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Are you trying to overcome daily difficulties and need a constant reminder? Here are the top 10 tattoo ideas to overcome that will blow your mind!

Overcome tattoo

What is interesting in life is that a person experiences all that he was destined for.

The word “overcome” can mean two different things, either to conquer or to compete. This could make for a very unique tattoo for someone who knows what they want in life.

A person can show their strength through fonts and symbols that convey a hidden message. These types of tattoo designs never go out of style. A person with this tattoo will always have good luck and strength by their side. These tattoo designs are not gender specific, they can be worn by both men and women. These tattoos work like magic as they can very easily uplift the mood during tough times. It shows that there is power behind words and images.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 tattoo ideas to overcome just for you!

The Vegvisir Tattoo Design

The vegvisir tattoo design

This is one of the best tattoo designs overcome. The literal meaning of the word “Vegvisir” is “Wayfinder”. A Vegvisir or the runic compass / viking compass is made up of eight sticks, is a symbol of protection. It gives power and ability to overcome difficult times. It is said to give strength to survive whatever life throws at you and provide guidance when needed.

This tattoo is a beauty to look at. It is done on the back of the person’s hand with black ink and intricate strokes. There are light and dark shades of black that make this tattoo look magical. To give it a personal touch, you can add colors to it and enlarge it to place it on your chest or back.

The Malin Tattoo Design

The Malin is one of the most popular design choices. This tattoo inspiration comes from a Swedish symbol that means “you are bound to face downfalls or setbacks in life as they are part of the experience of life.”

This tattoo will constantly remind you that obstacles are just as much a part of the journey as happiness and success.

The shape of this tattoo almost resembles an infinity symbol, but it looks like a bent arrow in this form. This design is done entirely in black ink, but you can use different colors of your choice to complement it. This can be one of the cool trend-setting tattoos.

The butterfly tattoo design

The butterfly tattoo design

The butterfly tattoo is one of the most common tattoo choices, especially for a woman. It is a symbol of faith, freedom and transformation. It is the most beautiful representation of people who can change in a lifetime. The tattoo artist associated this butterfly with a rose which is the symbol of love and passion. The tattoo is done with black ink and shades of gray, however, you can choose to add colors that complement your skin tone. The design is versatile, so you can make it big or small and place it on any part of your body.

The semicolon tattoo design

The semicolon tattoo design

It is a very powerful choice for body art. It represents mental health awareness and suicide prevention. It possesses affirmation and solidarity against suicide, drug addiction, depression, and other issues that people face. This is a gender neutral tattoo, anyone, male or female can get it. Its meaning will remain the same. It’s a reminder that the bad times will pass and you can get through them with the people by your side who will support you. It symbolizes a choice to continue.

It is a very simple tattoo that is done on the side of the client’s middle finger. You can choose to wear it on the wrist, on the neck, behind the ear or even on the ankle. Preferably choose a place that shows off the tattoo as it has more power than words could ever have.

The Sun Tattoo Design

The sun tattoo design

This is one of the best tattoo designs overcome. Different cultures have different symbolism for a sun tattoo. Some think it means rebirth and light, others think it means balance in life. Our world is nothing without sunlight. It is the symbol of reason and power. The sun tattoo can also mean something extremely personal.

This design is one of the simplest tattoos done with black ink and dotted lines. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between good and bad, that is when you look at your tattoo and decide to stop the battle and get away with it.

lightning bolt tattoo

Lightning bolt tattoo

It is one of the most meaningful tattoos. According to Greek mythology, Zeus’ choice of weapon was lightning, so it symbolizes intelligence, intuition, strength and enlightenment, all his qualities. It also means that you will have the power to overcome all the battles of life.

The design shows that the bolt is filled with intricate flowers that symbolize love. It is a very powerful tattoo and should be placed where people can notice your strength like the forearm, wrist or neck. It is a good new tattoo choice for both men and women.

The Eagle Tattoo Design

The eagle tattoo design

The eagle can mean many things which are interpreted differently in different cultures. It means freedom, luck, power, domination and concentration. It is a symbol of the soul like the sun.

Overall, they symbolize nobility and courage. It is said that the wearer of this tattoo will find the strength to overcome the pain. The wings of the bird are widely spread and the tattoo is intricately designed in black ink. You can also get the bird tattoo wrapped around your arm like a sleeve. This is a topped tattoo, which both girls and guys can get without a second thought.

Enlightenment tattoo design

Enlightenment tattoo design

This is one of the best tattoo designs overcome. The lotus on top defines self-recognition as it rises from the muddy waters. The Unalome at the bottom represents the path to enlightenment from darkness. The tattoo together is a symbol of the connection between the transformation of a person and his strength to overcome the obstacles of life.

This tattoo is done with black ink but some people like to do it in different shades of bright colors. Usually people get tattoos on the back of their neck, but you can do it wherever you want. This is one of the coolest tattoo ideas for women.

The infinity symbol

The infinity symbol

The infinity symbol is used in mathematics to represent an endless loop. It is the symbol of unlimited possibilities in life.

Yes, life must put obstacles in your way, but this sign will remind you that you have plenty of options to get through it and start afresh. This tattoo is done with black ink on the elbow, but many people prefer to do it on the forearm or on the side of the collarbone. You can also bring your favorite variations to this design and add a name or a heart.

The Hamsa Tattoo Design

The hamsa tattoo design

The Hamsa symbolizes the “hand of God” and is believed to bring happiness, good and luck. Sometimes they are also called the “evil eye” which protects against evil and brings good fortune.

This delicate design consists of the evil eye at the bottom, a lotus in the middle and what connects them is the word “Om”. This tattoo is designed very intricately with black and gray ink. You can also add colors as per your choice.

These tattoos never go out of style. In fact, they portray a new beginning and give us hope to move on and create magic in our lives. So don’t think too much and get one now! If you liked the designs above but want to explore more designs, you can try –

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