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If you’re looking to get inked with a horror tattoo that’s sure to give everyone chills, then this list of taboo tattoo characters is for you.

Taboo tattoo characters
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Horror movies have always been a sure recipe for box office success because who doesn’t love a good scare!

However, not all dark characters have enjoyed immense popularity over the years. But some have made their way into our hearts (and our nightmares!) with their chilling brutality and gruesome portrayals.

Gore tattoo lovers have always lined up to get their favorite characters tattooed on their bodies. However, donning one of these taboo tattoo designs can have a lot of meanings – maybe you’re a fan of the taboo character or the iconic horror franchise, maybe you just admire that you want to show your love for the horror genre or iconic evil characters. Or maybe you admire the madness of these characters, the way life pushes them over the edge until they topple over, then start to take matters into their own hands.

The Wicked Leprechaun Horror Taboo Tattoo

The wicked leprechaun horror taboo tattoo
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Part of Irish folklore, leprechauns are usually old men dressed up as jolly cobblers and singers. They are usually depicted with smoking pipes and glasses of beer, guarding pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. They are not necessarily evil, but there are many folklores where they are treated as sneaky and mischievous creatures. Then came the 1993 film “Leprechaun”, where Warwick Davis played the role of this dark, brutal and completely evil leprechaun who terrorized and murdered people. All the bloody and gruesome murders helped the taboo character fit right into the horror genre and develop his own cult. If you are a fan of the franchise, then this devilish and somewhat terrifying tattoo is perfect for you.

The taboo Ghostface Halloween-themed tattoo

The taboo ghostface halloween-themed tattoo
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Well, we’ve all watched one of the “Scream” movies, one way or another. For the uninitiated, this is a slasher movie where one of the characters murders people wearing a black balaclava and a white Ghostface mask. Each film ends with a classic twist revealing the identity of the murderer. This tattoo shows the taboo character holding his dagger in a Halloween themed postcard. Adding the familiar Halloween tropes such as carved pumpkins, bats and cobwebs adds to the flavor of the season and makes this a perfect tattoo for the horror festival.

The Realistic Hellraiser Pinhead Taboo Tattoo

The realistic hellraiser pinhead taboo tattoo
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The “Hellraiser” franchise debuted with its first installment in 1987. Since then, it has set the benchmark for nightmare film genres worldwide with its gruesome and gory portrayal of horror character Cenobite Pinhead. The terrifying villain, with his disturbing outfit, has left a permanent imprint on the minds of millions of pulp camp enthusiasts around the world. Fans are determined to keep the cult figure alive through ink work on their bodies and thus the huge demand for Pinhead tattoos. This taboo tattoo brilliantly portrays the character in his distinctive appearance, with the protruding pins and disturbing skin mask, realistically. The ink is sure to turn heads when you walk into the room putting it on.

Chucky doll’s gruesome taboo tattoo

Chucky doll's gruesome taboo tattoo
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Since the release of the first Chucky doll movie, “Child’s Play” in 1988, the evil doll has enjoyed growing popularity among horror tattoo enthusiasts. The premise is very intriguing, with serial killer Charles Lee Ray transforming his soul and conscience into the little doll, turning her into a pint-sized assassin. The cult of the killer doll has remained unwavering for decades with pulp camp fans lining up to get Chucky doll tattoos as if to permanently etch popular taboo characters into their minds and bodies. Even though the character is easily recognizable due to her very distinct features, Chucky doll tattoo designs are in abundance. However, the most popular Tattoo Design is of the doll sticking out of her skin. This Chucky doll Tattoo Design depicts the same, paired with terrifying eyes and an eerie smile that is sure to give anyone who sees it goosebumps.

