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Are you looking for an unconventional yet beautiful floral tattoo? Then you should go ahead and check out these lovely pansy tattoo designs!

Pansies tattoo
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If you want a floral tattoo that signifies love and passion but you don’t want to choose a rose tattoo, you can also choose a pansy flower tattoo.

A pansy flower meaning is quite endearing and close to the heart. Pansies can be used in almost any setting and gifted to someone you love.

Pansies are known to be a symbol of passion and love. Historically, these flowers have also symbolized the forbidden love between two people. However, these bright and delicate flowers are also known to be a sign of love and peace in friendship. These flowers also have a delicate and subtle fragrance that can instantly lift your spirits. Many people also believe pansies symbolize longing, thoughtfulness, hope, and empathy. So if you are looking for a Tattoo Design with flowers, you can also look at pansies which look amazing in the form of a tattoo.

So if you are looking for unique and unconventional flower tattoos that hold deep and meaningful meaning, then you should check out these amazing pansy tattoo designs!

Simple and Minimal Ideas for a Pansy Flower Tattoo

Simple and minimal ideas for a pansy flower tattoo
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If you are considering getting a tattoo for the first time, you might want to start with a small and minimal tattoo. Most people choose a simple flower Tattoo Design because they look really beautiful even if they are quite small and not very detailed. Therefore, you can also choose to get a minimal and simple pansy flower tattoo if you think that suits you. You can take inspiration from the beautiful pansy flower stem tattoo in the picture above and get a similar one too.

Stunning black and gray floral tattoo idea with pansy flowers

Stunning black and gray floral tattoo idea with pansy flowers
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Pansy tattoos are known for their bright and vibrant colors. However, black and gray tattoos are slowly coming back into fashion. So if you want to give your floral tattoo a weird twist and keep it monochromatic with black ink, you can do that too. The wearer in the photo above has gotten a stunning pansy flower Tattoo Design that is entirely devoid of color. However, the tattoo artist has done a wonderful job of contrasting the soft black and gray shade with the skin as well as the thin, delicate lines of the flower. Therefore, your pansy Tattoo Design might not be very colorful, but it will look quite stunning nonetheless.

Creative Ideas for the Pansy Flower Tattoo

Creative ideas for the pansy flower tattoo
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Even though all flower tattoos look the same after a while, you can still customize and personalize your pansy Tattoo Design. You can sit down with your tattoo artist and unleash your inner creative potential to create a beautiful floral tattoo with special meaning.

For example, in the photo above, the wearer has gotten a really artistic pansy tattoo where the pansy petals come together to create a human face. You can either take inspiration from it or create other creative pansy tattoo designs like a wreath of flowers or a beautiful landscape.

Bright and Colorful Thought Tattoo Designs

Bright and colorful thought tattoo designs
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The best way to lighten up a tattoo is to add a splash of color to it to make it more attractive. After all, a monochromatic black color tattoo can become more eye-catching and attractive when you add different colors to it. Most people also prefer to get colorful flower tattoos because it gives the artist the opportunity to play with the variety of colors and shades present in the flower. So if you are looking for a pansy flower tattoo, you can choose from yellow pansies, blue pansies, white pansies, orange pansies or even purple pansies. You can either go for a bright, neon color palette for the tattoo or opt for a softer, more subtle palette that makes the Tattoo Design look like a watercolor!

If purple is your favorite color, then you will definitely love a pansy flower tattoo. Here are more wonderful purple flower tattoo ideas for you to check out!

Beautiful Pansy Flower Tattoo Ideas for Your Collarbone Area

Beautiful pansy flower tattoo ideas for your collarbone area
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If you want a feminine, delicate and cute tattoo, you can definitely opt for a collarbone tattoo. Collarbone or chest tattoos are very popular among women for their cool and delicate appearance. Therefore, if you want a less conventional and bolder area for your new pansy flower tattoo, you can definitely place it on your collarbone. Collarbone tattoos are also preferred by many people due to the ease with which you can flaunt the Tattoo Design. You can also embellish your pansy flower collarbone tattoo with other symbols or figures if you wish, such as a star, the hummingbird, a cute bee or even the sun.

Wonderful Pansies Tattoo Designs with Inscriptions

Wonderful pansies tattoo designs with inscriptions
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If you want to add deeper and personal thoughts and symbolism to your thought tattoo, you can also add a phrase, word, quote or even a line to the tattoo. Adding a phrase or quote that is close to your heart and means a lot to you will definitely make the Tattoo Design more special. These quotes can be from your favorite book or your favorite poem, or even your favorite TV show. You can also add heartfelt or inspirational quotes to your tattoo to motivate you. Therefore, you can simply get a pansy tattoo in purple, yellow, blue or orange color and then add whatever quote looks most appropriate to you next to it.

Perfect Pansy Flower Tattoo Ideas for Parents

Perfect pansy flower tattoo ideas for parents
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A pansy flower tattoo usually signifies passion and love, even forbidden love between two people. However, this flower also has a distinct meaning and can signify love and beauty between anyone. That is why, many new parents choose a pansy flower Tattoo Design after the birth of their child. If you also want a cute flower name tattoo that will carry a special meaning in your heart forever, then you can get a pansy tattoo and add your child’s name alongside it. Even a future bride or groom can tattoo blue or purple pansy petals on their body and add their beloved’s name next to the tattoo to symbolize a loving union.

Awesome Floral Tattoo Sleeve Designs With Pansies

Awesome floral tattoo sleeve designs with pansies
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If you want a large and intricate floral Tattoo Design, you can also choose a floral tattoo sleeve design. Just like the wearer did in the image above, you can also turn your entire forearm sleeve into a shiny, pink tattoo canvas. The forearm tattoo sleeve idea above is actually pretty cool because the artist drew a large flamingo and then incorporated pansy flowers and petals around it to fill in the space . Likewise, you can also choose to get a large colorful tattoo sleeve with pansies and other flowers or objects according to your taste and preference.

Pansy Flower Tattoo Ideas That Can Be Placed Anywhere

Pansy flower tattoo ideas that can be placed anywhere
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The best thing about a floral Tattoo Design is that you can place it wherever you want, you just have to pay attention to the shape and size of the flower tattoo. Once you have properly discussed the idea and consulted with your tattoo artist, you can go ahead and place the pansy flower tattoo anywhere you want including your foot, ankle, shoulder, back or even your neck. thoughts tattoo drawing neck hide amazing petals

Ideas for pansy flower tattoos that can be placed anywhere
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A pansies Tattoo Design would look amazing no matter where you place it on your body. If you often need to hide or conceal your tattoos, you might want to look at pansy tattoo designs that are placed in more discreet areas.

Beautiful floral bouquet tattoo ideas with pansy flowers

Beautiful floral bouquet tattoo ideas with pansy flowers
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Different flowers have had meanings and connotations throughout history in many cultures. If you want to signify different feelings and emotions like love, joy, passion, friendship, longing, grace, serenity and more through your flower tattoo, you can definitely get a bouquet of flowers like the one wearing it in the picture above. Pansies and ivy or pansies and lavender tattoo would look great with other flowers like roses, orchids, daisies, lilies and chrysanthemums. So if you want to make your pansy tattoos more special, you can simply add more flowers with the five petals of pansy flowers.

If you want more ideas on a floral bouquet tattoo, check out these amazing flower bouquet tattoo designs where you can place the pansies tattoo.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect floral tattoo for a long time, your search ends here! So go ahead and talk to your tattoo artist about the perfect thoughts tattoo you found on your next appointment.

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