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Here is a list of inspiring temple tattoo ideas that we have prepared for you so that you don’t have to waste hours looking for your next ideal tattoo, a list not to be missed!

Temporary tattoo
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Getting a temple tattoo is a huge commitment as they are representations of spiritual beliefs, making them important choices that commemorate or pay homage to one’s belief in one’s spirituality.

Temple tattoos attract many people who are touched by their spiritual beliefs or who have found their spirituality and want to honor it. However, it is also important to understand the meaning of these tattoos and their inspirations before deciding to get a temple tattoo.

They are quite rare and yet they have inspired some of the finest art created by tattoo artists around the world. There is a whole bunch of temple tattoo art that is not only unique but also symbolizes many aspects of various cultures and spiritual beliefs. Tattoo lovers and artists around the world have testified that these designs are some of the most difficult and beautiful art ever created. The inspiration for these artists was of course the magnificent temples and shrines around the world, belonging to a diverse culture of people and their beliefs. Some of the most sought after temple tattoo ideas have found their inspiration in Japanese shrines, Buddhist temples, and Aztec temples. Surviving for thousands of years, these structures are a sight to behold and a source of inspiration for many artists, including tattoo artists.

Japanese and Buddhist temples may look similar, but certain aspects of the structure differentiate them from each other. The Japanese belief system is based on “everything is divine” and Japanese shrines are represented by pagodas. Most of the temple tattoo art in the Japanese tradition is represented by these pagodas. These pagodas are composed of the five Japanese elements which represent Earth or “Chi”, Water or “Sui/Mizu”, Fire or “Ka/Hi”, Wind or “Fū/Kaze” and Void or “Kū /Sora”. These five elements are believed to be responsible for the governance of the universe and it is of utmost importance to balance the five elements. Likewise, Buddhist temples or shrines have many legends and mythologies that define the structures.

The culture of the Aztecs is intriguing and beautiful and there have been many elements left behind including the Aztec tattoo art that tell the stories of this beautiful culture, their tradition and beliefs and have lasted for centuries. Aztec works of art honored their gods and were part of their rituals, now they represent and pay homage to their culture. Aztec Temple Tatoo is very popular among tattoo artists and enthusiasts. There are several tattoo ideas when it comes to Aztec art including warriors, sun god, Aztec calendar, eagles, etc.

If you find spiritual and/or temple tattoos that represent your culture or world cultures intriguing and inspiring, then this list of exceptionally beautiful temple tattoos from Japanese, Buddhist, and Aztec cultures is for you. So read on to find your next perfect tattoo, or the perfect tattoo to honor your beliefs or a simply stunning new tattoo.

Japanese temple tattoo with samurai warrior

Japanese temple tattoo with samurai warrior
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This simple tattoo of a Japanese temple or shrine as referred to in Shintoism is ideal for tattoo lovers looking to get a simple piece tattoo. This idyllic structure captured in art and tattooed on the arm is seen as a sleeve tattoo with a black and white tone and featuring a samurai warrior, another important part of Japanese culture.

The tattoo has crisp, clean, crisp detail that many will love. These tattoos represent many things, including his devotion to his faith and his love for his spirituality. So, such a simple design is ideal for your first tattoo.

custom japanese temple tattoo

Custom japanese temple tattoo
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Custom tattoos have always been a favorite in the tattoo community and a challenge for an artist. Many tattoo enthusiasts choose to get a custom version of a tattoo tattooed, adding their own twists. While some are complicated and elaborate, others are clean and simple.

In this artwork, the Japanese pagoda also features the legendary Sakura blossom or commonly known as the cherry blossom. While the structure represents spirituality, devotion, faith, belief, or even the five elements of the Japanese belief system, the Sakura represents transscience and beauty. It is ideal for the forearms and features a simple yet meaningful tattoo. As for her first tattoo, people are going to love this idea.

Temple tattoo with peach cherry blossoms

Temple tattoo with peach cherry blossoms
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This beautiful piece of art is every artist’s dream, a true masterpiece they will love to ink. Not only does this appeal to tattoo lovers, but it is also an elegant and challenging work for an artist. The pink hue of the cherry blossom covering the black and white tone of the shrine looks artistic. People who are passionate about Japanese community or culture will definitely love this design.

Realistic temple tattoo

Realistic temple tattoo
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This design has a realistic look with a temple and a photographer, likely inspired by an actual scene or image featuring the photographer. While not ideal for everyone, it does contain an element of uniqueness that may be appealing to photographers and/or travelers and/or tourists. However, realistic tattoos are inked when done by a professional artist. It is therefore important to find a studio or artist who specializes in realistic tattoos, and booking walk-ins with them at their studio may be convenient for you.

Temple tattoo with scripts

Temple tattoo with scripts
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These types of designs are widely popular among the tattoo community as the temples and ancient spiritual scripts are closely associated with each other and the whole thing easily tickles the imagination! The artist here has given a simple temple tattoo a nice twist with a scroll or script covering the top part. The detailed lines give it a clean, minimalist look and such precision can be captured by a professional artist with extensive tattoo experience.

Modern oriental temple tattoo with cranes

Modern oriental temple tattoo with cranes
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This beautiful tattoo is so bright and vibrant in its simplistic form that it will appeal to everyone at first glance and easily grab the attention of onlookers. Framed inside a sphere, the temple is set with a half vantage point and features two cranes. While most of the tattoo is done in black, the bright red color used on the heads of the cranes and the sun gives the tattoo a minimalist yet aesthetic look.

Fineline Japanese Temple Tattoo

Fineline japanese temple tattoo
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In this beautiful Fineline style work, the artist creates a small forearm tattoo with a mini landscape surrounding the temple. The fine lines give the tattoo a neat, aesthetic and minimalist look. Some of the small details captured like the ripples in the water and the stones leading up to the temple give it a realistic look.

If you like simple Fineline work, this tattoo is for you.

Small Japanese Pagoda Tattoo

Small japanese pagoda tattoo
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The artist has created a small masterpiece for the placement of the forearms. While most temple tattoos are quite large or medium in size, this small piece stands out in a cute and chic way. If you’re looking for something to pay homage to the beautiful pagodas found in cherry blossom country but aren’t up for a big tattoo, then this small tattoo is for you. The Osaka Pagoda Castle is created in a miniature version, inside a sphere and the black work gives a sketched look to the tattoo.

Oriental Temple Blackwork Tattoo

Oriental temple blackwork tattoo
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This enormous oriental forearm masterpiece is ideal for those who love a good black tattoo style. The artist creates a Japanese temple and the background is framed like a miniature landscape. The bottom of the tattoo features flowers and small details like Japanese lanterns and the moon and clouds in the background create a beautiful image and create a wonderful tattoo design.

Japanese temple landscape tattoo

Japanese temple landscape tattoo
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While some might find the colorful patterns unappealing, this little piece is cute enough to tickle her fancy. The design features a landscape with a Japanese pagoda and cherry blossoms which presents an idyllic landscape and is mesmerizing enough for one to get a tattoo to pay homage to the land of Sakura legend and represent a safe environment for all. This clean and colorful piece is ideal for people looking for something bright and cheerful.

These designs are widely popular and highly coveted by people. However, it is advisable to think and choose wisely before getting your walk-ins and choose a studio with a professional artist to ensure that such important and time-consuming jobs are done right. In addition, a clean and safe environment goes a long way in protecting hygiene, so one must make sure to choose a safe environment that will ensure his safety while getting a tattoo.

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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