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Have you ever wanted to flaunt your aesthetic sense by tattooing some super cool viking symbols on your skin? Here you can find a tattoo that suits you.

Viking symbols tattoo ideas
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The daredevil Vikings of Denmark, Sweden and Norway raided and hacked to make history.

Their power and glory amaze and enchant us like medieval sorcery. So we admire Vikings and hope to achieve their power by tattooing Viking tattoos on our body.

Viking tattoos symbolize power, skill, strength, the need to protect our own kind, the glory of Viking deities like Odin and Thor, and the devotion to families they carry in their souls. Additionally, Viking tattoos depict figures and ideas from Norse mythology. Ancient Norse culture and tradition practiced the worship of Norse gods and many other mystical figures. So, if you are a mythology enthusiast, you can go to the best tattoo parlor and ask your favorite tattoo artists to draw a beautiful viking symbol on your skin. There are also many viking warrior tattoos that are trending. If you want badass tattoos, get warrior tattoos tattooed on your skin. Check out these ten amazing Viking tattoo ideas that will make a special place in your heart.

Fascinating Ouroboros Tattoo

Fascinating ouroboros tattoos
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One of the most sought after and well-known traditional Viking tattoos is that of the Jörmungandr, the iconic ouroboros of Norse mythology. If you are looking to get a Viking tattoo on your chest, the symbolic coiled serpent will be a great choice for you. His open mouth and empty eyes stare straight into the viewer’s soul as if he could see through everything. The Ouroboros tattoo is highly regarded by those who love the juxtaposition of terror and beauty.

The Nordic ouroboros represents the cycle of life and death. The snake swallowing its own tail as it circles the earth is a bold tattoo to inking on the chest, so close to the heart. Norse mythology states that the Jörmungandr is the middle child of the god Loki. He is also associated with Thor, the god of thunder, and is believed to fight him as a nemesis. This is the main reason why countless Norse mythology enthusiasts are so eager to get tattoos.

Stylish viking compass tattoo

Stylish viking compass tattoo
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If you are lost searching for exquisite viking tattoo symbols and meanings, you must find your way to the tattoo artist with this beautiful viking compass tattoo. It is drawn in black ink on the inner arm. This tattoo evokes a sense of mystery and calm. So much is going on in this Viking tattoo. The Viking compass at the top with the leaves of the tree surrounding it, the little peek of an owl, the tiny dragonflies and especially the eye at the bottom make us wonder about the hidden meaning behind a tattoo also elaborate.

The Viking compass is usually referred to as Helm of Awe or Helm of Terror. But in Scandinavian culture, it’s called the Vegvisir, which means “Wayfinder” in Icelandic. The Helm of Awe is believed to be used by Viking sailors for better guidance and protection in the Viking Age. It has eight runic staves, four for cardinal directions and the other four runic staves for intercardinal directions. Thus, the symbol represents protection and guidance from the mysteries of life. People have claimed to get this Helm of Awe tattoo to find hope and direction in life, to find their way to themselves.

Mesmerizing Tree of Life Symbol Tattoo

Mesmerizing tree of life symbol tattoo
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This next Tree of Life tattoo is on the back, beautifully engraved on the back with black ink. Here the tree is drawn so realistically that all the small details are visible. The roots magically flow which gives the tattoo a 3D look.

The Tree of Life or the Yggdrasil is one of the ancient Norse symbols which is also a very popular Tattoo Design. It tells the story of Nidhoggr, a dragon, and Jormungandr, the serpent who lived on the tree and were enemies. The branches of Yggdrasil extend into the Nine Realms of Existence and hold it together so that it does not collapse. If the Tree of Life collapses, all of the Nine Realms will collapse with it. This Viking symbol represents the growth and development of life, knowledge and wisdom. Those who aspire to grow in life and wisdom often get this tattoo inked on their body.

Odin tattoo in all its glory

Odin tattoo in all its glory
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If you are looking for powerful tattoos, check out this breathtaking Norse God Odin tattoo on the inner arm. His grumpy face against the background of the eight-armed spikes of the Helm of Terror and the thunderclap covering his left eye make the tattoo look more realistic and powerful. There is a detailed Valknut symbol just below Odin’s face which is often associated with him. Everything in this tattoo pays homage to Norse heritage and Viking culture.

