10 Best Shaving Kits For Men – Cheeks In Check 2023

Shaving kits for men are an essential part of any gentleman’s grooming routine. They can make a huge difference in the closeness and comfort of your shave, as well as help keep skin looking its best. When shopping for a shaving kit, start by considering the specific needs of your facial hair: long or short, thin or coarse. Using the right products for your type of hair will help ensure a better shave and lower chance of irritation or razor burn. Shave sets typically include multiple pieces, such as pre-shave oil, shaving cream/soap, aftershave balm or lotion for cooling and soothing skin afterwards. Investing in quality pieces like those from higher-end brands is typically worth it; these razor kits often offer long-term value and special benefits which enhance your overall shaving experience to maximize comfort.

Shaving kits for men

Shaving kits for men

Shaving kits come in all shapes and sizes but if you’re looking for the best of the best, one thing to keep in mind is that it should match your lifestyle and grooming routine. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be expensive. The Harry’s Shaving Kit includes everything you need and nothing more, while the Dollar Shave Club Razor Set is great for those who just want the basics. Either way, you’ll have a great shaving kit that supplies you with what you need and desire for a reasonable price.

Shaving kits for men can be a huge help when it comes to keeping your face mane under control. Harry’s offers the perfect solution with their Shaving Kit For Men, providing an easy and straightforward means of prepping yourself for a shave. The kit includes all you need to get the job done—a no-slip razor handle, three five-blade razors, Shave Gel from Harry’s, and a handy travel cover—ensuring that a gentleman’s grooming routine is met without any of the fuss. High quality materials within this bundle make sure that every shave is both easy and efficient, so try out Harry’s Shaving Kit for Men today!

Products Included: Handle, Three Blades, Shave Gel, Blade Cover | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Rubberized Handle, Great Gift

The safety razor was named as such because the only other shaving product on the market when it was invented was the straight razor. When covered with a cap, shaving with the double-edge blades characteristic of safety razors involved less of a learning curve than using a straight razor.

Western Razor Co’s safety razors are 100% made in America and involve a meticulous level of detail and care. The result is a simple product that’s designed to last a lifetime. The kit contains a handsome handle, 55 blades, and a Horween leather razor cover that would like nothing more than to be on display next to your sink.

Products Included: Razor, 55 Blades, Leather Razor Cover | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Longevity, 100% American Made

Though comparable in price, the Harry’s Shaving Kit edges out the Dollar Shave Club Razor Set, but only by a hair (pun only kinda-sorta intended). At your service: one diamond-patterned-grip handle, four blades, and one tube of Dollar Shave Club shave cream. And for a couple bucks less, you can forgo the shave cream and opt for the handle and three blades.

This is going to end up being the best shaving kit for men who aren’t fussy about their facial hair or beard grooming routine. The get in and get-out guy who doesn’t settle for poorly made products but also doesn’t want to spend a fortune on unnecessary materials or add-ons.

Products Included: Handle, Blades, Shave Cream | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Budget-friendly

A close, comfortable shave doesn’t have to come at a premium. That said, sometimes a splurge is totally worth it. Rockwell’s T2 is one of the best razors out there, and the luxurious kit that surrounds it is every bit as impressive. The weighty, double-edge, stainless steel blades harken back to the old-school shaving days, minus the old-school designs and processes. Also included in the kit are a shave brush, shave cream, a leather sheath, and replacement razors.

But what really sets this razor apart is the dial adjuster that allows you to customize your shave by twisting it to your desired setting. It’s a thoughtful touch that helps elevate the experience of shaving.

Products Included: Razor, Leather Sheath, Blades, Shave Cream, Brush | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Dial Adjuster For Multiple Shave Settings

Italian brand Proraso comes in with a shaving kit for men that’s perfect for stashing away in your carry-on and catching a flight. Something to note is that you’ll need to bring along your own favorite disposable or cartridge razor—both of which the TSA allows—but everything else you could possibly need during your trip is included.

Pre-shave cream, shaving cream, aftershave balm, and a boar bristle brush are all present and accounted for. And yes, all package sizes are smaller than the acceptable TSA limit of 3.4 ounces.

Products Included: Pre-shave Cream, Shaving Cream, Aftershave Balm, Brush| Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Travel Sizes

You’ve probably seen the Manscaped commercials and Instagram ads all over the place by now. But in case you’ve somehow missed them, they’re all about the fine art of shaving your balls without making a mess of the place.

And you know what? The Lawn Mower razor that comes in this Perfect Package 4.0 Kit does a pretty damn good job of that. Also included in the kit are a nail kit, hair and body wash, ball deodorant created with anti-chafing in mind, a toiletry bag, and of course, ball spray toner. You’ve been meaning to up your ball-spritz game anyway.

Products Included: Trimmer, Nail Kit, Hair/Body Wash, Anti-chafing Deodorant, Toner, Toiletry Bag | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Below-the-waist Grooming

A straight razor shave is a specific thing. A specific, lovely thing. If you’re confident enough in your skills and see enough benefit to adopting this niche style of shaving, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a silky smooth face and, if you’re doing it right, this beard kit from Islner Mile.

The straight razor itself comes with replacement stainless steel blades. Elsewhere in the kit, you’ve got beard shampoo, beard oil, a brush and comb, mustache scissors, a carrying case, an ebook of their Beard Bible, and a tin of beard balm (which is similar to beard butter but includes beeswax).

