10 Best Tiger Thigh Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Tiger thigh tattoo is a popular choice for both men and women. They are stylish and elegant, and can be customized to suit your individual taste. Tiger thigh tattoos can be placed on the upper thigh, lower thigh, or even the side of the thigh. If you are looking for something truly unique, you may even want to consider a Tiger Thigh Tattoo. Tiger Thigh Tattoos are usually large in size, so they will need to be placed on an area of your body that has plenty of space.

The most popular placement for Tiger Thigh Tattoos is the upper thigh, as this provides the most space for the tattoo to breath. However, Tiger Thigh Tattoos can also look great on the lower thigh or even the side of the thigh. If you are looking for a smaller tattoo, you may want to consider a Tiger Cub Thigh Tattoo.

Tiger Cub Thigh Tattoos are much smaller in size, and can be placed on any area of the body. Whether you choose a large or small Tiger Thigh Tattoo, make sure that you take the time to find a design that you love. When it comes to Tiger Thigh Tattoos, there are endless possibilities. So take your time and find a design that

Tiger thigh tattoo
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A tiger tattoo is a symbol of power and strength.

A tiger is a powerful predator in the jungle. Using tigers as a motif for your next tattoo will showcase your fierce personality to the world.

Tiger tattoos come in many shapes and designs. Each of them is also associated with deep and profound meanings that attract people. The versatility of the designs can confuse people to choose the perfect piece for themselves. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best tiger tattoo designs which will help you choose one for yourself.

Classic Tiger Thigh Tattoo

Classic tiger thigh tattoo
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Tiger face tattoos have been a popular choice in the tattoo industry for many years. The face tattoo in the picture above depicts a calm and experienced tiger. The tattoo looks like a drawing that has been shaded using a pencil. A prominent face of a tiger, which resembles a Royal Bengal Tiger, is drawn on the thigh. This is an example of a classic and traditional tiger tattoo. The design is also commonly seen on the sleeve or the back.

The tattoo is drawn in black ink only. Every detail of the tiger’s face is beautifully captured. Even the tiger’s whiskers and stripes can be separated from each other by just looking at the tattoo. The beauty of a tiger lies in its eyes and the tattoo artist managed to bring the tattoo to life through its eyes. This classy tattoo is one of a kind, it showcases your classy style to the world and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Line tiger thigh tattoo

Line tiger thigh tattoo
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Generally, tiger tattoos look great on the body when they are large. There are adorable little tiger tattoo designs out there, but tattooing a large tiger Tattoo Design shows the raw power inside of you. For example, a large tiger tattoo on your thigh like the one in the picture shows your intense passion for tattoos. If you want to ink the whole body of the tiger, it is recommended to get a tattoo one size larger. A larger tattoo does justice to the body of the king-like tiger and it goes without saying that such tiger tattoo ideas look exceptionally beautiful.

On the other hand, a great tattoo is often thought to have intricate designs. The tattoo above shatters all those popular stereotypes. It is drawn mostly using lines and thick dark lines are drawn in black ink representing the tiger’s body stripe. The thigh tattoos starts at the center of the thigh and its body extends upwards to the side hip. The tattoo represents power, it looks like the king of the jungle has gone hunting and spotted his next prey. If you are looking forward to getting a hunting tiger tattoo, this piece is ideal.

Tiger thigh tribal tattoo

Tiger thigh tribal tattoo
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The tiger symbol is deeply connected to tribal art and paintings. Previously, the tribesmen wore tiger skin. Many drawings and paintings also depicted tiger faces in different styles. Such paintings have been incorporated into the modern tattoo world and they are among the best tiger tattoo designs today. The tiger in the tattoo above looks like tribal art. The tiger with its eyes and mouth open looks fierce and ready to fight.

An interesting element in this tattoo is the dagger that crosses the head of the tiger. The dagger is also drawn in a fair tribal design. Not only the design, but people are also attracted to these tattoo ideas because of the deep meanings. The meaning of the piece is derived from the meaning of the two elements. The surrounding elements like the thorny flowering plant and the spider web intensify the overall meaning of the tattoo.

Tiger thigh tattoo with butterflies

Tiger thigh tattoo with butterflies
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If you are looking for feminine tiger tattoo designs, adding butterflies to the tiger tattoo works wonders. Butterfly tattoo ideas have been recognized as the epitome of tattoo ideas for women. They increase the delicate feminine quotient of every Tattoo Design and undoubtedly look great. Adding butterflies to raw and fierce tiger tattoos makes them incredibly beautiful. It is a perfect choice for women who are looking for a girly tiger tattoo on a thigh.