The people of the Viking Age had a strong devotion to Odin, the god of wisdom and death. Odin’s horned helmet is not visible in this Viking tattoo as his face is covered with a hood. Odin sacrificed his left eye at Mimir’s Well to gain more knowledge, so it often represents the thirst for knowledge. Tattoo lovers looking for mythological entities can choose Odin and his powerful symbol, Valknut.

Dotted Spear of Odin Tattoo

Dotted spear of odin tattoo
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Another notable Norse tattoo is Odin’s magic spear. The Norse word for it is Gungnir. This tattoo is beautifully inked on the inner forearm with black dots. The spear is returned. There are three obvious runes on the spear blade.

The mystical deity Odin is often seen holding a spear in the visual arts of Scandinavian countries. His spear was wielded by the most skilled dwarves and is said to have deadly powers. With a single stroke of this spear, Odin can sow destruction. This tattoo will suit both men and women who are looking for protective symbols of old Norse culture.

Odin’s crows tattoo

Odin's crows tattoo
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This is a perfect example of Nordic sleeve tattoos. Although it looks very feminine, Odin’s crows tattoo is attractive for both men and women. The terrifying crows facing each other inspire the viewer to search for the hidden meaning. Such an impressive tattoo easily catches the eye.

Crows, Huginn and Muninn represent two different meanings. While the first represents “memory”, the second personifies “thought”. They are the pets of Odin who sits on his throne in Asgard. So if you want to have a tattoo honoring Norse symbols, this tattoo will suit you.

Thor’s Hammer Viking Tattoo

Thor's hammer viking tattoos
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One of the most popular modern Viking tattoos is Thor’s Hammer or Mjölnir. After the arrival of the Avenger character Thor, the demand for Thor’s Hammer tattoos increased. This black ink tattoo covers the entire hand reaching to the wrist.

Thor is one of the most dominant Norse gods to be worshiped and celebrated in the Viking Age. His Mjölnir is indicative of his power and control over thunder and lightning. So, having the Mjölnir tattoo anywhere on the body gives you strength and courage to overcome life’s difficulties.

Wyrd web symbol tattoo

Wyrd web symbol tattoo
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Although tattoo artists don’t get as many tattoo requests from Wyrd or Skuld’s Net as other Viking tattoo designs, this tattoo looks beautiful on the leg. So if you are showing off a lesser known mythological symbol tattoo, a Wyrd tattoo will be the perfect choice for you.

As shown in Norse mythology, the “Shapers of Destiny” wielded the Web of Fate or Wyrd and controlled the fate and lifespan of humans. The threads of Skuld’s Net point to the past, present, and future, meaning they are powerful enough to change the course of time and fate. The Wyrd tattoo is suitable for those who like to have their fate and time in their hands.

Valknut symbolic tattoo

Valknut symbolic tattoos
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This tattoo is on the shoulder and looks artistic. This is a black ink Valknut tattoo. The Valknut or Heart of Hrungnir is an ancient protective symbol of Norse culture. This Viking tattoo is more popular among those who feel the need to honor their deceased.

As the Valknut is an emblem of death as it is associated with Odin, the god of death. It is also used as a talisman by ancient shamans to protect against evil spirits. The Valknut has three interlocking triangles, each with different ambiguous meanings. Many ancient Vikings wore this Tattoo Design long before modern people found the symbol.

Horn Triskelion Tattoo

Horn triskelion tattoo
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This sleeve tattoo is inspired by the Horn Triskelion from Norse mythology. The knot patterns of the three horns give rise to a complicated yet beautiful design that looks super cool to the viewer.

Horns of Odin is an image of three interlocking horns from which Odin drank the mead of poetry to gain more wisdom. After drinking all of these three Horns, Odin fled into Eagle. The association of this symbol with the mead of poetry is said to ignite an inspiring frenzy for performers and writers.

Viking tattoos are currently very popular among people all over the world. But the Vikings also had tattoos all over their bodies, according to external sources as there is no written evidence from the Vikings themselves. It is often said that Viking warriors had tattoos from head to toe and their bodies were perfect. Traditional viking tattoos are Ouroboros, viking compass, Troll Cross tattoos, Valknut tattoo, Thor’s hammer, etc. It is never disrespectful to have a Scandinavian tattooed on your body.

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