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Did you know that the black upside-down heart shape in the deck of cards is called a spade? Interestingly, many people love spade tattoo ideas. Check out some of the best spades tattoos here!

Spade tattoo

The shovel symbol in four card suits was inspired by a French weapon called a “pique”, which is a spear used for self-defense in wars.

The spades symbol has been used for so long that it has come to represent many things. This is why it is essential to be familiar with the symbolism so that you can understand what a particular spades tattoo means and the sensitivities of spades tattoo owners.

In a deck of playing cards, a suit of spades is considered the most powerful. The ace of spades is considered the highest card in the playing cards, meaning it could win the game for its owner. Now you must be wondering what does a spade tattoo mean? The simplest meaning of the ace of spades tattoo is that the owner loves card games and considers himself the master of cards. Any specific number that accompanies the spade card represents its power.

In tarot card reading, drawing a spade card can mean that disturbing or mischievous events are about to occur. Spades also represent the noble class, which could signify an importance on social status in tarot card reading.

Spades also refer to digging tools that require hard work and strength. Since there is not enough representation for the working class in the world, many people get spade tattoos to honor the hard working working class.

Both men and women can get a spade tattoo since the spade is a unisex symbol. What is interesting is that sometimes even transgender people often get a shovel tattoo as a sign of pride.

Here are some cool spade tattoo ideas!

black spade tattoo with darker symbolism

Black spade tattoo with darker symbolism

The image in the link is of a spade tattoo filled with a skull. Here the meaning of the black shovel tattoo is dark – a skull and the shovels are pierced by a knife, with a drop of blood dripping inside the shovel. This is an old-school style colored spade tattoo with a sinister side to it as such designs mostly represent death. This is a very large male abdominal tattoo with the shovel symbol.

Spade tattoo with feminine design

Spade tattoo with feminine design

The spade tattoo in the image above is a black tattoo with a unique shape inked inside the tattoo, which is symmetrical. The style is a more feminine design without much meaning, but it is definitely a beautiful spade tattoo. However, men can also get this spade tattoo to show off their artistic side.

Ace Flamingo Tattoo

Ace flamingo tattoo

This image represents the tattoo of a shovel like the reflection of a flamingo falling on the water. Only the owner knows exactly what this spade tattoo means. Perhaps the idea behind this spade tattoo is to arouse the curiosity of the viewer as to the meaning behind this black spade tattoo.

Ace Of Spades Tattoo

Ace of spades tattoo

In this image, the owner of this tattoo probably considers himself an ace card, that is, the most perfect and powerful of all and who can achieve great things in life. The tattoo is inked entirely in black, leaving only the space where the letters are supposed to be. These spade tattoos are very popular within the card game community.

Ace Card Spades Tattoo Design

Ace card spades tattoo design

This is another example of an ace tattoo with spades and phrases inked on the palm. The owner has inked the words “born to lose / live to win”, which could symbolize the owner’s love for the game. For players, the specific card of an ace of spades is the ultimate game changer, which could make them win their gambling sport. This shovel tattoo shows their good mood for gambling and could mean their lucky number in card suits.

Joker Of Spades Tattoo

Joker of spades tattoo

This colorful tattoo depicts a joker of spades, which stands above the numbers in the ranking suits. The joker of spades has a bittersweet expression, with the words ‘guilt’ written in the background. This could portray the owner loves cards and their guilt associated with gambling addiction – they know it’s not good for them but they can’t let go. The spades tattoo design shows a rectangular playing card shape with two spades and the face of a joker.

Ear Spike Tattoo

Ear spike tattoo

The image inside the link shows an image of a spade ear tattoo. The shovel symbol is completely filled in black ink in a very simple style. A spade tattoo on the ear can be done by both men and women, as it is a unisex tattoo. This is one of the easiest tattoo designs out there, and any tattoo artist can create a shovel outline and fill it in with black ink. Such tattoos usually don’t take much time to do.

Black ink spade tattoo

Black ink spade tattoo

This is an image of a black ink filled spade tattoo with symmetrical designs inside. This is the most popular spade tattoo among card lovers. This is a very basic tattoo in black and you can never go wrong with such bohemian designs. This spade symbol will suit both genders as the overall look is neither too masculine nor too feminine.

Black and Dark Gray Pique Tattoo

Black and dark gray pique tattoo

This is a great example of a black and gray tattoo. It depicts a single eye inside a shovel shedding a tear. This tattoo can have many different meanings, most of which hint at some pretty dark images or meanings. As spades can symbolize death, it could signify the grief that accompanies the death of a loved one. The tattoo artist has done a great job capturing the eyes of the pikes that carry grief, making them look very realistic. This tattoo can be done on the arms or on the back of your leg, on the calf.

Spades Tattoo with a Twist

Spades tattoo with a twist

This is a very interesting spade tattoo, as it is very difficult to decipher its exact meaning. But that’s the beauty of any tattoo, it’s open to everyone’s interpretation based on the general experience of the tattoo owner. This excavator tattoo has strange surreal symbols inside that looks like the fetus of babies. There are two fetuses side by side in mirror symmetry, sharing one eye between them. The symbols in this spade tattoo can have different meanings, and probably the owner has a personal story or symbolism attached to it.

When ranking card suits, spades are the highest, which is why some people get spades tattooed to represent power, unlike other lower rankings on the deck of cards. Besides the links and images above, here are some of our recommendations on some spade tattoo designs that we hope you will like:

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