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Are you looking forward to getting a snake and flower tattoo? Then check out these fantastic snake and flower tattoos you must get!

Snake and flower tattoo
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Snakes have traditionally had a wide range of symbolic connotations, both positive and evil.

Snakes have symbolic meaning in many ancient societies and they appear frequently in ancient myths, folklore, mysticism and sacred teachings. The serpent has been depicted as a metaphor for evil throughout the centuries, but has also been seen as supportive, moral and benevolent.

The serpent, whether evil or good, is a force to be reckoned with. Snakes are among the most misunderstood animals on the planet. While some are dangerous to people, the vast majority are not known to bite people. They generally avoid confrontations with humans whenever they can. When a snake bites a human, it usually does so in retaliation. Indeed, the snake will generally feel threatened when it attacks. It only performs an attack to protect itself or feed itself. Usually, all species of snakes wait before striking and understand that perseverance will be rewarded when looking for prey.

Predators live in the shadows and only come out now to prey at dusk. Most snakebites occur just before sunset. There are many meanings behind snake tattoos, favorable and unfavorable. Security, Healthcare, Evolution, Lifespan, Learning, Understanding, Mystery, Strength, Control, Intellect, Seduction, Death, Resurrection, Consciousness, Tolerance, Harmony, Purification, Mercy or Structure: snake tattoos can be related to any of these concepts.

Nevertheless, in the end, your tattoo should symbolize everything you want it to convey. When the snake coils around a flower, it leads to the corruption of its innocence and elegance with its vicious nature. On the other hand, flowers also represent different emotions. They can represent vitality, beauty, passion and love. Sometimes a snake wrapped around a flower can represent overwhelming passion, seduction and corruption. Anywhere in the world, a detailed snake around a flower, for example a lotus flower, can be one of the best snake tattoos!

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing snake and flower tattoo designs:

Snake and red flowers tattoo

Snake and red flowers tattoo
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This snake and flower tattoo on the upper arm gives the snake a great look. The way the snake slides around the shoulder gives it a fantastic look. The snake is done with black ink and brings out the meaning of the snake and flower tattoo well. The snake’s tail is hidden by flowers made with red ink. The flowers at the tail are red only at the edges and do not cover the whole of the flowers. Every animal is afraid of the snake because of its vicious nature; however, the red flowers make the snake playful, and perhaps an animal will not be afraid of them if it sees the snake that way.

Snake and peony flower tattoo

Snake and peony flower tattoo
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It’s a pretty big tattoo. In this art tattoo, the animal is seen hiding behind a bouquet of peonies. The entire tattoo is drawn in black ink only. Even the flowers are marked in black ink except for a single stripe on the snake’s back, which is a bright red color. The tattoo artist probably chose this color to make the snake stand out and catch the eye of the person looking at it. The red color does a great job of showcasing the snake. Even though it is a snake coiled between the flowers, you can tell the snake from the flowers by the signature red stripe. This small snake tattoo is perfect for minimalists.

simple snake and flower tattoo

Simple snake and flower tattoo
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Snakes are the symbol of life and ferocity. It could be a meaning of difficulties you have faced in life, or an obstacle you have overcome in life, or new beginnings in your life. If you subscribe to a newsletter, you can get more of this popular tattoo design. This snake and flower tattoo design is impressive because it is simple and brings out the meaning you want it to show. A flower and snake tattoo would usually have a bold meaning and symbol. In different cultures they mean other things. In Christianity, snakes are considered the devil and bad luck because the snake tempted Eve to eat the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, that’s why Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden.

Dahlia flower and snake tattoo

Dahlia flower and snake tattoo
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In this tattoo art, the focus is more on floral art than snake tattoo. The tattoo artist makes the dahlias tall and beautiful with black ink while the snake is tiny and thin only to give meaning and not overpower the flower tattoos. Another popular tattoo design is the snake eating its tail. The snake eating or biting its tail can mean the end of everything or death and rebirth. In many cultures, such as ancient Egypt, the popular motif was that snakes represent healing. Even without vibrant color, the snake conveys a meaning that you would want it to show. The snake looks non-venomous. It would also be a great idea for excellent back tattoo designs.

