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Are you looking for a unique flower tattoo to express your love and admiration? So go ahead and check out these beautiful, simple carnation tattoo ideas!

Simple carnation tattoo
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If you are confused about the meaning of carnation flower, the answer is really very simple.

Carnations are mainly used to express someone’s love and respect. In addition to that, they are also the January birth flower tattoo.

Carnations have a long and beautiful history. They were considered the “flower of the gods” in ancient Greece and were also used for medicinal purposes. Since then, carnations have traveled the world and even become associated with the joyful occasion of Mother’s Day. Then-founder Ann Jarvis chose carnations as the official flower of the day since they were also her mother’s favourite. This flower also has Christian connotations attached to it. This is why carnation tattoos are very popular and many people choose to get carnation tattoos if they don’t want a rose tattoo.

If you want a flower tattoo that will definitely stand out in a crowd, you should definitely check out these cute carnation tattoos?

Tiny and Adorable Carnation Flower Tattoos

Tiny and adorable carnation flower tattoos
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Carnations can be used as a symbol for many different feelings such as undying love and fascination with someone. People also give carnations to express that they consider them distinct and special from all others. Besides that, you can also get a carnation tattoo if it means a lot to you.

However, if you are someone who subscribes to a more minimal and aesthetic style, then you should get a minimalist carnation tattoo as opposed to the larger and more intricate carnation tattoos. A simple carnation tattoo will also look very beautiful and attractive even from a distance.

Awesome Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas For People Born In January

Awesome birth month flower tattoo ideas for people born in january
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Carnation flowers symbolize love, admiration, affection and even fascination for someone special. You only offer carnations to those you consider special and different from others. However, a carnation flower is also associated with the month of January. So, if you were born in January, you can definitely get a carnation tattoo as it is the birth month flower. If you want people to know you were a proud Aquarius born in January, go ahead and get a simple carnation flower tattoo.

Beautiful Carnation Flower Bouquet Tattoo Designs

Beautiful carnation flower bouquet tattoo designs
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Red carnation flowers primarily represent love for someone you consider special and distinct from others. They can also be a sign of new beginnings and deep affection for a friend or family member. So, if you are looking for different carnation tattoo ideas, you can also choose different colors for the flowers. Many people also get flower bouquets tattooed to add to the beauty of their tattoo or enhance the design. A flower bouquet carnation tattoo will look really pretty if you don’t want just one carnation flower tattoo.

Pretty Carnation Flower Outline Tattoo Ideas

Pretty carnation flower outline tattoo ideas
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Carnations are truly special flowers as they symbolize pure love and respect. If you are looking for really simple and minimal carnation flower tattoo designs, the best idea would be to get a simple carnation tattoo outline. An outline tattoo is a style of tattoo where the tattoo artist draws only the outline of the figure in black ink and leaves the rest blank. An outline carnation tattoo would look amazing with all the intricate detailing of the flower petals. Therefore, you may want to consult excellent tattoo artists in the area who work very well with black ink.

Simple carnation tattoos that can be easily placed anywhere

Simple carnation tattoos that can be easily placed anywhere
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The best thing about flower tattoos is that you don’t have to worry about placement. Floral tattoos, including carnation or rose tattoos, can be easily placed anywhere on your body depending on the shape and size of the tattoo. Therefore, you can place your purple carnation tattoo, white carnations or pink carnation tattoo on your forearm, chest, collarbone, on your rib cage under your chest, thigh or even above of your ankle. You can also place it on your back just below your neck. The best thing about these tattoos is that they will look great no matter where you get them inked.

A rose tattoo is also very easy to put anywhere on your body. So if you are looking for rose tattoo designs for your next floral tattoo, check out these amazing little simple rose tattoo designs for a minimal rose tattoo idea!

Beautiful Carnation Tattoo Ideas to Express Your Love for Your Mom

Beautiful carnation tattoo ideas to express your love for your mom
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Carnation tattoos are also very popular for people who want to express their love for their mother. This flower becomes very popular around Mother’s Day because a red or pink carnation is perfect for showing your mother that you consider her special and unique. So, if you want a tattoo that expresses the motherly love you received from your mother, a traditional carnation tattoo design will be a great tattoo idea. After all, a red carnation flower tattoo symbolizes love in all its forms.

Aesthetic and Colorful Carnation Flower Tattoo Designs

Aesthetic and colorful carnation flower tattoo designs
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Carnations are known for their variety of colors such as pink carnations, purple carnations, yellow carnations, red carnations, and even blue carnations. Even though the red carnation is the most common variation, the other colors are also known to symbolize love, admiration, respect, attraction, and passion. So, if you want your carnation tattoo to really stand out, you should opt for a colorful tattoo rather than a monochromatic black color tattoo. You can ask your tattoo artist to draw white carnation tattoo, purple carnation tattoo, yellow carnation tattoo, red carnation tattoo or pink carnation tattoo on your body.

If you want colorful flower tattoos, you can also add a colorful carnation tattoo along with tattoos of other flowers. As seen in the photo above, the wearer has a bunch of flower tattoos on his chest. She also chose a beautiful pastel color palette that looks really aesthetically pleasing.

Cute carnation tattoo with heart pattern

Cute carnation tattoo with heart pattern
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A carnation is a beautiful flower that also serves as a symbol of love and admiration. Carnations are also the official birth month flower for those born in January. Carnations are also popular during Valentine’s Day for people who want to express their love to their partners or loved ones but don’t want to give them a rose. So if you’re looking for ideas for cute carnation tattoos, why not get one in the shape of a heart? After all, adding a heart design to your red, pink, white, purple or even yellow carnation flower tattoo will only make it cuter.

If you want to explore other flower tattoos that look very cute like the Japanese cherry blossom, check out the best cherry blossom tattoo ideas!

Simple Carnation Tattoo Ideas With Other Flowers

Simple carnation tattoo ideas with other flowers
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A floral tattoo design has always been extremely popular among men and women all over the world. After all, flower tattoos look really good on all skin tones. If you have chosen to get a carnation flower tattoo, you can also opt for other flower tattoos to go with it. You can add daffodil, daisy, rose tattoos or even a lotus flower tattoo with your purple carnations, white carnation tattoo or even your pink carnation tattoo. All these flowers have their own meaning and are a symbol of various positive human qualities like love and affection. So, if you want a simple flower tattoo but want it to symbolize strong feelings, you should make a beautiful floral tattoo combination in your own way.

Original and Unique Carnation Tattoo Designs

Original and unique carnation tattoo designs
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If you are looking for carnation tattoo ideas but don’t want to go for some of the more popular designs, why not opt ​​for an unconventional and unique tattoo? After all, we are free to be as creative as we want with our tattoos and can make additions or changes to them as we please. If you want a carnation tattoo but want it to be really unique, you can also take inspiration from the picture above. The wearer has a tattoo of a carnation flower with a skeleton hand wrapped around it. This can be a really cool and eye-catching tattoo idea. You can also ask for a snake and carnation tattoo which will be a symbol of love but will also have its own meaning.

People all over the world love getting flower tattoos because of the feelings and emotions they have signified since ancient times. So if you are looking for pretty flower tattoos but don’t want to go for a rose, why not get a beautiful simple carnation flower tattoo?

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