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If Anime Tattoos Are Your Thing, Watch This Sword Art Line Tattoo list of designs that you will find absolutely to your liking!

Sword art line tattoo
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Sword Art Online is one of the most popular Japanese anime series, adapted from a series of light novels by Reki Kawahara and Abec.

The plot mainly focuses on protagonists Kirito and Asuna in the near future while they are stuck in a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. It was the first and had a major impact on the global anime community with its story, artwork, and overall concept.

Ever since anime debuted in the heart of the entertainment industry, fans have been bombarding tattoo parlors for anime-themed tattoo ideas or tattoos of the characters they loved. more. It’s a proud statement to the world that you’re a nerd and that’s not a bad thing. Sword Art Online is one such popular series that has had this impact. There were thousands of fans who wanted Sword Art Online Symbol Tattoo Ideas, Minimalist Sword Tattoo Designs Ideas and Other Sword Tattoos, Sword Art Online Symbol Tattoo Designs Art, a Sword Art Online laughing coffin tattoo and even Sword Art Online face tattoo ideas.

It will be found that Sword Art Online tattoo designs are quite common among the fans. Sword Art Online lovers who have a knack for getting inked have also been seen proudly sporting the tattoo designs of protagonists Asuna and Kirito. You can also find Sword Art Online logo designs as well as the classic swords used by characters like Asuna, Kirito, Saber, etc.

Since Sword Art Online is so popular among fans, a tattoo of Asuna or a Sword Art Online tattoo of any other character is sure to be a conversation starter or turn heads, especially if you go to Comicon or any other Japanese convention. . A Sword Art Online tattoo will require a lot of skill and care should be taken to have it done in high end tattoo parlors with experienced tattoo artists. You can go for any Sword Art Online tattoo even if it is your first tattoo and if you don’t want to come across as a nerd, go for a minimalistic sword tattoo like the Excalibur Sword Art Online tattoo or a tattoo of Elucidator and Dark Repulser which are the swords used by Kirito in the game. This may be a subtle reference to Sword Art Online and one of the cool sword tattoo designs in the eyes of people who don’t watch it .

If you are looking for some of the most classic Sword Art Online tattoo designs and ideas, here is a well compiled list of some of the best Sword Art Online tattoos that you will absolutely adore.

Detailed Kirito and Asuna Sword Art Online Tattoo

Detailed kirito and asuna sword art online tattoo
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If you are looking for a detailed and colorful Sword Art Online tattoo of protagonists Asuna and Kirito, you will fall in love with the pure art that this tattoo is. It’s a perfect example of what Sword Art Online is really all about and it’s also a great representation of the fierce and beautiful dual characters of Kirito and Asuna. The partial color design of Asuna and Kirito also highlights the tattoo, which makes it more attractive. This tattoo requires very skilled hands and a lot of patience from the person doing it.

Partial Colored Sword Art Online Kirito Tattoo

Partial colored sword art online kirito tattoo
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Kazuto Kirigaya, who is more commonly referred to by his player name, Kirito in the series, is the protagonist of Sword Art Online. He is said to be one of the most popular characters among weebs and fans fell in love with his personality and also his undying love for Asuna. It’s only natural that fans of this awesome series would want to have a Kirito tattoo. Among most Kirito tattoos any Sword Art Online would want, this design is one of the best you will find. It is perfectly detailed with exceptional shading work. If you are going for a Sword Art Online tattoo sleeve, this is a good design to start with.

Minimalist sword art line tattoo of Kirito’s sword

Minimalist sword art line tattoo of kirito's sword
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Finger tattoos are trending due to their simplicity and appeal. A sword tattoo is quite common in this case. If you want to be subtle and not look like a nerd among your peers who don’t watch Sword Art Online, you can choose a tattoo like this. This tattoo of the long sword that Kirito used in the VR game is a minimalist design but perfect for reminding you how much this series has touched you. A finger tattoo of a sword also has a deeper meaning if you think about it.

Kirito Color Sword Art Line Tattoo

Kirito color sword art line tattoo
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If you are a fan of Sword Art Online, you cannot deny that Kirito is not only a character of great value and kindness, but also someone who is quite handsome. With his boyish features and dark gray eyes, he had certainly inadvertently charmed the female characters as well as his fans. If you’re smitten with Kirito and want to get his face tattooed, this detailed and colorful version of his face is sure to grab anyone’s attention for a while. Anime tattoos turn heads anyway, but this one will also make people fall in love with Kirito’s face.

Floral Tattoo Kirito And Asuna Sword Art Online Couples

Floral tattoo kirito and asuna sword art online couples
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Asuna and Kirito’s love story is one of the crown jewels of Sword Art Online’s plot. Most of the fans of this series have fallen in love with the love story shared by these two protagonists. It’s hard for weebs to even think of a Kirito without thinking of Asuna as well, because that’s how strong their bond is. If you are looking for an artistic, floral design featuring your favorite couple for your Sword Art Online tattoo, this tattoo design takes the cake. Whether in battle or peace, Kirito and Asuna have gone through it all hand in hand. This tattoo symbolizes their love and the strength of their bond.

Kirito and Asuna Sword Art Online Tattoo

Kirito and asuna sword art online tattoo
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Everyone wants a brave and smart boyfriend like Kirito who is not only attractive but loyal. Likewise, Asuna is also a highly sought-after character due to the beauty and strength of her love for Kirito. If you want a tattoo to remind you of the powerful love between two people, a Sword Art Online tattoo of Asuna and Kirito is a good design to choose.

SAO anime cross tattoo

Sao anime cross tattoo
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Sleeve tattoos are all the rage among weebs who love both anime and ink. It’s part of the sense of pride that comes with being a web. This colorful tattoo is ideal if you love many different anime series and Sword Art Online is also one of your favorites.

Kirito Minimalist Sword Art Line Tattoo

Kirito minimalist sword art line tattoo
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Kirito is a much in demand man in the world of Sword Art Online as well as among anime community webs around the world. This is one of the best tattoos if you want to go for a more minimalist design of your favorite character along with the two classic swords he wields.

Black and white sword art line tattoo of Kirito and Asuna

Black and white sword art line tattoo of kirito and asuna
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Although most of the female characters fall in love with Kirito in the series, his love for Asuna never wanes or diminishes. If you are a fan of this couple, a Kirito and Asuna couple tattoo is ideal for your taste. This tattoo is perfectly detailed with the two protagonists of the series dressed in their gaming attire and wielding their swords from the virtual reality game Sword Art Online. The design is the same that Abec had also designed for the original characters. If you are looking for a detailed black and white tattoo of these two lovebirds, you can opt for this design.

Kirito Color Sword Art Line Tattoo

Kirito color sword art line tattoos
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If you are a big fan of Kirito then you should definitely opt for this tattoo design. It’s a perfect choice for a Sword Art Online tattoo if you’re looking for a detailed version of Kiritio’s face with his classic sword, Elucidator, which had fans drooling because of the way Kirito wielded it. Due to the predominance of black color in Kirito’s design, fans usually opt for a black and white tattoo. But if you want color and want the tattoo to stand out and turn heads for all the right reasons, this design is a perfect choice.

Sword Art Online is not only a great starter tattoo idea for weebs and otakus, but also a great idea for people who want to use Sword Art Online tattoo sleeve. Be it black and white or color, Sword Art Online tattoo designs are sure to be pleasing to the eye due to their aesthetics which are ideal for a tattoo idea.

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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