A traditional white tiger head is drawn on the upper thigh in black ink. One eye is tattooed with ocean blue ink to make the eyes look much more real. The left eye is covered with a rose and some other flowers. It seems that the tiger is hiding behind the flowers. Two butterflies one of which has the same color as the eye of the tiger fly above the tiger tattoo. A butterfly tattoo is a symbol of love, it balances the fierceness of the tiger tattoo.

Vibrant tiger thigh tattoo

Vibrant tiger thigh tattoo
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If you are bored of realistic tiger tattoos, we recommend trying new designs that will make your tattoo stand out in the crowd. The Tattoo Design in the image above is a perfect example of an abstract tiger head tattoo on the thigh. If you are a junk art fan, look no further than this Tattoo Design. The colors used in the tiger tattoo do not match the true colors of a tiger head. Looking into the eyes, it appears that the tiger is under a magic spell and has unleashed the monster inside.

The primary colors used in the tattoo like blue, purple, yellow and orange make it stand out on the skin. This design also features a dagger, so the main theme of the tattoo revolves around betrayal. The overall tattoo is designed in a Japanese style and can also be used as a Japanese tiger tattoo. Around the tiger’s head are small tiger paws inked in black ink. It represents the rhythm is always on the hunt.

Floral tiger thigh tattoo

Floral tiger thigh tattoo
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Floral tattoos have remained at the top of the list of popular tattoo designs for a long time. The tiger tattoo in the image above is an example of how floral elements balance the raw power and strength of a tiger tattoo. Often men are skeptical of floral tattoos as they are mostly worn by women. However, the versatility of the piece makes it a favorite for both men and women.

A determined tiger’s head is drawn on the thigh in black ink. It looks like the tiger is staring at its prey with complete determination. Below the tiger tattoo, a flower garland made up of leaves is drawn in black ink. It is an elaborate piece and every element looks realistic in the tattoo.

Ferocious tiger thigh tattoo

Ferocious tiger thigh tattoo
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The tattoo above presents us with the fierce nature of a tiger, it is a stunning piece if you want to ink the true nature of the tiger. A tiger is considered the beast of the jungle. The tiger’s angry red and blue eyes and sharp teeth represent a sign of determination in the tiger as if it is ready to pounce on its prey easily. He symbolized the raw animal instinct inside every human being.

If you love tattoo designs that portray the strong nature of humans, then this piece is ideal. The tattoo artist captured the angry expression on the tiger’s face beautifully, leaving no room for error. The squinting of the eyes and the whiskers that go all the way up intensifies the dramatic look of the tattoo. Such details bring the tattoo to life.

Dangerous tiger thigh tattoo

Dangerous tiger thigh tattoo
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This type of tiger tattoo is unique as it features a tiger tattoo with snake features. We know that tigers are the protectors of the jungle, but sometimes these protectors harm innocent people. Incorporating the features of a snake into a tiger tattoo brings out the evil nature of a tiger. This tattoo is an ideal piece if you want your next tattoo to be a sign of protection from danger.

A tiger’s head is drawn on the thigh of the person wearing the tattoo. The head is much sleeker than usual, resembling a snake’s head. The tiger’s tongue is replaced by the bifurcated tongue of a snake and its sharp teeth are replaced by fangs. His eyes resemble the eyes of a reptile instead of a mammal representing his cold-blooded nature.

Lotus tiger thigh tattoo

Lotus tiger thigh tattoo
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Floral designs can be incorporated into almost any type of Tattoo Design and the result is always beautiful tattoo designs. The combination of lotus and tiger tattoos is another popular idea for creating stunning tiger tattoos.

The tattoo describes a whole scene where the tiger seems to be hunting in a jungle of flowers. In this tattoo, lotus flowers are used to make the garland, but you can customize the design using any type of flower according to your preference.

Offset Thigh Tiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoos
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Some say that cats and tigers belong to the same family. The tattoo of a tiger within the outline of a wildcat represents the bond between the two animals. We see the tiger attacking the cat from behind.

This is an offbeat tiger Tattoo Design. It symbolizes the backstabbing nature of loved ones. If you want a meaningful tattoo like this, then this piece is perfect for you. The tattoo represents the sharp pain of betrayal.

Now that you are aware of so many tiger tattoo designs and meaning of tiger tattoo, you can easily choose a thigh tiger tattoo piece for yourself. In case you cannot find a suitable tiger tattoo on your thigh, we have prepared a small list of references that can help you make the right decision.

  • White tiger tattoo on thigh
  • Chinese tiger tattoo on thigh
  • Japanese tiger tattoo on thigh
  • Tiger with mandala flower tattoo
  • Tiger eyes tattoo on thigh

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