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Are you fascinated by the Pharaoh’s horses? If you are looking for a pharaoh horses tattoo, this article will meet your need.

Pharaoh's horses tattoo

Since the beginning of the western era, there have been several symbols and signs that have been deeply etched in people’s minds.

Likewise, one of these symbols is the Pharaoh’s horses which have become one of the most sought after tattoo designs. The imagery of the pharaoh’s horses that turned into a tattoo today is taken from a popular painting.

Before getting a pharaoh horse tattoo, learn some additional information about them. Also known as the Horses of the Pharaoh’s Chariot, The Pharaoh’s Horses are the third most famous painting of the 19th century. This is an old school tattoo inspired by a painting that has been hanging for over three decades in the Ward House of Cobblestone Museum. It was a painting by John Frederick Herring in 1848. During his childhood, Herring developed a deep interest in painting. This famous painting was included in the book of Exodus while describing the ten plagues of Egypt.

The emergence of the 20th century gave a new meaning to the tattoo of the pharaoh’s horses and it quickly gained popularity. Behind the popularity of the tattoo, the only person who can be credited is Gus Wagner. There is an interesting biblical story behind these Pharaoh horses. In the Book of Exodus, the Hebrews were fleeing their slavery. Soon Pharaoh caught them from the Red Sea and set them free. As a result, Pharaoh was left with none of his entire army. However, the chariots that were sent to captivate the Hebrew slaves had water flowing into them and drowned. Generally, the symbol of Pharaoh’s horses represents the victory of the human spirit over oppression and bondage.

So what started out as a classic painting mentioned in the Bible, The Last Supper, the Book of Exodus, etc. quickly became popular as a horse head tattoo or a common horse tattoo, or a simple tattoo of Pharaoh, and that credit goes to Gus Wagner. Now that you have the additional information, it’s time to dig deeper into Pharaoh’s horse tattoo ideas. Let’s start.

Traditional pharaoh horse tattoo

Traditional pharaoh horse tattoo

The pharaoh’s horses tattoo signifying mankind’s struggle and eternal victory over all negative life forces is a great piece of tattoo that can be adorned on any part of the body. However, it is advisable to choose a location that leaves enough space to ink the three identical horses one after the other.

In this traditional pharaoh horse tattoo flash, there is a radiant sun in the background and a beautiful flower in the foreground, symbolizing the power of the image. The artist kept this old school tattoo in black, gray and orange to make it eye-catching. If you wish, you can add more than one flower to this tattoo. However, the flowers you choose to combine with a horse tattoo have a specific meaning attached to each one.

Black traditional pharaoh horse tattoo

Black traditional pharaoh horse tattoo

If you don’t like huge and overtly decorated tattoos but want to get tattoos of the traditional pharaoh’s horses, here is your solution. Take a look at this simple yet stylish horse tattoo. The tattoo artist only used black and gray ink to create the tattoo. In the tattoo industry, artists believe that even though you have more options, choosing simple images makes your tattoo stand out.

To highlight a sea reference to these horses, the tattoo artist here used the sea waves in the background. To complete the tattoo, the sign is tied in a frame-like design with a flower at the bottom. You can rock such tattoos on your back or chest.

Fiery traditional horse tattoo

Fiery traditional horse tattoo

If you’re looking for more options, we don’t want to disappoint you. The true meaning of a Pharaoh horse tattoo is the struggle the human race is fighting to emerge victorious. Moreover, these horses with their manes flowing backwards in full force represent the glorious victory which mankind enjoys after the rigorous struggle.

Therefore, if you have struggled a lot in your life and achieved something great, then this tattoo sign is for you. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist deliberately used the flames of fire as a background to show the rage and anxiety you went through to enjoy better days.

Colored Chest Pharaoh Horses Tattoo

Colored chest pharaoh horses tattoo

If you are ready to get a huge tattoo covering your chest and belly, this horse tattoo is for you. The way the tattoo artist highlighted the details of the tattoo is worth noticing. The artist used the right images and signs in the right place to emphasize the good quality of the tattoo.

