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A Strength tattoo idea is an inspirational tattoo on a global scale. We have collected some of the best strength symbols for your amazing strength tattoos.

Strength tattoo
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For people who have gone through a difficult situation in life and those who need motivation, strength tattoos are the decision.

Not only do these strength tattoos symbolize the inner strength depicted on the skin, but they also provide emotional strength. These tattoo designs are unique and different for every individual.

Most people choose to get quotes from the popular choice while others ink their own passion. These strength tattoos are signs of artistry and bravery. It can be as simple as a letter, a word or a complete sentence. It can also be a specific symbol or number. This means that each strength tattoo is personal and shows their own feelings which can be described as animal tattoos, or religious tattoos, or spiritual tattoos, or love tattoos, or any type of tattoo design that represents both physical strength and personal strength.

Not only are strength tattoos easy for artists to draw, but the shape, size, and text of the tattoo can also be easily adjusted to your preference. Most of the time, simple jet black ink is used to draw forceful tattoos and various bright colors are avoided in order to emphasize the text more than the designs.

However, as simple as the design of the tattoo already is, the text is written in different fonts, large or small, as per the request of the client, which makes it unique and one of a kind. Not only are these strength tattoos motivating for the person who gets them, but they also evoke positivity and other upbeat meanings for its viewers.

Whether it’s lightning or bad luck, each tattoo has its own way of symbolizing strength.

We are happy to show you different strength tattoo designs that we have selected for you. You will definitely like them.

heartbeat tattoo

Heartbeat tattoo
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A very simple yet authentic way to depict a strength tattoo. Here the tattoo artist showed three different symbols and then some text. The first symbol used in this tattoo is that of a heart gradient with red inside. The red hue brings out the liveliness of the tattoo. It makes the tattoo more cheerful and bright.

The second symbol which has been joined in the middle is that of a heartbeat which has been drawn as a pure jet black hue. The third symbol of this strength tattoo is that of a cross which blends this tattoo more spiritualistic and meaningful.

In the end, the text that says strength was written at the end with the double line font to put more emphasis on it. This tattoo, although very simple and clear, contains various elements that say a lot about people. It has been tattooed in the forearm area to make it more visible. The three symbols are very important supplemented by the strength text at the end.

faith tattoo

Faith tattoo
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“Believe in yourself”, one of the most beloved phrases of all time is the main element of this tattoo. The tattoo itself says a lot about strength, positivity and motivation. The tattoo is all in the form of big bold text, making it visible.

Now, if you look straight into it, your attention will immediately be drawn to the red fonts that have been used in the tattoo. The red font letters are part of the existing black letters in the tattoo. The red letters say “Be You”. Although simple but a very powerful message is portrayed in this tattoo.

It motivates the person and also wants the person to retain their originality and authenticity. The use of red among black is very creative and thoughtful. The size of this tattoo is also an accent piece as it can easily grab attention.

The mystery tattoo

The mystery tattoo
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We named this tattoo the “Tattoo Of Mystery” because of its mysterious nature. This tattoo is like an image from a fictional book that has been engraved on someone’s skin. The tattoo is a huge frame inside of which is a queen riding a lion at the time of sunrise, which symbolizes that every day is a new beginning and every person is allowed to make new choices and every person is as important as the choices she makes. .

The frame has been decorated with flowers, ferns, vines and creepers to give it a dark and mysterious aura. The tattoo has been ideally done with jet black ink and there are various places where the ink has been shaded black and also light shaded.

Wherever the ink has been shaded, it gives a greyish encounter. The entire tattoo symbolizes strength and has been done on a shoulder patch covering the entire bicep area of ​​the woman. A must have for all fanfic lovers.

tarot card tattoo

Tarot card tattoo
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This title here is the “Tarot Card Tattoo” in which an image of a woman with a lion has been depicted together in a frame. The details like the Roman 8 in the upper left corner and the text denoting strength at the bottom have been well executed. There are roses surrounding the top and bottom card with leaves.

