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If you want your body art to show off your Caribbean pride, flaunt it with the best Puerto Rican tattoo designs tinted in red, white and blue!

Puerto rican tattoo
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Puerto Rico has a rich culture that deserves to be celebrated.

The island’s rich heritage, stories that have passed through the ages, and Puerto Rican culture are all found in the Puerto Rican tattoos of the Taino people. They are either tinted with shades of red, blue, and white, or composed of the popular Puerto Rican Taino symbols; sometimes even both.

Wearing a tattoo of your country’s flag or one of your national emblems can be a great way to express your pride in your heritage. Puerto Rico is the most populous city in San Juan, where the Taino are extremely proud of their culture and heritage. This pride is found in body arts and is expressed in Puerto Rican tattoos. Puerto Ricans have enough reason to be proud of their land and their heritage. They have been under the rule of great world powers for centuries. Despite this, they have managed to ensure that their culture remains intact.

Puerto Rican tattoos have a few things in common. The tattoos follow a common color scheme, i.e. that of the Puerto Rican flag. Some of the common elements found in these Puerto Rican tattoos are religious icons of God like Sun God and Moon Goddess, Hibiscus, Lighthouse, Landscape, Coqui Frog, Turtles, Snakes , lizards, etc. Each symbol has its own meaning. This article will walk you through 10 great Puerto Rican tattoos that you can take to any tattoo studio in San Juan for reference and get your favorite design inked.

Puerto Rican themed half sleeve tattoo

Puerto rican themed half sleeve tattoo
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If you are a Boricua, this tattoo will be the perfect way to express your pride in your heritage. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the island has a rich history of trade and conflict. Lighthouses have a special meaning in Puerto Rican culture and they accentuate the beauty of the place. This tattoo beautifully highlights the importance of lighthouses and hibiscuses in Puerto Rican culture.

This tattoo looks great on the bicep and makes for a great half sleeve tattoo. The color of the Puerto Rican flag in the background adds to the feel of the tattoo and gives it a wholesome look. Make sure your tattoo artist does this work justice, and it will stay etched as a lifetime asset on your skin.

Skull colored in Puerto Rico flag color tattoo

Skull colored in puerto rico flag color tattoo
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Skull tattoos are extremely cool and versatile. You can experiment a lot with them. This is one of the best Taino tribal tattoos. If you want to get a skull tattoo that will tell stories about the Taino tribe, this tattoo is a must have for you! The image of this tattoo will resemble that of a skull tattoo with two crossed bones, which symbolizes danger or death, the only difference being that the bones are replaced by two tribal weapons.

The skull is colored in the colors of the Puerto Rican flag, i.e. red stripes, a blue triangle and the white star which represents the “Commonwealth”. You can ask your tattoo artist to tattoo it on any part of your body.

Jayuya and Atabey’s El Sol Tattoo

Jayuya and atabey's el sol tattoo
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Puerto Ricans also use Puerto Rico Taino symbols as tattoo designs. You will come across many tattoos that have religious symbols or symbols of gods. This tattoo depicts El Sol de Jayuya, who is the powerful sun god who provides longevity and strength to people and cultures. It also depicts Atabey, who is one of the supreme deities of the Taino people, representing fertility and sweet water. These Taino symbols are also found as petroglyphs.

This tattoo definitely has a sentiment attached to it. Taino people may want to get this design tattooed on their hands or chest. Since it consists of symbols of God, this Puerto Rican Taino symbol tattoo cannot be used on the legs or anywhere else on the body. This is, again, one of the most popular Taino tribal tattoos.

Taino symbols and hibiscus chest and sleeve tattoo

Taino symbols and hibiscus chest and sleeve tattoo
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Now, this is a tattoo that tattoo artists should be careful of when doing it. Taino tribal tattoos incorporate most of the components that have importance in the culture of Puerto Rico.

It runs down your chest and forms a half sleeve over your biceps. Looks like clothes, doesn’t it? This is the best tattoo that can convey your Puerto Rico pride display ideas! If you are the type of person who likes big tattoos, this tattoo is definitely your game. Find the best tattoo studio near you, request an appointment with the tattoo artist and work out your ideas.

