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These Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo ideas are perfect for fans of the film franchise. Check out these super cool tattoo ideas inspired by the show.

Pirates of the caribbean tattoo

The Pirates of the Caribbean series movies are a blockbuster and a favorite for many.

The film series has a huge following and has impacted many people’s lives. Every Pirate of the Caribbean fan has considered getting a tattoo inspired by the movie series.

Body art, as we all know, is a very personal thing. People choose tattoo ideas that have significant meaning in their life. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise began in 2003 and has had a huge impact on the lives of many people ever since. Fans of the film often get a tattoo that has some significance to the film, and it could be a character, the black pearl, dialogue, or something else entirely. The fun part of getting a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired tattoo is that you remember the movie and how it made you feel. We have compiled a list of tattoo ideas inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

Skeleton pirate tattoo

Skeleton pirate tattoo
@mikebiancoart via Instagram

When you watch Pirates of the Caribbean, do you remember the creepy skeleton, Jolly Roger? It was a favorite of many. If you want to get this Caribbean character tattoo, this tattoo art is perfect. It is a colorful tattoo and the colors have been placed in a very intricate way giving it a real life feel.

The color shading between green and yellow on the skeleton and the different shades of brown on the wheel has been done perfectly. Even the colors of the bandana have been blended so precisely. The blending of the color is what gives it a realistic look.

Disney x Jack Sparrow Tattoo

Disney x jack sparrow tattoo
@disney_and_potter_tattoo via Instagram

Are you a Disney fan? Captain Jack Sparrow is a very famous Disney character. If you are a Disney fan, this tattoo is perfect for you. This full sleeve double hand tattoo features all the favorite characters from the Disney franchise. Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, to cars have all been featured in this beautiful tattoo.

This beautiful tattoo has a lot of intricate work that requires a lot of patience and expertise to complete. This tattoo is for you if you want to show your love for Disney movies. Make sure to have it done by a professional artist to get the exact look.

Captain Jack Sparrow Tattoo

Captain jack sparrow tattoo
@patakota_ via Instagram

Captain Jack Sparrow is a legendary character played by the famous actor Johnny Depp. Captain Jack Sparrow is a legendary hacker in the pirate industry. The role was played in such a beautiful way that it mainly impacted the lives of people around the world.

This Jack Sparrow tattoo was done entirely using dot art. The funniest part of this tattoo is that everything was created using only dots. This gives the tattoo an edgy yet classy look that looks amazing. This pirate tattoo will go perfectly with any outfit you choose. You must consider this sparrow tattoo if you are a Jack Sparrow fan.

Ship in a bottle tattoo

Ship in a bottle tattoo
@biancas_tattoos via Instagram

Remember Black Pearl who sailed the sea and gave us the legendary movie series to enjoy? This pirate ship tattoo showcases the majestic ship sailing the river. It sits inside a glass jar and around the jar is the tentacle of an octopus. This beautiful piece of body art is a vital part that represents the movie for all movie connoisseurs. The black pearl was created with great precision.

The details of the tiny pirates of the caribbean tattoo ship are amazing. This is what sets this tattoo apart. The theme of the film has been presented ideally in the tattoo. The subtle background details of the tattoo are what make the tattoo stand out.

Nasty Davy Jones Tattoo

Nasty davy jones tattoo
@disney_and_potter_tattoo via Instagram

When we talk about the Pirates of the Caribbean, we can’t forget the villainous Davy Jones. This highly detailed character tattoo showcases the character perfectly. Every detail has been tattooed onto the skin making it look almost real. This new tattoo will look great with any look you choose.

You can also add color to the tattoo according to your links. The tattoo itself is a statement in itself.

3D Jack Sparrow Tattoo

3d jack sparrow tattoo
@immortalinktattoos via Instagram

Whenever we think of pirates, the first thing that comes to mind is Captain Jack Sparrow! Everyone knows the character just by name, and it’s an essential part of Caribbean movies. This tattoo of Jack Sparrow – played by Johnny Depp – looks almost real. The details on the tattoo have been done with great precision making it look 3D!

The meaning of the sparrow tattoo is very important for Pirates of the Caribbean fans. This sparrow tattoo can also be customized according to your taste. You can add any colors you like to enhance this Jack Sparrow tattoo.

medallion tattoo

Medallion tattoo
@tokieyo.ink via Instagram

Pirate tattoos mean nothing without their medallion. This Pirates of the Caribbean medallion tattoo is a symbol of the most famous series in the world. Each groove of the medallion has been created very finely. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant symbol for the series, this tattoo is for you. You can customize the tattoo if you want by adding colors.

3D Calypso Tattoo

3d calypso tattoo
@rosolinomonti_tattoo via Instagram

Are you looking for pirates of the caribbean tattoos? Well, then this beautiful portrait of Calypso is something you should get inked. The character Calypso was a powerful woman with stunning features. The tattoo is detailed and skillfully depicted by the artist. The meticulous work and the 3D effect of the tattoo add real depth to the virtual elements of the tattoo, which multiplies the beauty of the character.

This beautiful portrait will suit more or less any look you are looking for. You can also add a splash of color in the background to customize it to your liking. You can choose to get this portrait on your arm or your leg.

Dead men tattoo tell no tales

Dead men tattoo tell no tales
@houseofjudahtattoo via Instagram

The Dead men tell no tales was made in 2017. This part is known to have had a significant impact on people’s lives. Many people also claimed that this part was their favorite part of the series. The tattoo has the name of the movie written around the famous Caribbean medallion.

The medallion details have been beautifully shown. The gold and brown combination looks great and gives the tattoo a realistic look. The colors are gorgeous against all skin types. Pirate tattoos can often be difficult to choose, but this one is simple yet straightforward and shows your appreciation for the series.

Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Tattoo

Pirates of the caribbean skull tattoo
@_homearmy_ by Instagram

Whether you’re a fan of crossbones or the Pirates of the Caribbean series, skull tattoos have an aura of their own. This pirate skull tattoo symbolizes many things and can have its meaning too. It mainly features the pirate’s skull with some accessories. Blackbeard’s rough hair and jewelry exhibit strength and power, symbolizing typical wholesome pirate themes.

If you are looking for something bold and simple, you can definitely opt for this tattoo art. This tattoo will fit any style and give a sharp look. You can get tattooed in a variety of places like arms, neck, back, legs, and shoulders. It will look excellent and bold in any place.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a legendary movie series. It’s a favorite with many, and people are often so moved by the movie that they want to get tattooed with something that symbolizes the movie. We couldn’t resist adding a few more tattoo ideas to choose from.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo sleeve with all the characters.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean compass tattoo.
  • Full body tattoo of Jack Sparrow.
  • Detailed black pearl tattoo.
  • Animated Jack Sparrow tattoo.

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