The detail of the map is remarkable as the border of the map has a small tear giving it a more realistic look. Not only does the image signify the meaning of the force behind it, but the text of the force makes it more obvious and clear.

The most classic black ink was used to make the tattoo. Another important detail to note is that the tattoo artist used the dot method to give this tattoo a more realistic approach and give it depth. This makes it more impactful and believable. One of our most beloved tattoos is this tarot card tattoo.

Infinity-Butterfly Tattoo

Infinity-butterfly tattoo
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This tattoo here is creativity mixed with philosophy. Not only does this tattoo give thematic motivational meaning by using the word strength as its center, but it also makes it more creative and meaningful by adding an infinity around the word strength.

The text and infinity have been surrounded by two beautiful butterflies making the tattoo more lively and joyful. This tattoo is more feminine and has quite a positive impact. The butterflies have been very well detailed and to make sure the butterflies are highlighted enough, the tattoo artist used blue ink to draw the butterflies which makes them more unique and creative. The font used in the tattoo is also very creative.

The classic black tattoo

The classic black tattoo
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Another simple tattoo that has been featured here is the classic black ink tattoo. Unlike the first suggestion we gave, this tattoo is different and its interpretation is also different. A freehand written tattoo in which the tattoo artist has drawn a freehand heart and then a graphic, continuing with the word strength.

The tattoo looks more or less like a signature and the placement of the tattoo is remarkable. The simplicity of this tattoo is what is attracting more and more attention and why people keep getting tattoos. This is one of our favorites and a great suggestion for all of you.

The Holy Cross

The holy cross
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A very unique way to portray a tattoo. In this strength tattoo, the first thing we see is a Roman date running vertically with big bold numbers. Then we move our attention to the cross which is the symbol of Jesus in the Christian religion that has been drawn; inside which the word strength has been placed as if it were part of the cross.

The tattoo gives a very bibliographic aspect which makes it more spiritual and motivating. The tattoo artist used bold dark lines to draw the cross horizontally and even the text in the same direction. The rest of the tattoo has also been done and jet black.

The path to positivity

The path to positivity
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Another tattoo with a bibliographic appearance but more like a map image. On the one hand we see that a portrait of a woman walking with a lion was made and the text used in this image is of “strength”. Another tattoo that was done that says “the lovers” was used to represent the divinity of humans and angels.

In the tattoo where it says strength, the tattoo artist used black ink with a dot structure, as well as the use of a VH line structure in which he created patterns in the horizontal and vertical directions , giving it a cleaner look. as appearance. Also, there has been use of light and dark shadows which add more depth to the tattoo. A simple yet mysterious tattoo.

The splash of colors

The splash of colors
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This tattoo here is a very creative take on a normal classic motivational tattoo we’ve seen so far. Even though the tattoo is very simple, the use of colors in this tattoo makes it more impactful and authentic.

The tattoo artist used various splashes of color as a background and above which he wrote the word “strength” using a figure of two birds sitting on a branch. The use of birds makes this tattoo higher as these animals are a symbol of freedom, positivity and power which goes well with the theme of the tattoo. Using colors as a background makes the tattoo more upbeat and fun.

Confession Tattoo

Confession tattoo
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Let’s end our list of suggestions with the most classic phrase used as a “strength tattoo” which is “Pain begets strength”. This tattoo confirms to people that everyone who is going through a hard time and suffering from pain is actually experiencing strength and bravery.

The tattoo artist has done enough justice by detailing each letter in this tattoo. The use of freehand cursive writing makes it more raw and authentic. The tattoo artist has once again used black ink giving it the accent it needs. The placement of the tattoo is on the chest area just below the collarbone which is a tempting place to put a motivational tattoo as it is more visible.

Not only will this tattoo motivate the person who gets it, but also everyone who sees it. One of our all-time favorite designs, so be sure to give it a try.

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Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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