To accentuate the tattoo design, relevant flowers are used. Although there are more options when it comes to animal tattoos, the horse is chosen by many people for obvious reasons. In the tattoo world, the horse tattoo is a symbol of strength and freedom. However, the meaning of this horseshoe tattoo differs from culture to culture.

Heart shaped traditional horse tattoo

Heart shaped traditional horse tattoo

Not everyone prefers common tattoo designs. Tattoo artists who provide tattoo services receive several clients every day who are always looking for original designs. Flowers, leaves, quotes, fonts, etc. are common tattoo symbols that you will find on almost every tattoo wearer.

However, if you need to get noticed in front of many people, you need to add a few things that will make you stand out. In this tattoo, the three horses are placed together inside a heart shape. The heart was formed with barbed wire. It’s a clear indication of the struggle you’ve had in life to achieve greatness. Also, it highlights your closeness to the journey you have taken.

Back tattoo with triple horses and eagle

Back tattoo with triple horses and eagle

Have you ever thought about getting a full back tattoo? Well, in general, men are fascinated by large back tattoos. However, there is no particular tattoo design that is specifically used for men or women. If you prefer back tattoos, here is one for you.

If you notice this huge back tattoo, you will see that not only does it have the pharaoh’s horses, but also an eagle soaring high in the sky and a serpent at the very bottom. With the snake being the symbol of transformation and the soaring eagle representing reaching new heights, this tattoo can be inked to represent the tedious journey you had to go through to put things together in life.

Classic horseshoe tattoo

Classic horseshoe tattoo

Not all tattoo artists or tattoo parlors offer you quality tattoos. If you want a good quality tattoo, you have to spend a few extra dollars behind it. Take a look at this amazing horseshoe design. The three faces of the horse are correctly placed and spaced in the horseshoe.

In the tattoo world, a horse tattoo represents grace, bravery, camaraderie, and beauty. However, there is the difference in meaning with different colors of horses. While a white horse represents nobility, a black horse represents death. To create the heavy shading of this tattoo, the tattoo artist used double rounded needles.

Traditional Horse Rose Tattoo Flash

Traditional horse rose tattoo flash

Do you grieve deeply over someone’s death? Have you experienced a death that affected you mentally and emotionally? If you have lost someone very close, this triple horse tattoo is for you. Generally, Pharaoh’s horses symbolize the struggle one leads to achieve something great in life and the victory that comes with it.

In this case, the meaning is slightly different. When you have black horses inked on your body, it means death. So, if someone very close to you has left you all alone in this world and it has marked you deeply, this horse flash tattoo is for you. Although the symbolism is traditional, the way the tattoo has been inked gives it real artistic meaning.

Conventional Vase Tattoo with Pharaoh’s Horse and Crying Face

Conventional vase tattoo with pharaoh's horse and crying face

It is more of a memorial tattoo than a festive tattoo. Not everyone can face death. There are people who are hit hard by the death of loved ones. If you belong to this category, this flower vase tattoo with images of Pharaoh horses is for you. The rose fixed on the vase has the face of a lady with a tear falling from her eye. This sad face of a woman emerging from the midst of a rose can have two distinct meanings – one is that of unrequited love, while the other is that of the sudden or unexpected demise of a loved one.

The traditional old school horse tattoo on the hips

The traditional old school horse tattoo on the hips

If you want to get a traditional tattoo design that would enhance your sexual appeal, this hip tattoo is perfect for you. The bright and bold colors of the horse tattoo make it all the more appealing. This tattoo is sure to capture the attention of many, especially when you wear a bikini and flaunt it to the fullest.

Now that you’ve gone through the Pharaoh’s horse tattoos, it’s time to get yourself one. Make sure you get it in the right place on your body. Also, since this is a large tattoo design, you should choose a part of your body that has enough space to complete this design.

Below are some horse tattoo suggestions you can follow:

  • Colorful horse leg tattoo
  • Horse tattoo with human connection
  • Horse Tribal Tattoo
  • Realistic horse tattoo design on arm
  • Full swing black horse tattoo
  • Unique black and white horse tattoo
  • Horse tattoo with floral designs
  • Horse tattoo with butterflies

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