Pennywise Clown Taboo Leg Tattoo

Pennywise clown taboo leg tattoo
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Any horror Tattoo Design list will be incomplete without incorporating at least a character or two written by the maestro of the genre, Stephen King. And what better to add to the list than the infamous killer clown, Pennywise! We know a lot of people who are terribly opposed to the idea of ​​a clown in general, let alone a fanatical clown spirit who prays over children. However, Pennywise’s popularity began with King’s writings being turned into a 1990 TV mini-series and peaked with the release of the new computer movie franchise that came out a few years ago. This Pennywise tattoo combines the terrifying face of the killer clown with the quintessential image of a boy holding a balloon with Pennywise’s face imprinted in it.

Scary Billy the Puppet Shoulder Tattoo

Scary billy the puppet shoulder tattoo
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Most of the taboo tattoo characters on this list scream brutality and gore as they slaughter their victims. However, few could top the barbarity shown by the antagonist of the “Saw” franchise – Billy the Puppet. The character quickly achieved a cult following that compelled producers to produce sequels even 15 years later, with the latest edition being “Spiral” released a few years ago. Horror and gore fans aligned with sporting inks inspired by the movies, with Billy the Puppet being a fan favorite. This taboo tattoo depicts Billy riding his famous red cycle as a giant representation of the puppet looms in the background.

The Taboo Horror Leatherface Grayscale Tattoo

The taboo horror leatherface grayscale tattoo
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2022 marks the 48th anniversary of one of the most controversial yet terrifying horror films of all time – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The gore and violence produced by the antagonist, a cannibal named Leatherface proved too much for much of the audience when the film was first released in 1974. As a result, many movie theaters were forced to stop screening the film due to ongoing public outrage and many countries have banned the film accused of promoting violence. Countries like Australia and Britain did not allow the film to be screened decades after its initial release, even after it was commercially successful. Still, many directors later admitted that they were influenced by many of the film’s horrors and cinematic aspects. Therefore, if you are aiming for a creepy and controversial tattoo, this grayscale leatherface tattoo is perfect for you.

The Hyper-Realistic Freddy Krueger Tabboo Tattoo

The hyper-realistic freddy krueger tabboo tattoo
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The antagonist of one of the most famous horror movie franchises of all time, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, Freddy Krueger was a murderous sociopath who preyed on teenagers in the fictional town of Springwood in the ‘Ohio. When he was murdered by a violent mob, his evil spirit continued to prey on innocent children in their dreams whose implications continued in the real world. Freddy became an instant hit among horror fans and has been featured in a number of sequels as well as a TV anthology miniseries. This vibrant tattoo depicts the taboo character in his usual elements, played by Robert Englund, donning the famous hat and protruding clawed gloves.

The terrifying taboo tattoo of Jason Voorhees

The terrifying taboo tattoo of jason voorhees
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Friday the 13th is famous among horror fans for being an inauspicious day of the year. The film franchise of the same name added to the ghosts with its portrayal of a masked killer out there to murder teenagers. The films portray Jason Voorhees as a troubled teenager who was bullied by classmates at his school. However, his mother’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back and turned him into a monstrous criminal murdering people. Jason wore a hockey mask to hide his facial deformities as well as his identity and the mask became a cult following among slasher movie fans. Fans adorned the tattoos of the masked killer with his multitude of weapons used to kill his victims, such as axes, machetes and various other tools. This Jason Voorhees tattoo depicts him wielding an ax beneath the large depiction of the iconic hockey mask.

The Taboo Tattoo of Michael Myers Grayscale Portrait

The taboo tattoo of michael myers grayscale portrait
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Michael Myers remains, without a doubt, one of the most iconic and terrifying evil characters ever to appear on the silver screen. Fans of the “Halloween” movie franchise say Myers is unparalleled when it comes to being evil and his mask is a chilling reminder of the cool, stoic composure he maintains while slaying his victims of cold blood. While there remain a multitude of variations when it comes to Michael Myers tattoos, the most common being photo-realistic, this particular design depicts Myers using classic ink colors, black and white. Go for this tattoo if you want to show your love for one of the scariest characters ever seen on the big screen!

While this specially curated list aims to include some of the best taboo characters seen on the big screen, it’s by no means exhaustive. Be sure to check out other examples, such as taboo tattoo anime characters and female taboo tattoo anime characters.

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