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Interested in getting a Pisces zodiac tattoo for your next ink? Keep reading to discover some of the best Pisces zodiac tattoo ideas along with their profound symbolism!

Small fish tattoo
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Pisces tattoos represent the duality in the character of people belonging to this zodiac.

The twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces, rules the period from February 19 to March 20. Popular symbols representing this zodiac include the two fishes swimming in the opposite direction, the Pisces constellation tattoo, and the Pisces glyph.

Pisces is deeply associated with the water element and represents its fluid nature. Therefore, incorporating waves into your Pisces tattoo simply enhances its symbolic meaning. According to Greek mythology, the two fish representing the zodiac lifted the shell holding newborn Aphrodite above the surface of the water. In another folklore, Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed into two fish to escape a monster. Thus, the mythological interpretation surrounding the zodiac sign makes it all the more fascinating. Here are some Pisces tattoo ideas you can check out before getting your next ink!

beautiful fish tattoo

Beautiful fish tattoo
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The stunning designs feature two vibrant fish swimming in the opposite direction associated with the Pisces constellation tattoo. The fish are finely detailed in a color gradient. One of the fish is inked in a gradient of red and pink beautifully blended together. The other is shaded in a gradient of blue and green to create contrast. The constellation tattoo is kept simple in thin lines. You can place this design under the rib cage like the one shown in the picture.

Beautiful pisces tattoos
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Both fish are inked using multiple color shades in this vibrant Tattoo Design. The tails are depicted in colorful streaks which accentuate the beauty of the design. The fins are subtly shaded with pink and blue hues. You can place this vibrant Pisces zodiac sign tattoo on your arm, shoulder or leg.

Pisces tattoo with stars

Pisces tattoo with stars
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The delicate Pisces tattoo combines the two fish with tiny stars and purple flowers on the skin of the wearer. The fish are shaded in an orange tint and finely detailed in red. Their small eyes are inked in a combination of black and white ink. The purple flowers are beautifully highlighted in black creating contrast. Moreover, the sparkling blue stars enhance the stunning visual of the Pisces Tattoo Design.

Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Pisces constellation tattoo
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The Pisces constellation tattoo is paired with two stunning black fish in this Tattoo Design. The scales of the black fish are highlighted in contrasting white ink. You can also represent the fish with tribal details to accentuate the dynamism of the design. Apart from your neck, you can ink this zodiac tattoo near your collarbone or upper arm where it will be easily visible.

Pisces Symbol Tattoo

Pisces symbol tattoo
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The Pisces glyph, denoted by the H-like symbol, is inked against a galaxy background in the drawing. The glyph is boldly inked in black. The galaxy in the backdrop beautifully enhances the charm of the design. You can pair your Pisces glyph zodiac symbol with constellation tattoos to further accentuate its meaning.

Pisces symbol tattoos
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The Pisces glyph inked behind the ear in a clean black line can be a great first tattoo idea. The minimalist details of this Pisces sign look elegant on the skin of the wearer. The two curves of the glyph represent the two fish, swimming in opposite directions and connected to each other by a band in the center. The symbol represents the tendency of people belonging to this zodiac to integrate both the material and ethereal world.

Vibrant Fish Tattoo

Vibrant fish tattoo
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Fish tattoos are extremely alluring with the stunning shade of colors used to depict them. Their multicolored scales have a white undertone that beautifully highlights the design. The tattoo artist has beautifully blended all the colors on the fish scales to create this stunning tattoo art on the skin of the wearer.

Vibrant fish tattoos
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The pair of fish are depicted in intense black ink near the wearer’s collarbone. The tiny splashes of color in the background accentuate the beauty of the design. The eyes of the fish are inked in white while the tails are shaded with subtle black streaks. You can also depict these black fishes with ocean waves to make your zodiac tattoo even more attractive.

Pisces Floral Tattoo

Pisces floral tattoo
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Fish swim in the opposite direction circling a beautiful pink water lily in this Tattoo Design. The fish are shaded in a blue ink gradient. The water lily petals have a subtle pink tint with a brown tint in the center. The water lily undoubtedly enhances the feminine appeal of the Pisces Tattoo Design. You can place this beautiful tattoo art anywhere on your skin according to your personal preference.

