.

Time bomb hand tattoo

Time bomb hand tattoo
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The same way we say our life is in our hands, the same way now, seeing this tattoo, we can say the ticking time bomb is in our hands. It must have been a great experience for the client to get it inked on his palm and it must also have been difficult for the tattoo artist to work on it. Although it sounds fancy, clients should think again about getting a palm tattoo, as this particular body site is much more intolerant of pain.

This tattoo can be changed depending on the person by placing it somewhere else and even maybe adding some colored ink to it. The tattoo looks quite empty and pristine. Only a professional artist could have done it so perfectly in a place like this.

Davison time bomb tattoo

Davison time bomb tattoo
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The design of these bomb tattoos is among other patchwork tattoos. Maybe it was the first tattoo or the new image or a new patchwork ink. This image looks like body jewelry on the skin. These images can be done anywhere on the body, but the place should be decided before getting the tattoo done.

These images have their own individual meaning referring to people who are angry and can burst into anger at any time, just like the ticking time bomb. The basis of these pictures to be tattooed by the client is mainly to add a new collection to his existing patchwork tattoo.

The Professional Time Bomb Leg Tattoo

The professional time bomb leg tattoo
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This time bomb image is beautifully done with colored ink. It looks more like an original time bomb image. The way it’s made looks like it could explode at any moment. This image can be done anywhere on the body, and the artist has done a brilliant job.

This tattoo can be done near the piercings and it would make the whole thing more attractive, especially near the navel or just under the ear. This picture is worth watching and should be preferred by people considering a bombshell tattoo. The tattoo is such that it can be gifted to a friend who has always wanted time tattoos.

Inner Arm Time Bomb Tattoo

Inner arm time bomb tattoo
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This hopeless tattoo looks really creepy. It makes it look like if a bomb like that goes off, everyone around it will die. Seeing this tattoo gives a weird and edgy feeling. An extra note of caution attached to it would have made it more attractive.

This tattoo artist has done his job so perfectly that one is forced to think how long did it take to get this tattoo done. This tattoo helps to accumulate curiosities in the minds of people to see or check out the other works of this artist.

Pomegranate Leg Tattoo

Pomegranate leg tattoo
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The bomb pierced everything through time. These tattoos cost a reasonable amount of time to complete. The artist did a wonderful job doing the image, the background reflection and the shadows. It looks like real professional work and must have required a lot of patience.

These grenades are mostly used in wars and battles. The pin must be pulled out and then thrown at the targeted location, then wait for it to explode and knock the location down. These bombs create a lot of destruction leading to devastation. This tattoo depicts the mood of a person tattooing it, showing that all it takes is one situation or circumstance to pull that pin out and all their anger will erupt on the people around them.

The Dynamite Tattoo

The dynamite tattoo
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This red dynamite tattoo is simple yet unique and elegant in its own way. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to ink a dynamite tattoo but a simple step with all the details. The tattoo can be perfect as a quilt, where people keep randomly adding tattoos to their other image collection and there is no need to have any connection or meaning with the other tattoos.

This tattoo can be done by both men and women and on any part of the body they wish. They can even change the color and add some details like a thread and a clock.

The Gift of the Time Bomb Tattoo

The gift of the time bomb tattoo
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This tattoo gives us a nervous feeling as if time is running out and we are wasting our precious time either by grieving for things we did not have or by sitting idly thinking we have a lot of work and wondering how are we going to complete them. We tend to procrastinate all our work and that’s how time flies. This image constantly reminds us that time flies and we need to realize it before it’s too late.

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