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Listen ; this is your sign to show yourself some love. Here is a list of some of the simplest self-love tattoo ideas to help you appreciate yourself today!

Simple self love tattoo

Self-love is a big deal, but your self-love tattoos don’t have to be!

Self-love is the most crucial lesson we all strive to learn. Recognizing that you are truly amazing attracts all good things and gives you the boost to live a healthy life.

Romantic love has grown in abundance and is celebrated at almost every stage of life. But how far do we celebrate self-love? Self-love means accepting the person you are and loving it through and through. It is a form of self-care and taking care of your being to feel better every day.

Easier said than done, we know. But then what are self-love tattoos good for? Motivational tattoos like this allow you to portray the love you deserve. Body art is a great tool to honor our souls and bodies and express a deep sense of gratitude to our being. Above all, a self-love tattoo is a wonderful way to draw inspiration when you feel your self-esteem taking a hit. Ready for a new tattoo with deep meanings? These beautiful self-love tattoos will let you focus on yourself!

Self love tattoos with floral design

Self love tattoos with floral design

Starting with the act that feels rewarding and safe – a hug. This self-love tattoo is a visual representation of what we have all done at one time or another. Hugging can feel strange and lonely, but it’s a great reminder that no matter what, you have each other. The design is simply inked with delicate lines with little shading applied to the leaves for the minimalist in you.

Self love tattoos with floral design ideas

Likewise, this flower-headed figure enjoys a hug of respect and appreciation. The intricate flower patterns stand out against the simplicity of the figure. You can get these two inspirational ideas on your forearm or above the elbow and bask in the warmth of those hugs!

Unique Self Love Tattoo

Unique self love tattoo

Love yourself tattoos almost always feature a quote to ink a message of hope accompanying the aesthetic of a design. This self-love tattoo is here to remind you where all your passion and compassion lies – within yourself. The lettering is intentionally small to gently inspire self-care through art. You can swap out the intricate heart tattoo with a simpler outline for a fun little tattoo design.

Unique self love tattoo ideas

Self-affirmations work like magic. So why don’t you try whispering some sweet reminders while kissing? A tattoo like this will tell the truth when the world is too busy to stop you. The flowers further enliven the spirit of this self-love tattoo.

Inspirational Self Love Tattoos

Inspirational self love tattoos

A quote tattoo can certainly make a strong statement on your body, but sometimes it’s the subtleties that hit close to home. This pretty rainbow tattoo eliminates worries and plants multicolored flowers happily. The artist uses a thin liner with a careful hand and generous use of color to achieve such a delicate tattoo design.

Although seemingly simple, this self-love tattoo contains deep meanings. The idea is to forget about all the worries the world is trying to offload on you and cut ties with being in a perpetual state of anxiety. Whether you take care of your mental health through meditation or nature, letting go of tension becomes an integral part of self-love. Add a little sun in the corner of the design that reminds you of a cool morning when you are fearless and dare to be confident.

Do you like tattoo for a positive mood

Do you like tattoo for a positive mood

This quote tattoo jumps right to the message we’ve been getting for so long! To like. Yourself. First!

We rarely realize how much of our focus we are on showering love for friends and family that we have hardly any left for ourselves. So, before you forget yourself in the riddle of life, this simple lettering tattoo is here to remind you to address yourself first before embarking on the journey to the outer world. Such a powerful statement in solid black ink keeps the tattoo minimal and clutter free so you can express your spirit effortlessly on your skin!

Do you love heart tattoos for women

Do you love heart tattoos for women

There is nothing more appropriate than a heart tattoo expressing self-love. The beauty of this delicate tattoo lies in its meaning. Once inked on the skin, the tattoo will be a skillful reminder that you must pour the love you tend to bestow into your worthy heart which deserves huge credit for the amazing job it does.

Love heart tattoos ideas for women

You can also adopt two different colors to further heighten the beauty of these self-love tattoos. The interplay of black and red adds depth to the otherwise one-dimensional tattoo design. We suggest you place these powerful pieces of hope where you can easily see them and let them inspire you every day.

Decorative Self Love Tattoos

Decorative self love tattoos

Take your self-love tattoos forward with a beautifully adorned tattoo with meaning. This tattoo features a half profile of a human face transformed into butterfly wings. The tattoo is constructed entirely in black to adhere to the simple theme of these designs.

The fusion of a butterfly and a human is particularly notable for the meaningful connotations associated with the insect. Butterflies forever transform insects that are known to live beyond their obstacles in life and accept their bodies as they are. You can place these tattoos near your wrist or just above the elbow to allow for good exposure.

Creative Self Love Tattoos

Creative self love tattoos

Clearly, self-love tattoos are a rather tricky type of body art. But this design makes it even trickier with the use of the hand tattoo technique. The woman is drawn in a curled up position with her hair flowing to offset a background. The meaning of this tattoo could be an attempt to portray those lonely days when you spend time with yourself, recharging and rejuvenating yourself at your own pace.

Creative self love tattoos ideas

Here tattoo artist presents quirky yet meaningful inspiration for self-love tattoo ideas. The crossword design is inked entirely in black except for the focus word. These self-love tattoos look especially cool thanks to a completely off-the-body design.

Self Love Matching Tattoos

Self love matching tattoos

Matching self-love tattoos are a great choice if you and your BFF are looking for some cool ink inspiration! The design is as neat as it gets, with plain black outlines and lettering and the heart with the words ‘self-love’.

This tattoo design may seem contradictory when getting matching tattoos, but it will only make your pair confident and comfortable with yourself. If you know your worth and have the courage to show yourself exactly as you are, it means that you have achieved the greatest skill in life.

self love tattoos on hand

Self love tattoos on hand

A self-love tattoo on an imperfect area? Damn yes! This tattoo design features the quote tattoo on a body site that has circular tissue growth. Such a creative design not only highlights your acceptance of your body, but is also an intimidating reminder to the other person that you can wear your scars like a shield.

You can improvise your tattoos depending on the shape and extent of your scars. However, as always suggested, place these tattoos near your sight for the daily dose of self-love.

Self Love Tattoos for Guys

Self love tattoos for guys

Self-love tattoos know no gender boundaries. In fact, it is wrong to think that mental health issues are taboo for polite men. This self-love tattoo on the fingers strikes a balance between these two polar opposites.

The font is rather dangerous with its elongated and sharp lettering. The ghastly font followed by a smoky appearance meets personal care without you having to choose from a conventional feminine design.

Self-love tattoos are suitable for all ages and genders. They are a universal reminder of the basic need to love yourself before loving others. The list above shows a clear and easy way to inking this design. And if you think these tattoos don’t reflect your passion, feel free to choose the following suggestions and create your unique design:

  • Meaningful Heartbeat Tattoo
  • trust no one tattoo
  • I’m pretty tattooed
  • Love Yourself tattoo with an infinity sign
  • Self Love Club Tattoo

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