Hibiscus Arm Tattoo

Hibiscus arm tattoo
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If you are a Boricua and looking for an ink design on your skin that will give vent to your Caribbean pride, this tattoo is small but a great idea. It has the design of the national flag of Puerto Rico and the hibiscus, which is the national flower of Puerto Rico. Both are very commonly used Taino symbols. You can probably walk to the tattoo studio and get that exact design replicated on your skin!

It’s like having a Puerto Rican flag tattoo without just a conventional flag. With red and blue hues, the tattoo looks very vibrant. Wear this artwork on your arm or any other exposed part of the body so that it remains visible. They are the best site for this kind of tattoo. The flag’s red stripes are symbols of bloodshed, the blue triangle represents the government of Puerto Rico, and the white stripes are a sign of freedom.

Puerto Rico shoulder tattoo

Puerto rico shoulder tattoo
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Want to add some creativity to your Puerto Rican flag tattoo? This tattoo will have splashes of the colors used in the Puerto Rican flag along with the Taino symbol of the Sun God, which is a sign of longevity and strength. You will often come across petroglyphs of this symbol in San Juan, showing its importance in Puerto Rican culture.

The design is simple and neat. This tattoo is perfect for those with buff shoulders. If you are a proud resident of the island of Puerto Rico, this is one of the symbolic Caribbean tattoos that will add meaning to your Boricua status. This is one of the simplest, yet most attractive Puerto Rican Taino tattoo designs.

Quirky Frog Tattoo Playing Puerto Rican Guitar

Quirky frog tattoo playing puerto rican guitar
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If you want to get an original Coqui Taino tattooed on your body, show this ink work to the tattoo studio and get it on your wrist! Your wrist will be one of the best sites to sport this cool tattoo. A Coqui frog is of immense importance in the country of Puerto Rico. It is an endangered species native to the people of Puerto Rico. It is for this reason that this animal is found in many Puerto Rican tattoos.

This coqui Taino tattoo has the image of a frog. The Coqui Taino frog holds a guitar painted in the colors of the national flag of Puerto Rico. Let’s all suppose the frog sings a song of triumph for the nation! You can’t help but adore this Puerto Rico tattoo!

Puerto Rico Minimalist Outline Tattoo

Puerto rico minimalist outline tattoo
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If you love minimalist designs, you can celebrate your love of the Caribbean with this tiny Puerto Rico tattoo that traces the outline of Puerto Rico. This is one of those Puerto Rican tattoos that can be incorporated on the hip, wrist, collarbone, arm, or any other part of the body. You can also choose to be experimental with the outline color and incorporate your ideas as desired.

All you have to do is go to the tattoo studio, talk to your tattoo artist, and have that design tattooed in no time. If you have been considering getting a tattoo for a long time but the pain factor is holding you back, this is one of the best first time tattoos.

Colored Rose in Shades of Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

Colored rose in shades of puerto rican flag tattoo
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A rose tattoo can never go out of style. This tattoo displays a rose colored in the colors of the Puerto Rican flag. Cool, isn’t it? What better way to express your pride and sense of belonging to your native land? Let the world witness your pride and integrity!

The design has been neat, it does not incorporate other symbols associated with Puerto Rican pride. This tattoo can be a perfect design to symbolize how Puerto Rico has evolved (or unfurled, like the petals of the rose) over time. These tattoos are unisex. Even tattoo artists will love making this design!

Floral design and frog calf tattoo

Floral design and frog calf tattoo
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You will love the detail provided by these tattoos! These tattoos are ideal for those who love large designs. Looking at the components incorporated in this tattoo, you will see a Coqui frog, symmetrical patterns and the image of a hibiscus.

This tattoo will look best on the calf muscle. It looks quite complete and will definitely catch a lot of eyeballs on you.

I hope this collection will guide you through popular Puerto Rican tattoo ideas. Depending on factors such as the location of the tattoo, your level of pain tolerance, and the meaning you want your tattoo to convey, consult the professional artist and get a tattoo!

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