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Are you looking for stomach tattoo men ideas? Here is a list of the best stomach tattoos for men that you will definitely fall in love with,

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Stomach tattoos are a wide variety of tattoo options.

The belly offers plenty of space for tattoos. This makes the stomach an ideal area for getting large, well-detailed tattoos.

Men’s tattoos are usually well detailed and with extensive shades. Some of the common places for tattoos for men are hip bones, upper body, chest, stomach, etc. Men love to get tattoos with good details and that make their body look good. Stomach tattoos are great because they help men cover up stretch marks and other imperfections in their appearance many times over. When a former fat person goes through a weight reduction process and regains a new shape after a long time, they usually get certain marks on their abdomen region. In such times, good stomach tattoos can be their savior by helping them out of a crucial and sensitive situation by literally taking care of their vulnerabilities.

Stomach tattoos are such that even people with a low tolerance for pain can also choose to get a stomach tattoo. So even beginners find the stomach a great place to get a tattoo. The degree of pain tolerance can be different in different bodies and the tattoo artist can play a major role in deciding what type of design a beginner should get tattooed.

Jesus stomach tattoo

Jesus stomach tattoo
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A tattoo of Jesus on the stomach, just above the navel. The tattoo is done in black and gray, using the skin as the base for the tattoo. Jesus looks up with his mouth gaping open and there is an expression of distress on his face. He wears a crown of leaves and thorns. A tattoo extending from the face to the neck of Jesus is drawn and the tattoo ends in a circular curve towards the neck. The tattoo above Jesus depicts a heart with four daggers on one side and a bouquet of roses wrapping the heart in a linear line. A few drops of blood oozing from the bleeding heart extending to the center of the Jesus tattoo. Whether or not you want to incorporate the heart design into your tattoo alongside Jesus is your personal choice.

cute owl stomach tattoo

Cute owl stomach tattoos
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This is an owl tattoo done just above the navel. The entire tattoo has been outlined with a thin thin black line. Every feather of the bird has been shown in great detail and the shading is meticulously done. The Tattoo Design has the letters above the owl, “Better to speak than die” in the Roman style. There is a branch with two leaves on opposite sides and a central round fruit attached to it, drawn near the back of the owl. A crescent moon also accompanies this branch. Owls are nocturnal creatures and this owl tattoo is perfect for anyone who can rock with this unique creature.

Eagle and snake stomach tattoo

Eagle and snake stomach tattoo
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This is a trippy tattoo consisting of an eagle and a snake. The eagle is in attack position and on its way to catch its prey. The snake looks in a defensive position, aggressively waiting to fight for its own life. There is a rising sun-like structure, inked in orange and black, in the background of the eagle, visible on three sides of the eagle.

The emotions and nature of the two animals in this hunting scene are very well represented in this tattoo. The color combination used is trippy and brings a cheerful vibe to the tattoo. The tattoo extends from the top of the stomach to the bottom of the belly, below the navel. If anyone is looking for a full stomach Tattoo Design then they should go for this tattoo.

Horse shoe magnet tattoo

Horse shoe magnet tattoo
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The first image is a horseshoe magnet tattoo with the tag “never lucky” attached. The tattoo is done on the side of the lower belly. The whole tattoo is done with black ink and there are designs drawn on the magnet body with dark edges.

The second tattoo is of two hands holding each other in a handshake style. The tattoo is very simple and done on the side of the upper stomach region. The two tattoos are done on opposite sides. This tattoo is done with dark black ink and has a thick outline.

Both tattoos are simple yet independent designs. One can do these tattoos separately as shown in the pictures or ask their tattoo artists to find a way to incorporate both designs into one tattoo.

Dance in a Ring Stomach Tattoo

Dance in a ring stomach tattoo
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This is a tattoo on the side of the stomach where a group of four girls or angles are dancing while holding hands, forming a circular ring. Each girl holds a different pose and each pose is equally stylish. This magnificent tattoo symbolizes the woman of the previous generation, her elegance and her beauty.

The tattoo is outlined by thin lines with minimal shading while the skin is used as the base of the tattoo. The tattoo is a reasonable size and covers the entire belly side. If you are a lover of classics, then this free-spirited, simple yet elegant classic tattoo is the perfect choice for you.

Modern realistic tattoo

Modern realistic tattoo
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This is a stomach ache tattoo that covers the entire stomach including parts of the navel. This is a tattoo of the New York landscape, including the buildings in the background, the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River, and also the Statue of Liberty with a twist. The tattoo is done with a lot of carefulness including details of planes, ships and clouds. The tattoo is made in three dimensions, which makes it very realistic.

This is a very good concealed tattoo on the stomach. The shading is extensive and detailed. This tattoo is ideal for people who have had tattoos before, as this tattoo covers a huge amount of skin, so the person must have a good tolerance for pain. If you are a Newyoker or someone who loves the city, this tattoo is a cherry on top cover up Tattoo Design for you.

Pulling fairy tattoo

Pulling fairy tattoo
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In this Tattoo Design, there is a little fairy with a gun in her hand and she is in a ready to attack position, aiming with the gun. The Tattoo Design also includes the number 1997 inked in the center of the stomach. The number is large and it is underlined but without shading. The fairy is drawn on the side of the stomach under the number font.

The fairy adorns a red dress and has a pair of cute little wings outstretched at the back. Otherwise, the entire tattoo is done in black. The global tattoo is very simple and can be done by anyone. One can change the number according to one’s wish or omit it as well.

Eyes in a circle tattoo

Eyes in a circle tattoo
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This is a tattoo of six eyes drawn in a circle. Two eyes have some sort of message inked in the inner circle while the other four eyes have a fireball-like design in the center. This is an innovative Tattoo Design done with the navel in the center. The two eyes with messages were done earlier and the other four eyes were added later. If you like the design but are not ready to go for all the pieces, you can opt for the two-eye suit. Otherwise, you can get the whole tattoo in the stomach area.

Japanese tribal tattoo on belly

Japanese tribal tattoo on belly
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This is a traditional Japanese mask Tattoo Design done on a man’s abdomen. Japanese women love masks and this tattoo is the symbol of that. The tattoo has a woman’s face, looking in disgust, and also has a dagger crossing her face. The design also has a rope with a bookmark attached to it. The shading is precise and detailed and the tattoo extends all over the belly. This is a perfect tattoo for someone looking for a traditional style men’s stomach tattoo.

simple skull stomach tattoo

Simple skull stomach tattoo
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This thin line tattoo is an innovative and creative tattoo idea. Although it does not symbolize one thing distinctly, it represents many cultures in a perfect way. The tattoo is done on the middle belly and has minimum shading. The design looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, making it a real treat for the eyes. Although the collective appearance of the tattoo suggests it’s a skeletal head, it’s actually a tiny landmass with strange thick tree branches. The branches have a spider hanging from its cobweb on one side and three hearts hanging from the other side. There are mushrooms and other herbs on the landmass which in this tattoo look like part of the landmass itself. If you are looking for a tattoo that represents art and is a bit different from the rest of the tattoo designs, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

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