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If you can’t wait to get a tattoo that looks like your dream, here is a list of some flawless shooting star tattoos that can make your brain explode.

Shooting star tattoo
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A shooting star, or practically a meteor, is a small speck of dust from space that burns up to 65 to 135 km above the surface of the Earth as it dives at breathtaking speeds.

Shooting stars are generally considered wish granters. When you spot a shooting star and make a wish as it passes, chances are it will come true.

A shooting star tattoo is as symbolic as a tattoo can get. It is well known that you have to get a tattoo more than meets the eye. Getting meaningful tattoos adds value to the same while matching your aesthetic. When you’re a dreamer, can you think of anything that represents a dream better than a shooting star? Shooting star tattoos are the best symbols for a wisher, and a person likes to dream big and never hesitates to wish for more.

Getting a tattoo is not always the easiest task as it requires a lot of thought, and if you desire to get a shooting star tattoo, these shooting star tattoo designs can help you get your dream ink , and all other dreams will probably be supported by this star tattoo on your favorite part of your body!

The perfect shooting star collarbone tattoo

The perfect shooting star collarbone tattoo
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Honestly, there is no better and more beautiful part of a human body than a collarbone to get tattooed on. Tattoo ideas can be found everywhere, but finding designs that actually work for you can get tricky. This particular shooting star tattoo is one whose aesthetic is second to none. Having been designed on the most alluring part of the body, with three lines and five stars in different sizes, this tattoo has the ability to win a million hearts.

Not all tattoo designs are meant to be big. Small, sophisticated tattoos can do wonders for your first ink. This small shooting star tattoo is the best design for you, assuming you are a dreamer!

A Beautiful Messy Tattoo

A beautiful messy tattoo
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It’s not uncommon to hear someone call themselves a mess, and a tattoo it can represent that exact feeling, it’s the dream, isn’t it? It’s a feat for many people to manage to get their first ink exactly as planned. Shooting star tattoo designs aren’t hard to come by, but finding the perfect one is an interesting endeavor. A realistic shooting star tattoo is one that actually shows that all dreams are unsorted. Most dreams are messed up, but that doesn’t mean you should stop seeing them. This tattoo is the perfect representation that even unclear things can be immensely beautiful. This shooting star tattoo on your arm shows how things can perfectly make sense to you even if they don’t make sense to others. Your style should be your own choice and the feeling you get every time you see your tattoo should be irreplaceable.

A light and subtle shooting star tattoo

A light and subtle shooting star tattoo
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It is quite common for large tattoos with intricate designs to tease the brain and be desirable to look at. But at the same time, a shooting star tattoo design as simple as this can steal hearts without much effort. A straight line with a single star inked in the perfect spot, the side of the wrist, and styled giving a sense of hope, this tattoo has everything it takes to get a flawless tattoo. shooting star tattoo designs that you find here are meant to fulfill the purpose of your tattoo to help you become a dreamer.

The gigantic mystical tattoo with shooting stars

The gigantic mystical tattoo with shooting stars
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It’s wise to agree that not all huge tattoos give the best impressions, but this one sure does. This shooting star tattoo has several stars, but the best part about the star tattoo is that it doesn’t look congested for even a tiny second. For star tattoos, while a nautical star tattoo might have satisfied your love for geography, this large tattoo featuring flowers, an oak tree, a crow, clouds and a bunch of stars shooting in the sky is something special. The viewer knows what he sees in star tattoos, and the image created by this star tattoo design is not comparable to many other shooting star tattoos. the low.

The Most Sophisticated Shooting Star Tattoo Ever

The most sophisticated shooting star tattoo ever
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Not all shooting star tattoo designs are as polished as this one. The clear design, the pure image and the feeling of hope that this tattoo gives is exactly what one wants in a tattoo. Although size is not the most important factor when getting a tattoo, the small element of this tattoo gives it a unique aura. While a shooting star tattoo design that has three stars lined up in a pattern, each star being smaller than the first, represents the journey that has been made and gives beautiful meaning to the tattoo having the ability to show the trajectory of life, this simpler tattoo with a line and a small star at its top creates the purpose of life be delicate but unambiguous.

ankle star tattoo

Ankle star tattoo
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For some people, small tattoos are everything. Shooting star tattoos look pretty on almost any part of the body, and shooting star tattoos on the feet have a unique design in themselves. This ankle tattoo is the best representation of a small, glamorous tattoo. With two small stars and a single slightly larger star in front of the three lines, this shooting star tattoo can easily give your dreamy persona a boost.

The Lone Star Tattoo

The lone star tattoo
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A glamorous star atop a single straight line: doesn’t this design look like the logo of a posh company? An ideal shooting star tattoo studio can accomplish your goal of getting the perfect tattoo. With designs ranging from intricate to tiny and clear like this, whether it’s your brand logo or a tattoo for your arm, the meaning a shooting star can give you is not possible with many designs. The fact that this tattoo is done on the wrist adds color to it as well as its charming design.

moon and stars tattoo

Moon and stars tattoo
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The attractive galaxy tattoo has something that keeps our hearts. Generally speaking, the moon is seen as feminine, the sun as masculine, and the stars as children. When you see a tattoo with a moon and stars, it can mean that it depicts a woman with her children. But this is not always necessary; it can always be just aesthetic. If you receive a page full of shooting star tattoo designs, choosing one like this will work in your favor due to the attractive nature of this tattoo.

The Shooting Star Doodle Tattoo

The shooting star doodle tattoo
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Is it wise to be childish about your tattoo design? This is the wrong question. What matters is how you want your tattoo to look and nothing else. This cutest star doodle tattoo you can find with what appears to be stardust is the perfect choice for someone who wants a shooting star tattoo and wants a different twist. With the colorful glitter and three small stars, the art of this tattoo is not comparable to many. The reason why you chose this design can be clearly seen by seeing the childish touch of the tattoo due to the doodle design.

The perfect star tattoo with a sparkly touch

The perfect star tattoo with a sparkly touch
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Glitter makes everything better, and that’s a fact. This tattoo with the glitter surrounding it, the flawless shooting star and the little stars that add flavor to this tattoo that makes it magical.

A tattoo can be many things, including the prettiest thing on your body, and this one indeed has that ability. This design forces you to believe that tattoos can also be unfathomable.

Although it is known that a butterfly tattoo has the ability to represent faith and freedom by being the epitome of natural beauty, the meaning of the shooting star tattoo also becomes quite obvious when you look at what a shooting tattoo shows. These are a few tattoo ideas that must have given you a good idea of ​​how creative you can be with your shooting star tattoos.

Apart from the star tattoo mentioned above, you can find the ideas illustrated by the artists. Some of our personal design recommendations you might like:

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Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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