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Are you looking for the best tattoo designs? Check out these simple and small yin yang tattoo ideas that will suit you perfectly.

Small Yin Yang tattoo
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Yin Yang tattoos are very popular among young and old.

The origin of these types of tattoos can be traced back to the most ancient principles of Chinese philosophy and cosmology. It was first conceptualized by the Yin Yang school in ancient China around the 3rd century BCE.

The iconic and traditional Yin Yang symbol has deep and deep meaning. According to Western belief, the color white symbolizes good and purity, while black is recognized as evil, on the contrary, yin yang asserts that both colors are equally obligatory to achieve balance in life. According to the philosophy of yin and yang, two opposite things are continually attracted to each other. And due to the powerful meaning of yin and yang, it’s no surprise that many people continue to be influenced by the philosophy as well as the beauty behind it. A yin and yang tattoo also symbolizes unity in opposites as each half represents specific qualities. For example, yin, the black half embodies feminine energy, moon, darkness, even numbers, earth and feminine energy, on the other hand, yang, the white side is a symbol of the sun, male energy, light, sky and odd numbers.

It is interesting to note that Yin and Yang are inseparable; the two cannot remain without each other. The yin yang tattoo represents the ideas of completeness and wholeness, especially wholeness which ideally comes from balance. This type of ying-yang tattoo signifies being or wanting to be complete. Find out more about small yin and yang tattoo, small koi fish yin yang tattoo and other different and unique small yin yang tattoo designs that will mesmerize you and you can’t take your eyes off of you!

Small Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

Small Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo
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In Chinese culture, Koi fish represent the characteristics of courage, luck, perseverance, prosperity and abundance. Fish tattoos can be well defined as life lessons that we go through on our journeys through life. When it comes to the meaning of koi fish yin yang, it becomes apparent that there are many important connections between these two fish.

This koi fish tattoo also represents forces that move the world, the sky, and sometimes even us. Without making this tattoo too bold, shading can be used to add more vibrant colors instead of having an outright black fish. This tattoo design is popular among men and women. This great tattoo will enhance the look of your arm, thigh, back and even your chest.

Yin Yang Wrist Tattoo

Yin Yang Wrist Tattoo
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Yin represents earth while yang represents heaven. Similarly, Yin is night and darkness while yang is day. They are not just a symbol of balance, but they also remind us of the concept of limitation that nothing in nature is absolute and every body in this universe has a certain limit and end.

A simple yet delicate and classy yin yang tattoo idea looks more fabulous than many other smaller tattoos. If you want a tattoo design without extra details, this yin yang tattoo design is perfect for you. You can ink this minimalist approach, also with two fishes, on your fingers, behind the ear, upper back or any other part of your body.

Deconstructed Yin Yang Tattoo

Deconstructed Yin Yang Tattoo
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The next tattoo on the list is a deconstructed yin yang tattoo. By deconstructing the yin yang symbol, we admit a unique power that is inherent in each of the elements. Having this type of tattoo is a great idea for those who have a passion and want to deepen the symbolism and also want to highlight every part.

If you want to draw your yin yang tattoo with different elements and also want it to be different from the other classic yin yang symbol, you can opt for this deconstructed yin yang tattoo design. You can find out if your tattoo artist can create this tattoo idea using black soy ink. This particular art has five disparate elements that are ideally taken from the original and traditional yin yang symbol itself.

Yin Yang Lotus Flower Tattoos

Yin Yang Lotus Flower Tattoos
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One of the popular yin yang symbol combinations is with the lotus flower. It is a kind of matching tattoo where you can add embellishments like lotus flower or any other dot work. Flowers and yin yang increase the beauty of your tattoo. They can be inked as back tattoos.

One of the unique designs, yin yang lotus flower tattoos look stunning and cool when you ink it with colors like blue, white or any other amazing color of your choice. Since each type of flower has its own unique meaning, one can personally opt for the yin yang symbol with flowers, thus associating with the desired message.

Yin Yang Tree Of Life Tattoo

Yin Yang Tree Of Life Tattoo
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A yin yang tree of life tattoo is a cool and striking example of two spiritual and mystical symbols working in synergy with each other. The image of a tree in a tattoo speaks volumes about the importance of balance. It also reminds us that harmony and conformity in energy and strength bring about power and the ability to thrive and grow.

This tattoo tells us to accept and calmly embrace the binary of life, for example, to accept the highs with the lows, the joys with the challenges and difficulties, and the good times with the bad. This tattoo art can be painted on the wrist, hand, upper and lower back.

Yin Yang Aquatic Tattoos

Yin Yang Aquatic Tattoos
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Aquatic creatures like fish also represent the yin yang symbol. Because just as the light and dark parts of life are fluid, so is the flow of aquatic animals. One can use fine details, colors like blue and black and shadows to further personalize this tattoo.

There are many reasons why someone wants to ink aquatic yin yang tattoos. One can paint a beautiful and alluring canvas on the back with innovative yin yang tattoo arts and designs.

Yin Yang Band Tattoo

Yin Yang Band Tattoo
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The yin yang symbol band tattoo goes by many different names. There are wristband tattoos, bracelet tattoos, armband tattoos, etc. This band tattoo always allows you to have a kind of bracelet on you. This yin yang symbol tattoo is popular among men and women all over the world.

These Yin Yang Band tattoos are not necessarily Celtic designs, but create equally beautiful choices for arm bands and leg bands. If you want your tattoo to represent harmony and peace, then this yin yang symbol tattoo is not a bad choice. One can ink this band tattoo with black, blue and white ink to make it look more adorable.

Amazing Mysterious Yin Yang Tattoo

Amazing Mysterious Yin Yang Tattoo
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The yin yang symbol tattoo above is so mysterious. The floral yet geometric pattern of this yin yang symbol tattoo is a perfect example of fine art design. Red color having light and dark sides can be amazingly seen in this tattoo.

Women will love designing it, especially on the upper back. One can opt for any floral or mysterious tattoo design on the back. You can either ink a tiny but beautiful yin yang symbol to cover the small part of your upper back or a huge tattoo to cover the entire back area. If you are doing smaller or larger tattoos to add more life and vibrancy to your yin-yang tattoos, you are not wrong.

Scorpio Yin Yang Tattoos

Scorpio Yin Yang Tattoos
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Arachnids like scorpions have become the sought after symbol especially for men to tattoo. They represent fear and intimidation. A creature of fear, the scorpion also symbolizes strength, protection and loyalty.

Men usually want to ink this type of yin yang tattoo, big or small. If you are unsure which type of design to choose, you can always ask your tattoo artist for advice.

Matching Yin Yang Tattoo

Matching Yin Yang Tattoo
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As the yin-yang symbolizes two separate halves to form a whole, it is a great idea to match tattoos with someone else. You can split this sign tattoo in half and ink the side that represents you the most.

These types of yin yang tattoos are ideal for couples. A couple can celebrate their relationship by tattooing this type of matching yin yang tattoo.

People who want to get out of the monotony of their lives can ink any of the yin yang tattoos mentioned above to remind themselves of the free spirit and strength they have and to balance them. There are different categories of yin yang tattoo art that you can opt for. Check out the other yin yang tattoo ideas for yourself:

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