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Looking for ideas to cover up your surgery scar? We bring you amazing scoliosis surgery scar tattoo ideas that can be attractive.

Scoliosis surgery scar tattoo
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Many people have had to endure emotional and physical trauma because of this major condition called scoliosis.

People diagnosed with scoliosis have a curvature of the spine that can be cured by physical therapy or surgery. With advances in science and technology, doctors have found a great cure for scoliosis, but it doesn’t help them deal with the emotional trauma.

After undergoing scoliosis surgery, a person may have a large or even a small scar on their back. Although it is important to have surgery, the scar is left for eternity on your back. There are different ways a person deals with the effects of scoliosis. While some people are good at accepting their condition and want to improve their scars, others like to cover up the scars, so they don’t remember any type of trauma they have suffered. A great way to keep all of this at bay is to get the scar tattoo. Tattoos can be of different types. It can be a floral or motivational tattoo that will help you through tough times.

Check out this list of amazing scoliosis scar tattoos and choose your favorite design now!

spine tattoo

Spine tattoo
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This design is one of the most beautiful and popular choices for covering the scar from scoliosis surgery. This design is visually interesting because the data artist has divided the spine into 2 areas. The top curvature is done in red ink and the bottom part was done in black. This beautifully defines the cough present in the person’s spinal cord. The tattoo artist used thin lines and a dotwork style to complete this design.

The tattoo starts from the nape of the neck and goes down to the lower back tracing the spine. As this is one of the larger designs, it may take more than one session to complete this tattoo. If you are planning to get a big tattoo to cover up your scoliosis car then this is something you can consider.

Botanical Tattoo

Botanical tattoo
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Scoliosis is a condition that is found mainly in young people. Sometimes this condition can be cured with physical therapy or surgery. However, sometimes the condition is so mild that there is no cure. Scoliosis plays a major role in your body posture. One way to visually correct posture is to get a tattoo so that you don’t see any deformity when looking at it from the outside. The tattoo artist did just that.

In this photo, you will notice that they have done a botanical tattoo from the left midsection of the person to the right shoulder. Since the design is placed diagonally, it pulls the elbow away from the spinal cord. The artist used shades of green and brown to complete this design. It’s a beautiful design; you can consider this for your next tattoo.

Motivational tattoo

Motivational tattoo
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There are many people in the world who suffer from this disease called scoliosis. Some undergo surgeries and some cases are so mild that they only need physical therapy. Even after going through physical therapy, there’s still that emotional charge that you can’t get rid of.

That’s why it’s a perfect motivational tattoo you made. This design shows the curved back of a woman. And there is a quote under the design saying “bent but not broken”. This beautiful design will give you the strength to face your condition. The tattoo artist created this design with black ink brush strokes. It’s a simple yet deeply meaningful design; you can definitely consider this for your next tattoo.

Lotus scar tattoo

Lotus scar tattoo
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When you opt for floral designs, you envision a few flowers including a rose, peony flower, and lotus. This design shows a lotus flower which is made at the nape of the neck and the stem of the lotus emphasizes the spinal cord to the lower back. A lotus flower represents a person’s desire to rise above all kinds of temptation and become a better person, just like this beautiful rose blooming from muddy water.

The tattoo artist used shades of dark and light pink for the Lotus petals and dark green for the stem. The stem is located to directly cover the scar from scoliosis surgery. This design is elegant and beautiful, and if you want something meaningful to cover your tattoo, this design is something you could opt for.

floral tattoo

Floral tattoo
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Scoliosis surgery usually leaves a scar on the back, which is permanent. Some people like to wear the scar with a lot of pride, but some people like to cover the scar with a tattoo that will represent their difficult phase.

This beautiful tattoo is a representation that the tattoo artist has recreated of the curvature of the person’s spine. They made the spinal cord with black ink and 2 flowers next to it, with red and yellow ink. This shows that the surgery was successful and their spine is no longer curved. This design may be small and simple, but it is deeply meaningful, and if you are someone who wants a scoliosis surgery scar tattoo, then this is something you should go for.

Archangel Tattoo

Archangel tattoo
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An Archangel tattoo is a very popular design. People usually get Archangel Michael tattoos because he is the leader of all the Archangels and also the one who brings courage, protection and guidance in people’s lives. This tattoo is the perfect way to cover up a scoliosis surgery scar as it shows that you have overcome something difficult in life and have shown courage.

The tattoo artist created this very beautiful design with a mixture of several different colors. The Archangel was done in black and white ink. To add to the richness of the design, the artist added shades of brown for the wings. It’s an incredibly detailed design and something you should definitely consider for your next tattoo.

Sunflower Motivational Tattoo

Sunflower motivational tattoo
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The sunflower is also a common tattoo, symbolizing luck, longevity and intelligence. Several cultures believe that having a sunflower tattoo will bring you great luck and happiness in life.

Everyone with scoliosis needs luck and happiness in their life. This beautiful design has a sunflower at the nape. The tattoo artist used a thin line of yellow and brown to create the flower. The rod that traces the spine down the back is not only a rod but also the words “bent but not broken”. The stem was made with black ink and some leaves were added to the drawing element. It is a simple, beautiful and meaningful tattoo that you can consider for your next body art.

spinal cord tattoo

Spinal cord tattoo
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This beautiful design traces the spinal cord from the name of the neck to the lower back. The tattoo artist tried to recreate the skeleton-like spinal cord as a tattoo. They used black and gray ink for the drawing. If you look closely, you can spot a curve right in the middle of the spinal cord, which is what causes scoliosis.

As this is a larger design, it may take more than one sitting to complete. The back region is not very sensitive though, as there is not much muscle just above the spinal cord. This tattoo can hurt a little. Not only does the statue have a very cool design, but it will also help you easily cover your scar.

rose tattoo

Rose tattoo
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Many people like to get tattoos to cover up their scoliosis surgery scar. However, some people like to show the scar very widely. But if you want to get a tattoo related to your scoliosis, then this is the perfect design for you. This tattoo consists of a rose; instead of a rose stem, there is a curved spinal cord. The entire tattoo was done with black and gray ink. It’s a small tattoo and a great way to spread awareness about scoliosis, as it’s not a rare condition.

Flying Bird Tattoo

Flying bird tattoo
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There are many reasons why people get flying birds tattoos. It could mean a lot of things, but it usually means the freedom to live your life the way you want. People with scoliosis have several issues to contend with including their posture, and after undergoing surgery you are somewhat of a free bird.

This tattoo represents that you are now free from the condition and can live the life you want. The tattoo artist created the bird with very fine strokes of black ink. The birds are spread all over your back in a car format, just like the spine is bent when you have scoliosis. This is a sweet and simple tattoo that you can consider for your next body art.

There are many designs you can use to cover your scoliosis surgery scar tattoo. We hope you like the designs we mentioned above. If you want to check out more templates, you can also check out the options below.

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