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Derived from the word tatau, which means tapping sounds when using tools, simple tattooing for men has been practiced for a long time.

Simple tattoo for men ideas
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The origin of tattoos for men dates back over a thousand years, but it took some time to enter the mainstream world as an art form.

Tattoo culture was first popularized by sailors, criminals and mercenaries showing their fierce attitude and masculinity. With a shift in culture across the world, it slowly started to become an art form and was not only inked by the outcasts of society.

Whether you want to create something or commemorate a special event or draw lines or symbols on your skin, tattoos are the perfect choice. And if you’re going to be dipping your toes in this for the first time, what better way to start than with some simple tattoo ideas. You can always move on to more intricate and detailed tattoos later once you find your taste and inspiration.

Here is a list of simple nature men’s tattoo ideas for your first inking venture.

simple rose tattoo

Simple rose tattoo
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There is a misconception that rose tattoos are only loved and done by women and represent feminine traits. Incredible and versatile in nature, there are many attractive rose tattoo ideas that can be done by men. Choosing the color of these tattoos is very important because each rose color has unique characteristics. The prime location for this design is the arm, sleeves, forearm, neck, hand, chest, and back.

An immortal symbol of passion, love and remembrance, the design of the rose when done by a man represents courage, strength and nobility. For many guys, this is the first tattoo done on their body as a sign of love for the woman in their life. Few people add thorns and a stalk as a special effect but for many it is the symbol of sacrifice. Other traits represented by this tattoo are loyalty, fidelity, warmth, and friendship.

world globe tattoo for men

World globe tattoo for men
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Many guys choose to travel the world for adventure and consider it an ideal way to live their life. For them, inking this tattoo is the best option. They can be done as small, simple tattoo ideas for men with minimal shading and minimal lines and placed on the wrists, ankle and shoulders, or as mediums with realistic representations using ink black or colored.

Apart from travel, when done as a tribal pattern it can represent peace and harmony, when done with flowers it shows an endless connection with nature or it can also be done with a eagle that will demonstrate precision and royalty.

anchor tattoo

Anchor tattoo
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One of the simplest tattoo ideas is the anchor design which used to be famous among sailors and fishermen. They were believed to be inked by these men as a symbol of safety when traveling to bodies of water for a long time. They are mostly done in black ink, but nowadays bright colors are also used. The ideal choice of placement for these tattoos for men is the arm, neck and foot.

The ideas of strength and security that were associated with the anchor tattoo have now changed. Now the anchor tattoo is done as a symbol of hope and perseverance, where the anchor is the tool through which stability in life will be maintained. Few people also write the name of their loved ones or family to show the stable relationship they have with these people. The tattoo also demonstrates the meaning of conflict resolution and is a perfect choice to remind people not to rush into anything that can cause unwanted friction and conflict.

animal tattoo for men

Animal tattoo for men
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Animal tattoos for men are one of the basic and most common tattoo designs found around the world. They can be drawn in black or bright colors and range in size from medium to large.

The popular choice of animals for these tattoos include lion, eagle, wolf, bear and many more where they not only serve as a link between humanism and animalism but also represent power, strength, protection and perception according to the animals.

wave tattoo for men

Wave tattoo for men
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Wave designs are considered simple and cool tattoos for men that thrive in small tattoos as well as large ones. Both aesthetic and elegant, the wave can be made inside a circle, with scenarios, or using different techniques and the choice of inks ranges from black and white to different bright colors. The great choice of places to put this tattoo is arm, finger, wrist, shoulder, ankle, chest and back.

The constant movement of life is demonstrated by the continuous movement of the waves. One who has had hard times in life can also get a tattoo reminding them of how they overcame the turbulent times. The owner of the tattoo can also demonstrate their love for the ocean through this tattoo. Recently, Katsushika Hokusai’s “Under the Wave of Kanagawa” artwork has become one of the most requested tattoo designs for its meaningful yet simple look.

Name Tattoo

Name tattoo
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Name tattoos for men are one of the most basic designs and are mostly done in black ink. As the name suggests, the design consists of a name, which can be that of the person who tattooed it or someone who is their loved one like their children, father, mother or wife.

The forearm is the best place to get inked with this design, but other parts of the body can also be used as it doesn’t take up much space. This tattoo idea is also a great way to honor anyone who is highly valued in the tattoo artist’s life.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoo
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Considered one of the most customizable tattoo ideas, it can be inked on any part of the body. It can be done as a small tattoo on the wrist, ankle or finger, or as a large illustrated tattoo on the chest, forearm, calves and back. Representing the war on friendship, the arrow design is a great option and a quality tattoo done mostly in black ink.

Most tattoo artists believe that the origin of the idea of ​​tattooing can be traced back to the Native American people who used it as a hunting tool, protection and weapon. Now this can be done by someone to honor their ancestry with this tattoo or as a fashion statement. The design also reflects the idea of ​​struggle and triumph to achieve calm and peace.

Geometric Pattern Tattoo

Geometric pattern tattoo
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Sometimes done with a simple design and sometimes with an intricate style, geometric ideas for tattoos are gaining popularity lately. Starting small with minimal shading and using lines to go big with the different contents, this beauty job can be done on sleeves, chest, shoulders, wrists, calves and back. The inking material can be black or colored to make it more attractive.

Now, each shape in these geometric tattoo ideas for men has different meanings. As when a circle is used it represents the endless cycle of life, a triangle demonstrates creativity and harmony, and a square is considered the symbol of balance and stability. But when the triangle is made by someone who follows Christianity, it can represent the Holy Trinity. There are many other different designs that can be done alone or layered and the meaning can vary from universal to personal.

number tattoo for men

Number tattoo for men
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Mostly done as a small tattoo and in black ink, as the name suggests, the Tattoo Design consists of numbers. The numbers can be from the Roman numeral system or the Arabic numeral system and can be inked in any part of the body.

This simple tattoo mainly represents important dates with the use of numbers like birth dates, birthdays or they can represent the number of siblings in a family. They are cute, meaningful and cool and are popular with young men.

cross tattoo

Cross tattoo
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One of the simplest tattoo designs for men, its use began during the reign of Emperor Constantine even before Christianity adopted it. From this reign it was considered a sacred and spiritual symbol in both a physical and emotional way. Most men now prefer the design to be done in black ink and can range from a small tattoo on the wrist, ankle or neck to a large one on the chest, back, arms and calves.

Now the symbols of Christ and his sacrifice are commonly associated with this simple tattoo idea and are a source of inspiration and homage to Christianity. It can also reflect a few other ideas when combined with a few simple designs. As when made with an oval loop on top it represents Ankh, in Celtic mythology the cross with a circle behind it demonstrates hope and faith.

Since the dawn of tattoo history in some cultures, tattoos for men became very important as they symbolized the unique rite of passage demonstrating the idea of ​​a boy becoming a man.

Other designs that can be made if you are not satisfied with this listing are:

  • skull tattoo
  • leaf tattoo
  • mountain tattoo
  • chess tattoo
  • astronaut tattoo

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