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Wondering what to wear when getting a side tattoo or how much does a side tattoo cost? Then look at some fun and fabulous tattoo ideas for your inspiration!

Side tattoo
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Side Tattoo is one of the most popular and renowned forms of body art nowadays.

The side tattoo is commonly referred to as “rib tattoos” or “rib tattoos” for example. The side tattoo is the type of tattoo that is comparatively more popular among women.

Side tattoos are a great option for people looking to get a long tattoo or a vertical tattoo. They are commonly called rib tattoos or rib tattoos because they are usually carved around the rib cage area. This does not mean that the side tattoo simply refers to the side rib tattoo; it is also used for side wrist tattoo, side face tattoo, side arm tattoo, side neck tattoo or cute little side breast tattoo. The side part of the body, especially the chest, is a great place to get inked. Not only does it have plenty of space, but it’s also covered in clothes most of the time, so you can get whatever design you want without fear. This makes it a great option and a popular choice for most people, especially women. You can get any design you want for yourself inked in secret. You can ink everything from the image of the animal, the bird, the world, the space, the feather to your inspiration, whatever you want! Side tattoos are a very popular choice for most people.

However, getting a tattoo on the side is more painful than getting a tattoo on another part of the body due to its location. That’s why most people don’t recommend it. However, these are highly recommended tattoos for women. Women are advised to wear a bikini top when going for a tattoo. Also, they shouldn’t wear a bra after getting one because initially rib tattoos are like open wounds.

The Ethnic Lady Tattoo

The ethnic lady tattoo
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For our first side tattoo design, we have this beautiful and mesmerizing piece of body art. The design is sophisticated. Black ink and dark themes are used to depict this lady in ethnic clothing. She seems to be wearing a saree or that other dress with a dupatta on her head. She also has jewels on her body, and she has joined hands like in ‘Namaste’. The design is larger and two additional round tattoo designs have been carved around the main image. The woman looks Indian, Hindu or Sikh, to be precise. There is also a Punjabi alphabet mentioned at the top. Black and white colors have been used in adequate proportion to show the depth of the art. This side tattoo design is truly commendable. The hard work and details are commendable. Apart from the main tattoo, the designs surrounding the tattoo are also unique, well detailed and really awesome. If you are interested in an ethnic tattoo or representing Indian or Punjabi culture, this side tattoo design comes highly recommended! You can also change it into rib tattoos for women.

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blood root tattoo

Blood root tattoo
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This delicate tattoo design is too hard to ignore. It is a simple yet very innovative tattoo design. The tattoo is spread over a large area and covers much of the side ribs and belly area. It basically includes different flower and leaf designs in different sizes. Black and gray ink has been used in a simple way to give it an elegant look. The image of the flowers as well as the leaves are carved and painted using thin lines. The use of thin lines enhances the shape of the flower which adds beauty to this tattoo. If you are looking for a great side tattoo that looks cute and simple, you have to check out this tattoo. This tattoo could be the missing piece you need! This is a very cool tattoo for women. You can also do it with your friends.

The side rib tattoo

The side rib tattoo
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This side rib tattoo is very simple yet very elegant. It is simply a message of inspiration or, more profoundly, an introduction of the body that carries it. It’s just a combination of four letter words saying “Wild Spirit, Soft Heart”. Beautiful and, at the same time, very unique, isn’t it? Such a west side tattoo with inspirational words or messages is very common these days. Having words or small pictures engraved on the side of your body has become a very popular choice these days. These words or images may have common meanings, or in other words, meanings that we can all identify with. Maybe you can also use words that mean something to you specifically and something that not everyone can relate to.

The wild side tattoo

The wild side tattoo
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This rib tattoo design will simply leave you in awe. It has this image of a crow sitting on the branch. It is not just a simple feather tattoo or a tattoo with an animal or a feather. This tattoo is dark and bold and has this amazing tattoo vibe around it. Although images of animals and feathers are common forms of tattoo art, this tattoo is very special. This side tattoo is not only hard to imagine but also very hard to create, an abstract design sculpted on your body part.

