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Do you like the solar system? If so, we have listed the best planet tattoo ideas for you that any true astrophile or cosmos lover will go ga-ga.

Planet tattoo
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Solar system tattoos are a new and innovative concept that is trending among astronomy and astrology lovers.

The planet tattoo is a great way to express one’s love for space and how one’s interests influence one’s personality. Planet tattoos are ageless and provide immense scope for innovation and creativity.

You can get a planet tattoo in many varieties, from a small planet tattoo to a full solar system tattoo, depending on the preferences of the participant and the services provided by the makers. You can check different sites for the price of different models.

The creator of the universe tattoo

The creator of the universe tattoo
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This micro realistic black and white tattoo is a perfect choice if you want a perfectly detailed space tattoo that makes sense. The main body of the tattoo is made up of an array of planetary phases inked in a semicircle below is a diagonally bisected sculptor that brings a touch of surrealism to this tattoo. A neat, perfectly detailed brain is tattooed into the sculptor’s chest inside a circle, several lines emerging from it that relate to a human figure. Attractive variations of shadow work create a 3D effect depicting perfect realism. The background is marked by elliptical and spherical lines with a thin geometric cross in the center. The purpose of the cross is to be an extension link that connects the eye to the main body of the tattoo. From the details of this planet tattoo itself, one can guess the skill of the tattoo artist. Although a micro realistic tattoo tends to fade faster than a traditional tattoo, the beauty of this work of art is definitely worth the risk.

An Individual’s Unique Planetary Network Tattoo

An individual's unique planetary network tattoo
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Each person has their own planetary order which is believed to affect them from birth to death. This tattoo is the planetary arrangement of a person giving a sense of individuality to the wearer of the tattoo. The planets are connected by spherical orbital lines and each planet receives a unique shading. This planet tattoo design can be reformed according to its own planetary arrangement. These custom tattoos are a very unique idea. So, if you believe in fate, this is the perfect space tattoo for you.

The mini universe hand tattoo

The mini universe hand tattoo
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This is a hand tattoo where the design is applied point by point with a single needle to push the ink under the skin. Marked by two cute little stars on both ends, this tattoo features a brightly shining mini sun, a lunar moon, and Saturn. The Sun, encircled by the equidistant assembly of dotted lines, is the careful work of an expert tattoo artist. In the center is the lunar shadow moon, joined in an abstract way to give the idea of ​​a full moon. Next in line is the Saturn in a lighter shade. The four diamond-shaped dotes separating each celestial body from the other are an innovative way to tie them all together in one design. The final touch is provided by the three points at the ends, aligned with the stars. Tattooed in black ink, this simple linear dotted tattoo is best done on the arm or lower leg as it will highlight those areas of the body.

The Nerdy Guardians of the Galaxy Tattoo

The nerdy guardians of the galaxy tattoo
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If you are a fan of Marvel, especially Groot and looking to get a tattoo of your favorite character, this is the one for you. For starters, it not only represents your love for the character, but it also goes deep with the connection to the galaxy. Four planets and stars in a clean and neat design with your favorite character, Groot, is definitely the one you can choose. Each planet has a neat design, from the small details on earth to the beautiful ring of Saturn. This planet tattoo design is definitely unisex and can be done on any part of your body.

The Blackwork Planetary Magic Book Tattoo

The blackwork planetary magic book tattoo
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This abstract tattoo is a mixture of magic and science. The shading technique makes the planets and stars look like they’ve come out of the book like a magic movie. The rich black dots pitted against a lighter black tint background along with the four distinct starts make this an eccentric example as a planet tattoo. If you are a fiction lover and looking for a planet tattoo design, this is the best for you.

Escape From Reality Dot Work Tattoo

Escape from reality dot work tattoo
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If you are looking for something to represent you and how you healed from a breakup, this tattoo is for you. A beautifully crafted hand with an arc and a planet with crisp, neat detail. The picturesque shading creating a 3D effect is what particularly attracts attention. The discoloration of the chunky wrist and the fine, intact finger work create dramatic effect. The tinting of fully filled dots at the junction of the hand and the planet acts as the link between the two, giving it a dreamy feel. So if you are someone who would like to get a tattoo as a reminder of your new self, that would be it.

The Authentic Planet Mandala Tattoo

The authentic planet mandala tattoo
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Mandalas are detailed geometric patterns or designs that often represent the cosmos or deities. This mandala planet tattoo is a contemporary design expertly inked on the upper side of the forearm. Planets of various shapes, sizes and axes are tattooed in a linear pattern with floral mandala designs essentially encircling the three central planets. The center is connected to the terminal planets on both sides by dotted lines. There is also a similar flower design on either side of the penultimate planets alternately. If you are looking for an ornamental style planet tattoo design, you can opt for this one without any hesitation.

The blue planet Neptune tattoo

The blue planet neptune tattoo
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This is the safest colorful planet tattoo you can get with a personalized meaning. Starting with dark blue on the far right and slowly fading to the left, with a shade of white and brown in the center and a tint of green on the spherical liner on the left, this planet tattoo shows off a rich variety of colors. It will look great if done on the end of the neck or wrist due to its small size, although it can be done on any part of the body. If you are ready to try colors but not very confident at the same time, this mini Neptune tattoo is the best choice for you.

The Saturn line work tattoo

The saturn line work tattoo
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If you are looking for a tattoo that represents your love for the universe, this is the one for you. This beautiful Saturn tattoo with a clean, sharp outline of the rectangle followed by other geometric lines. The small circle with dotted likes describes the orbit. Well don’t forget, the ring of Saturn with beautifully crafted details. If you want a tattoo that shows your deepest side, this is the one for you. This tattoo would look stunning on any part of your body, especially on your wrist.

The full body solar system tattoo

The full body solar system tattoo
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The sexiest planet tattoo design on the list definitely had to be saved for last. This colorful solar system tattoo can intrigue anyone at first sight with its bold use of color. The first planet Mercury is inked on the side of the chest continuing with Venus on the belly sideline and Earth on the hip. Tiny red Mars is inked on the upper thigh followed by mega Jupiter and Saturn. The Uranus and Neptune blues are done one after the other on the calf of the lower leg with the two mini sized dwarf planets extending to the upper ankle. This tattoo is designed for people who cherish their body and look forward to making bold decisions in life. So, if you are a person with a valiant personality and you are not afraid of color inking, this tattoo is for you.

As they say, we are the shining stars of our own world, should we delay getting our universe inked? Planet tattoos are timeless and no matter how long or how old you are, the excitement and mystery of these tattoos will remain forever. This is the time when the tattoo sitting on your body can determine what will be your next crush or your destiny because tattoos can speak louder than words. As the eternal history of tattooing begins. With this amazing list of fabulous planet tattoos, choosing your favorite type shouldn’t be a problem. Pick your type, customize or mix it up as you like, rush to your nearest tattoo artist and leave a mark. Happy inking!

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