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Are you finally taking the plunge and getting your first tattoo? Then you should definitely check out these awesome suggestions for the best place for the first tattoo!

Best places for the first tattoo
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If you have finally decided to get a tattoo for the first time, you must first think about the placement of the tattoo.

Not everyone can get every part of their body tattooed for the very first time. There are painful places on our body that should be considered before deciding to get our first tattoos.

Some of the most painful tattoo spots on our body that hurt a lot when we get hurt by tattoos include the ankle, wrist, fingers, and neck. Many of these areas have no fat between the skin and the bone, which makes the tattoo bite much more painful. These painful places also often have nerve endings directly under the skin, which makes ankle or wrist tattoos much more painful, especially for people who have not yet experienced how bad tattoos are. can hurt. So if you are thinking about the best place for a first tattoo, you have to carefully avoid the most painful places and look for the least painful places like your forearm, your thigh or your back.

So go ahead and check out these amazing tattoo ideas that will give you a clear idea of ​​where is the best place for a first tattoo!

Awesome Collarbone Tattoo Ideas for Your First Tattoo

Awesome collarbone tattoo ideas for your first tattoo
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If you decide to get a tattoo for the first time, you must plan carefully, otherwise you may regret the whole experience. We all can’t wait to get our first tattoos and we’re so excited about it. We choose the design for our first tattoo either by thinking about it a lot or by simply choosing it on a whim. However, if we do not consider the place where we put the tattoo, we can end up choosing a painful place that will hurt a lot. To avoid this experience, you should look for safe spaces where you can get your first tattoo.

One such place on your body would be the collarbone area. If you want to know where the best place is for a first tattoo on a woman, many tattoo artists will point you to the collarbone. Even though a collarbone tattoo has a high chance of fading early due to sun exposure, it’s still a great place for your first tattoo. Collarbone tattoos also look really dainty, delicate and feminine, so they look good on women. You can choose pretty patterns like flower bouquets and vine leaves.

Amazing Back Tattoo Designs For Newbies

Amazing back tattoo designs for newbies
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Although a tattoo along the spine is usually very painful, the back is usually a non-painful place to get a tattoo. If one is looking for the best place for a first male tattoo, a back tattoo would be a great idea. You can either get a small tattoo art or go for a bigger design if you want. You can even add colors to it like the wearer did in the image above.

If you are gradually getting more and more tattoos on your body and can handle the pain pretty well, then you should check out these awesome back tattoo designs for your next date. tattoo!

Awesome Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Your First Time

Awesome shoulder tattoo designs for your first time
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If you decide to get a tattoo for the first time, you might want to opt for a shoulder tattoo. Even though tattoo experiences can be subjective and each person may experience pain differently than others, most enthusiasts say that shoulder tattoos are relatively easier to get and don’t cause much pain. like ankle or wrist tattoos. Shoulder tattoos can also be easily covered using a shirt if you want a tattoo that you can hide easily in formal settings. You can then also reveal the tattoo by wearing a tank top. Besides that, if you are about to get your first shoulder tattoo, you might want to ask your tattoo artist to draw you a custom design that will suit you very well. After all, the placement of the tattoo can be very important to the final result and the look of the tattoo!

First Tattoo Ideas for Your Outer Thighs

First tattoo ideas for your outer thighs
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If one is looking for the best place to get a tattoo for the first time, the outer part of the thigh can be a suitable area. Compared to our inner thighs, our outer thighs are less sensitive to pain. So, if you’ve always looked at thigh tattoos, then this is your sign to go get one! A tattoo on your upper thigh will look great especially if you choose a beautiful design. Over time, you can also extend your thigh tattoo to the rest of your leg and create a stunning full leg tattoo. Some of the most popular designs for a thigh tattoo include floral tattoos, geometric patterns, and vine patterns.

cute stomach tattoo designs

Cute stomach tattoo designs
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Many people are ambivalent about the stomach being a good place for their first tattoos. Parts of the stomach, especially around the rib cage, can be very painful. However, some other parts of the stomach are suitable for tattooing and the process usually doesn’t hurt as much. If you want a stomach tattoo, you can take inspiration from the image above.

Beautiful forearm tattoos for your first time

Beautiful forearm tattoos for your first time
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The forearm is a great place for your first tattoo unlike your ankle, neck or wrist where it can hurt a lot. Tattoo placement is important to consider not only for the design and shape of the tattoo, but also for the pain the process may cause the wearer. If you’re a first-time tattoo enthusiast, most experts will agree that you’re experimenting with an area of ​​your body that usually hurts less. This way you can get an idea of ​​how much pain you can handle and then gradually increase your pain tolerance for your next tattoos. So if you are afraid of the pain of a tattoo but still want to have one, choose a nice design and ask your tattoo artist to place it on your forearm.

If you want awesome and unconventional tattoo designs, you have to see these tiger forearm tattoo ideas!

Bright and colorful tattoo designs for lovers

Bright and colorful tattoo designs for lovers
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The easiest way to elevate your little arm tattoos to pieces of beauty is to add color to them. A colorful forearm tattoo would look amazing even from a distance. You can either choose bright neon colors for your fun and quirky tattoo or a more subdued color palette for your floral tattoo. So, if you are looking for easy tattoo ideas that will also be very attractive, just get a colorful tattoo. These tattoos may take longer, but the end result is amazing.

Minimal forearm tattoos for people who like it simple

Minimal forearm tattoos for people who like it simple
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If you’re worried about tattoo placement for your first tattoo, the forearm will be a great choice. Compared to other parts of our body, forearm tattoos are the most popular choice among people. For your first tattoo, you can choose a smaller or minimal Tattoo Design rather than opting for a more elaborate and intricate tattoo. If you have a minimal aesthetic, you can choose cute little tattoo designs for your forearm.

Tattoos for the back of your arm

Tattoos for the back of your arm
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A popular choice for first tattoos is on the back of your arm. Unlike a wrist or chest tattoo, these back arm tattoos don’t hurt much. They’re also easy to hide if you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt. These tattoos are also not very easily visible and people can only catch a glimpse of them every now and then. So if you like the idea of ​​a cute tattoo that’s easy to conceal, you can get a tattoo on the back of your arm for the first time!

Cool Biceps Tattoo Designs For The First Tattoo

Cool biceps tattoo designs for the first tattoo
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If you’re worried about feeling a lot of pain for your first tattoo, you need to find the best places on your body where it doesn’t hurt too much. A tattoo on your upper arm, especially on your biceps, is a great idea for your first tattoo. Many tattoo artists specialize in arm tattoos. You can choose from a variety of designs such as hearts, animals and symbols from your favorite book, TV shows or movies.

None of us want to regret our first tattoos, especially since we look forward to them. So if you’re not sure what to expect from a tattoo, it’s wise to do a little research first on the best place for your first tattoo.

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