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korean tattoo

Korean tattoo
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This is a perfect example of a handwriting tattoo. This side tattoo has handwritten words engraved in the Korean language. Words are special, however; these are the names of Korean parents engraved by a child on his body. Although it looks so simple, this tattoo says a lot about the person. The love and respect he has for his parents and his language has been demonstrated by this simple Korean handwritten tattoo using any image! So if you are interested in these special and unique types of tattoos, check this one out and decide for yourself!

The leaf illustration tattoo

The leaf illustration tattoo
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This graceful work of art is hard to describe in words. Such a beautiful side tattoo is very rare to see. This small rib tattoo on the side of your chest looks simple and still very realistic. The use of different shades of green colors and the natural lines make it look incredibly real. This rib tattoo design is a must for anyone looking for a simple yet naturally realistic design. The green and white color used makes this tattoo very attractive, and also, the whole tattoo symbolizes both style, passion and also love for nature.

The lion head side tattoo

The lion head side tattoo
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This side tattoo work is amazing. The tattoo is actually huge. It has a lion’s head at the top, with a dark coat and a terrifying image of the grim reaper at the bottom. The details will blow your mind. Different shades of black and black ink have been used very effectively to execute this beautiful piece of body art. The tattoo is surrounded by this smoke effect around the main images. The lion looks furious and roars loudly while the clock showing one o’clock and the grim reaper staring at it facing its back looks petrifying. If you are indeed looking for a unique and somewhat dark tattoo illustration for the side area of ​​your body, your search will definitely end here!

The dragon frame tattoo

The dragon frame tattoo
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Here we have a nice and small side tattoo. It is actually a Korean dragon tattoo. The tattoo is a small sized black dragon tattoo carved on the side of the ribs. Black and red ink was used to carve the dragon and most likely a sun with it. It looks like the dragon, which has a really big and furious body, emerges from the dark clouds at sunset. The red round figure definitely represents the sun and looks very interesting overall. The dragon’s body has been amazingly sculpted with great detail. The dragon’s face looks angry, and the scales on its body are very elegant. This piece of art is admirable and recommended for those looking for a small and detailed unique piece of art.

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The crow and side piece tattoo

The crow and side piece tattoo
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This is the most fabulous side tattoo we have on this list and honestly one of my favorites. It is a traditional Japanese tattoo. This rib tattoo has an image of a black crow sitting on a branch of a blossoming tree surrounded by beautiful flowers and green leaves. This colorful side tattoo is really pretty and very attractive. Shades of black and shadows were used to paint the crow. While the branch was carved using brown and dark ink and fine lines. Different sizes of leaves and flowers have also been made along the branch. Dark and light shades of green and purple ink were used for the flowers and leaves. The flowers have these yellowish-orange centers, which are again very beautiful. Overall, the color and detail are amazing, and if you’re looking for those types of side artwork, this tattoo job might be the one you’re looking for! For more detailed work on such a tattoo, you need to find a good tattoo artist.

The butterfly life tattoo

The butterfly life tattoo
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As the name suggests, this is actually a cute butterfly side tattoo. This rib tattoo has two adorable butterflies. One butterfly has a side view while the other has a front view with its beautiful wings, which are spread out. Shades of black and gray are used to make this tattoo realistic. The tattoo is simple and very adorable. This piece of art is especially recommended for women or girls who are expecting to get a cute yet small new tattoo.

There are different tattoo ideas and tattoo designs to choose from, including various tattoo artists and tattoo needle sizes, but you can surely communicate in the room what you expect during the tattoo session. The rib area tattoo may be a bit painful, but the result will be pure beauty. A few tattoo recommendations from us that may not be too painful in ink:

  • A beautiful dream catcher symbolism.
  • A small tattoo, for example, forms with space.
  • Good night sleep tattoo
  • A feather tattoo.
  • A small bird.

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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