Snake And Leaves Tattoo

Snake and leaves tattoo
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This snake tattoo design can easily cover your forearm. Even though the tattoo is black and white, it gives you a contemporary take on those with colorful tattoos. Snakes shed their skin during molting and grow because their skin does not grow with them. Snakes are known to be a symbol and meaning of good luck in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, snakes also have a meaning close to luck. The snake in this tattoo is surrounded by leaves and flower buds, but not the actual flowers that have bloomed. The snake can be seen creeping amongst the leaves in this tattoo. This tattoo can also be done as a snake chest tattoo.

#virgin flower and black snake tattoo

#virgin flower and black snake tattoo
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A snake tattoo is done on the stomach, but it can also be done on the chest. The tattoo shows a giant flower surrounded by smaller flowers. The lotus flower tattoo covers most of the huge snake tattoos done by the tattoo artist. There is only one snake in this tattoo which is the Scarlet Kingsnake. It is a snake feared by all because of its deadly nature. The snake’s head protrudes upwards and looks dangerous as it slips its tongue out.

Since the snake tattoo is so large, it is easy to make it as detailed as any snake tattoo. The snake coiled around the flowers also resembles the Chinese zodiac snake. The design used in this tattoo resembles a Japanese snake tattoo. This is a relatively simple snake tattoo and a realistic snake tattoo. This tattoo epitomizes what snake tattoo ideas should mean.

Small snake tattoos on flower branch

Small snake tattoos on flower branch
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A snake tattoo represents a bold tattoo. Such tattoo styles give your tattoos a bigger meaning and symbol. This tattoo uses a small snake and flower tattoo design. Snake and flower tattoo designs can be large or small depending on your preference. This tattoo is included in snake and flower tattoo ideas. A snake tattoo meaning can also be used as an ancient symbol. Simple snake tattoos like this look small and sweet on women. In Asian culture, two snakes are a symbol of health. Other elements that affect a snake tattoo should also be included in the tattoo.

snake and flower tattoo on wrist

Snake and flower tattoo on wrist
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This small snake tattoo is done on the rest. It looks both cute and dangerous as the snake coils around the branch where the flowers are growing. The flowers can be a rose tattoo or any flower of your choice that you relate to. The roses give an extra look of beauty to the tattoo and make it look prettier. A snake and flower tattoo for women would look great if the flower was a rose tattoo. The snake is an equivocal sign; it’s not just mean. Therefore, a snake coiled around a rose would not only have negative connotations, but it would also represent eternal life and embrace a passion for a profession.

Viper snake and flower tattoo

Viper snake and flower tattoo
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The snake drawn in this tattoo is a Japanese viper that looks dangerous and scary with its broad head and piercing eyes. The tattoo is done on this woman’s thigh and looks bright and gorgeous. The design of the tattoo is done diagonally and covers most of the thigh area to give the tattoo a clear and proper finish. The tattoo shows a snake hidden under flowers which looks beautiful even if done in black ink. The emergence of dynamic forces, the genius of all things that grow, is symbolized by a serpent coiled around a tree or other axial figure.

Snake and flower tattoo on upper arm

Snake and flower tattoo on upper arm
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This tattoo is done on the woman’s upper arm, which shows a snake above a bouquet of flowers and leaves, which are done with geometric designs. The snake has spots all over its skin. Near the head of the snake there is a circle made which is also near the tail area. The tattoo looks complete because of these two circles, which start and end the tattoo. The combination of snakes and flowers seems to be the most excellent emblem of seduction. The flowers represent naivety, while the serpent represents the devastation and damage of purity.

A snake and flower tattoo is unique and personal to each person. It should be different and memorable according to everyone’s taste and style. Here are some ideas that you can use to decide which tattoo suits you best.

  1. Don’t tread on me, tattoo
  2. Bird snake and flower tattoo
  3. snake and flower skull tattoo
  4. Snake Skeleton Tattoos

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