Pisces floral tattoos
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This stunning leg tattoo depicts a pair of koi fish circling a vibrant water lily. One of the koi fish is shaded in an orange hue with intricate detailing of its fin patterns in black. The other koi fish has a tint of red and pink on its scales. The realistic water lily detail in the center enhances the beauty of the design. The outer surface of the petals has a pink tint while its inner surface is shaded purple. The bright yellow details in the center illuminate the whole design. Additionally, the ocean waves provide a beautiful backdrop for the design.

Monochromatic Pisces Tattoo

Monochromatic pisces tattoo
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If you are looking for a simple Pisces tattoo featuring the two fishes, this one is for you! The sharp details of the black ink fish tattoos accentuate the visual of the Tattoo Design beautifully with its simplicity. The caudal fins are shaded in a grayish hue while their body scales are finely detailed in black. You can place this minimalist Pisces tattoo anywhere on your body.

Monochromatic fish tattoos
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Pairing fish tattoos with the yin yang symbol can be a thoughtful tattoo idea to represent your zodiac! The yin yang symbol is placed in the center of the two fish swimming in opposite directions. The entire design is depicted in black ink with stunning detail. The meaning associated with yin yang adds depth to the symbolism of the Pisces tattoo. According to Chinese philosophy, yin yang represents two opposing forces that are interconnected and create a perfect balance in the world. Likewise, the Pisces tattoo represents the duality of the human character.

Interesting Pisces Tattoo

Interesting pisces tattoo
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The design depicts a pair of golden fish inside a crystal ball. The fish are detailed in a golden hue with flecks of white ink that accentuate their shiny scales. The crystal ball certainly adds an air of mystery to the Pisces Tattoo Design. Perhaps it is associated with spirituality, fearlessness and knowledge. The crystal ball is often used for divination. Thus, it also represents the intuitive and psychic abilities of people born in this zodiac.

Interesting pisces tattoos
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The stunning design depicts the pair of fish with an hourglass tattoo. Both fish are subtly shaded in a blue and purple hue respectively. The attractive hourglass tattoo is colored in the watercolor technique depicting the night sky. The shining stars further accentuate the stunning detail of the night sky inside the hourglass. Perhaps the hourglass represents time and the cycle of life.

Pisces mermaid tattoo

Pisces mermaid tattoo
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You can opt for this beautiful Pisces tattoo represented by a pair of mermaids to add a touch of femininity to your design. The scales of the mermaid tattoos are beautifully inked in a blue tint and intricate detailing. The tapering end of the caudal fins are inked in a combination of yellow and black. You can place your Pisces mermaid tattoo on your arm, belly or leg where there is enough room to fill in the details.

Pisces mermaid tattoos
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Instead of opting for a pair of mermaids, you can simply ink a single mermaid tattoo to represent your zodiac. The stunning mermaid tattoo is inked in vibrant colors on the skin. Her sparkling blue eyes and thick blonde hair are truly beautiful to look at. The vibrant blue hue of its scales accentuates the beauty of the tattoo.

Pisces Birth Flower Tattoo

Pisces birth flower tattoo
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You can represent your zodiac by inking a stunning birth flower tattoo like the one shown in the picture. The Pisces birth flower is represented by pretty water lilies. Here, the flower is paired with a tranquil crescent moon tattoo on the skin of the wearer. The petals of the flowers are shaded red which fades to white in the center. The moon is kept simple in blue. Besides the moon, you can associate your birth flower with Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces.

Pisces birth flower tattoos
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The small Pisces wrist tattoo depicts the beautiful water lily. The subtle pink hue of its petals is beautifully inked on the skin. The water lily tattoo symbolizes elegance, innocence and a spiritual journey.

People born in this zodiac have emotional depth and believe in forming human bonds based on their intuitive senses. You can represent your Pisces zodiac sign using a number of popular symbols like the glyph, the pair of Pisces, the constellation, or the birth flower. You can also combine them to make your design even more attractive. Take a look at the following Pisces tattoo suggestion to inspire your next ink!

  1. Small Pisces woman tattoo of two geometric shaped fish tattooed on the shoulder
  2. Small Pisces male tattoo of water lily birth flower on back
  3. Small Pisces Fish Tattoo on Wrist
  4. Pisces tattoo small in bold lines on the arm
  5. Thin line tattoo of Pisces water sign on wrist
  6. Pisces sleeve tattoo in a vibrant hue
  7. monochrome minimalist fish tattoos on the back
  8. Beautiful Pisces Ankle Tattoos
  9. Tribal koi fish tattoos depicting the Pisces zodiac symbol
  10. Pisces zodiac tattoo inside the cosmos

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