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If you are looking for cool tattoo filler ideas then you have come to the right place. Below are some unique examples of tattoo fillers that you need to check out.

Tattoo filler
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For those new to the tattoo world, tattoo fillers, also known as filler tattoos, are the supporting design elements used to fill in the gaps, especially in large tattoos. size, to help them mix them more efficiently.

You can explore different styles and designs available for tattoo fillers. However, choosing the one that best suits the design of the original tattoo is extremely important.

As a tattoo artist, if you’re going for a fill-in tattoo for your client, there are a few things you need to keep in check. First, the design you select should relate to the theme of the original tattoo. Second, the colors used in tattoo fillers should also complement your original tattoo design, not the other way around. A tattoo fill design may look very simple; however, it is just as difficult to create and place in the original tattoo. So without further ado, let us jump into the list mentioned below which contains various fantastic designs available for tattoo fillers and how you can add cool tattoo fillers for your original tattoo.

Bee Filler Tattoo Ideas

Bee filler tattoo ideas
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Fill tattoos don’t have to have a specific meaning. They are simply an addition to the overall theme of your tattoo design. However, if your original tattoo conveys a specific meaning, you should incorporate elements that go well with that desired meaning. Take the example of this image. The artist has included a cute yet stylish bee tattoo fill next to the flower design in this image. The bee, along with the flower, perfectly depicts the beauty of nature, and moreover, it even enhances the overall look of the design. The artist chose a bright yellow ink shade and paired it with various shades of black to highlight the body of the bee. It surely looks amazing and can be the perfect choice for those who like their tattoo designs to be colorful and vibrant.

Skull and Rainbow Tattoo Fill Ideas

Skull and rainbow tattoo fill ideas
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Here is another interesting take on a creepy yet unique skull tattoo design. The artist has incorporated a cool rainbow below the skull tattoo, thus depicting a much deeper meaning of the whole design. As we all know, the skull is one of the iconic symbols of death and decay. The rainbow, on the other hand, carries a rich symbolism of hope and rebirth. So when you combine these two distinct elements in your tattoo design, it gives a beautifully contrasting sense of life, death, and rebirth. One thing to remember before getting a tattoo filler is that they are usually much smaller in shape since their main purpose is to enhance the design and meaning of the original tattoo design. So, if you are thinking of similar tattoo filler ideas, why not use this one as your recommendation?

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Flower and Butterfly Tattoo Fill Ideas

Flower and butterfly tattoo fill ideas
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The image mentioned above contains yet another beautiful design of a tattoo filler. As quite visible, the original tattoo in this image is the beautiful flower design engraved on the individual’s hand. To complete this tattoo, the artist has included the design of an exquisite butterfly in blue color. As we all know, butterflies and flowers depend on each other for their survival. So why not use this idea for your tattoo design? This can be the perfect tattoo filler choice, especially for women, as these two elements reflect feminine qualities such as beauty, innocence, purity, grace, and elegance. As for the design of this tattoo fill, the artist has highlighted the body of the butterfly using a mixture of black and dark blue ink. It really looks amazing and aesthetic at the same time. The one thing to remember when getting these types of colorful tattoos is that they fade much faster than traditional black and white ones. Therefore, you need to take extra care after servicing these designs.

Rose Outline Tattoo Fill

Rose outline tattoo fill
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The rose is one of the timeless designs of all time. Even a simple rose tattoo like this can bring out the true beauty and deep meaning of your design. Moreover, you can even customize your rose tattoo as you wish. You can select the color of your choice and also change the size. When you combine a rose tattoo fill with any design, it automatically enhances the overall look and makes your design stand out from the traditional tattoos. When getting a tattoo fill, it is important for a tattoo artist to come up with ready-made ideas. Since every tattoo tells a different story, you should choose your tattoo fillers accordingly so as not to damage the design or meaning of your original tattoo.

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Date Tattoo Fill Ideas

Date tattoo fill ideas
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Adding an important date to your tattoo design can be another great way to personalize your body art. Here is an example of the same. This image contains a unique date design, “1996”, highlighted with bold lines and black ink. It indicates the birth year of the wearer and gives a personalized touch to the whole design. If you have such special dates in mind, you can also include them in your original tattoo quite easily. It could be your birthday or any other special day when something significant happened that you want to cherish for the rest of your life. It can also be a great way to fill in the empty space in sleeve tattoo designs. So for those who are looking for neat and interesting tattoo sleeve filler ideas, you should definitely use this one.

Star Tattoo Fill Ideas

Star tattoo fill ideas
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Stars are yet another very popular design option that will be a great choice for space fillers. As can be seen from this image, the tattoo artist has very creatively incorporated several small star designs surrounding the beautiful tattoo design. It not only fills all the gaps in this large tattoo, but also quite creatively presents an aesthetically pleasing design. It can be a great choice, especially for women who are looking for similar ideas. You can also look for other cool ideas like tribal designs for your tattoo fills. However, if you go for tribal designs, make sure the design is relevant to the overall theme of your original tattoo.

Mandala Tattoo Fill

Mandala tattoo fill
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Mandala art is perhaps one of the most famous and intricate designs in the tattoo world. Although they are quite aesthetic to look at, they are difficult to create. Also, an interesting fact about mandala art is that no two mandalas can ever have the same patterns or designs. In this image we can see a beautiful example of mandala art being used as a tattoo fill for the original flower tattoo. Looking closer, you can see that the tattoo artist used the dot work technique to create this design. Dotwork techniques are slowly gaining traction in the tattoo world. Unlike other traditional tattooing methods, dotting techniques are generally painless. That is why more and more people prefer this to others. If you have a very low pain tolerance, you should definitely opt for this dot work technique. It will not only make your design look great, but also give you a pleasant experience.

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snake tattoo filler

Snake tattoo filler
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The snake is still one of the most versatile designs available in the tattoo world. Whether you use it as a filler or just as a tattoo idea, it will look great either way. However, snake tattoos require a lot of experience and knowledge for a tattoo artist. The placement, along with the size and shape of the snake, plays a major role in the overall look of the design. So you need to choose a professional who has enough knowledge and expertise. When it comes to designing this filler, the artist mostly used a mixture of black and gray ink to create this exquisite look. Moreover, he also incorporated several unique patterns on the body of the snake, giving it an aesthetic touch. The snake can represent many things like rebirth, fertility, and elegance, so you should select your design accordingly.

Flame Flower Tattoo Filler

Flame flower tattoo filler
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The image mentioned above contains a beautiful design of an etched flame flower tattoo fill near the elbow of the individual. For the design of the flame, the artist mainly relied on the stippling technique, while for the leaves he then used fine lines. When placed together, this tattoo filler generates quite a simplistic and minimalist vibe. If you love this kind of tattoo fill ideas, why not use it for your next design?

Filling for old school tattoos

Filling for old school tattoos
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One of the biggest advantages of old-school tattoos is that you can blend them into any large design quite easily. Here is an example of the same. Traditional tattoos are usually quite large and use a wide variety of colors. So, if you are looking for a tattoo filler that is suitable for this type of tattoos, you can refer to this one here.

When looking for new ideas to customize your tattoo fill, you need to pay attention to placement, color, and design. On that note, here are some other examples of cool filler tattoo ideas that you can also check out.

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