Products Included: Straight Razor, Beard Shampoo, Oil, Brush, Balm, Comb, Mustache Scissors, Beard Roller, Bag, Beard Bible eBook | Skin type: All | Special Feature: Multiple Products

A key difference between taking care of yourself in the general sense and actually coming up with a grooming routine is the products you use. There’s something about dipping a badger hair brush into a handsome stainless steel bowl filled with a thick, quality shave cream that just elevates the experience.

This brush set from Shaving Revolution will do just that. Included is a 100% natural badger hair brush, elegant shaving bowl with an equally elegant stand, and sandalwood-scented shaving soap to round out the experience.

Products Included: Brush, Shaving Soap, Bowl, Safety Stand | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: 100% Natural Badger Hair Brush

Think back to when you were first getting started shaving. Maybe you grew up watching your dad do it. Maybe you admired the deft, confident strokes of those post-shower guys in the Gillette commercials. Either way, you probably had one question in your mind all along. How the hell do they do that without cutting themselves?

We know, but a beginner may not. Which is why the best entry point might just be an electric trimmer to help the newbie get their bearings around the shaving process without making some of the most common shaving mistakes. Remington’s All-in-One Grooming Kit has an excellent reputation and comes with all the trimmers and guards a rookie shaver could ever need.

Products Included: Shaver, Trimmers, Combs, Bag | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Beginner-friendly

Speaking of electric trimmers and excellent reputations, the Philips Norelco Multigroomer is right up there with the best of them. Try as they might, some guys simply don’t care for traditional razors. Others prefer to add an electric trimmer to their existing stable of razors or to compliment a shaving subscription box.

Either way, if you’re going electric, this is the one you want in your face’s corner. It’s got a full metal motor to deliver maximum power, not to mention a steel-reinforced drive train. Kit-wise, you’ve got your nose trimmer, your extra-wide hair trimmer, and 13 guards for both beard and hair. Guards. So many guards.

Products Included: Electric Razor, Standard Trimmer, Detail Trimmer, Nose/Ear Trimmer, Extra-wide Hair Trimmer, Guards, Cleaning Brush, Bag | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Multiple Guard Options

Leponix has thrown everything but the bathroom sink into its multi-product shaving kit. You’ve got a nice-looking safety razor with 10 replacement blades, which feels important. But also (takes deep breath) sandalwood pre-shave oil and shaving cream, aftershave balm, a shaving brush and bowl, and a hilarious-looking shaving apron.

Sure, it would make a great gift for the guy who appreciates a quality shave but never seems to get anything nice for himself. But there should be nothing stopping you from plucking this kit up for yourself for the same reasons. Or because you’ve always wanted to suction cup an oversized apron to the mirror while you shave.

Products Included: Safety Razor, Replacement Blades, Pre-shave Oil, Shave Cream, Aftershave Balm, Brush, Bowl, Shaving Apron | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Includes Multiple Grooming Products

Which brings us to the mouthful that is King C. Gillette’s Complete Men’s Beard Care Gift Kit. Named after the ubiquitous shaving brand’s founder, King C. Gillette is a newer collection of razors and products that have been receiving high marks for good reason.

This would make for a crowd-pleasing birthday gift, holiday gift, office gift. You get it. Packaged handsomely are a beard and face wash, beard balm, beard oil, and shave gel. Rounding out the kit is a double edge safety razor and five blades. This is a premium product in the world of Gillette, so you’ll pay a few bucks more than for their standard products. Then again, how can you put a price on Uncle Ted’s face when he opens this thing?

Products Included: Razor, Blade Refills, Beard Wash, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Shave Gel | Skin Type: All | Special Feature: Great Gift

What To Look For In The Best Shaving Kit For Men 

Products included

From beard balms to physical and chemical exfoliators to razors designed specifically for shaving your head, shaving kits can include any number of products. Check out the complete contents of the men’s shaving kit before deciding which one is best for you.


The price of shaving kits is another consideration that tends to be all over the place. Some feature handles made of expensive materials that may or may not be worth it to you. Others use cheaper materials, which results in a cheaper shaving kit for men. Either way, the market is flooded with outstanding options.

Blade Type

Your tried-and-true blade type should come down to how the different types of razors feel on your face and whether or not they cause irritation. It may take some trial and error, but Western Razor Co offers some quality single-blade razors, while Harry’s makes a smooth, durable five-blade razor.

Final Verdict 

After trying out numerous shaving kits and evaluating them based on their performance, price, longevity, simplicity, and customer experience, the final verdict is in – Harry’s Shaving Kit is the clear winner. This no-frills set may seem basic at first glance but works like a charm to deliver a perfect shave every time with minimal fuss and outlay.

Even better news is that considering the premium quality and unbeatable results it offers, it comes at an accessible price. Not far behind in second is Dollar Shave Club’s Razor Set which also delivers great value for money and achieves a good, close shave thanks to its top class materials. As all savvy shoppers know, these two pint-sized powerhouses will help you achieve salon level results without taking up too much room in your bathroom cabinet or wallet!


1. What are the benefits of using a shaving kit?

The benefits of using a shaving kit include having all the necessary tools in one place, ensuring perfect quality shaves and reducing skin irritation due to quality products.

2. What should I look for when shopping for a shaving kit?

Look for kits that come with multiblade razors, top-of-the-line shave creams and balms, sharp blades, and high-quality aftershave lotions. Make sure to check reviews and compare prices to get the best value for your money.

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