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Are you looking for a high explosive tattoo like Molotov cocktail tattoo ideas? Check out this list for the best tattoo designs.

Molotov cocktail tattoo

Molotov cocktail tattoos bring out the light and energetic spirit of the people who wear them.

The bottle is made of a combustible liquid, which is why special permits are needed to own and sell it. It is considered dangerous.

This is mainly because the molotov cocktail can easily be used as a weapon to burn down houses, shops and even people. The inspiration for the name came from a Soviet leader who used similar bombs during World War II. Here are 10 of the most fantastic Molotov cocktail tattoo ideas that will blow your mind.

Simple Outline Molotov Cocktail Tattoo

Simple outline molotov cocktail tattoo

A sketch of the bottle and visible liquid and a burning fire is the simplest Molotov cocktail tattoo you can get. The entire tattoo would be done in black ink, except for the flames, which look best if surrounded by dark orange or red. This style of tattoos brings awareness to this improvised incendiary device. This molotov cocktail design may show a bottle filled with gasoline or other liquid fuel, with a piece of cloth on top, in front of which are flames. This tattoo can also be accompanied by a hand holding a sapling representing the two sides of a coin – destruction and life.

Pop Culture Molotov Cocktail Tattoo

Pop culture molotov cocktail tattoo

The Molotov cocktail tattoo is transformed into a pop culture design. This tattoo depicts a fashionable biker wearing fabulous earrings and rings. They are shown smoking a cigarette with colored hair and visible hairstyle. This whiskey molotov cocktail tattoo is surrounded by orange and yellow flames, and the whole tattoo is filled with bright and attractive colors. The dangerous weapon in a bottle, named after the Soviet leader, has become part of their culture and has evolved over the years based on feedback received. However, it is now very popular in different countries like Canada, Australia or even Africa.

Molotov cocktail tattoo of broken heart

Molotov cocktail tattoo of broken heart

Those who are heartbroken can attach meaning to the fire that burns within them. This includes a sense of visitation which can deliver a message of destruction. A very volatile state can be transmitted through this tattoo. One at the sidebar can find the broken heart made on the bottle label. They can read the message and offer help or support to whoever has this tattoo. The interpretation of this style of fire can vary depending on the personality of the person. It can be a sign of wanting to destroy the other person or feeling destroyed from within. The entire tattoo can be formed with black ink and the flames can be all black while the surroundings are a shade of black.

cool beach Molotov Cocktail Tattoo

Cool beach molotov cocktail tattoo

The molotov cocktail tattoo can even be done with a touch of beach drink. A nice glass with orange liquid, rising bubbles and two ice cubes looks like the perfect drink. This cocktail tattoo can provide information about the person’s favorites. The tattoo also includes a straw, a small umbrella and lemon slices. The meaning of a molotov cocktail tattoo can vary from person to person and depending on the elements added to the fire drink. This beach drink can also be accompanied by an orange fire coming out of one side of the glass as the rope begins to burn.

Molotov cocktail tattoo with quote

Molotov cocktail tattoo with quote

This tattoo includes a compass to indicate the direction of their beloved. Below the compass is a glass bottle on which burns together. The bottle may also include a cloth and a burning fire. Beneath the seal is a broken heart, and the bottle may be decorated with shaded black flowers below and somewhere in between. The entire tattoo is inked black. These tattoos indicate time. It shows the time between grief and tattoo. This molotov cocktail in glass tattoo flowers demonstrates passion and danger. There are flowers at the bottom of this molotov cocktail tattoo with the quote “Burn Together”.

Bubbling Molotov cocktail tattoo

Bubbling molotov cocktail tattoo

The molotov cocktail tattoo can be done with a party message. The 350 molotov cocktail tattoo can be done with visible bubbles inside the bottle. The meaning of this molotov cocktail tattoo is simple, and the news makes it easier to understand its meaning. As the bubbles rise, you can remove the flames from the fire and create a shadow behind the love. Such fire tattoos help to teach that the fire or spirit inside an individual can be reduced but it cannot simply disappear. Even if you can remove the flame, its shadow will survive. A twisted fabric makes the link between the bubbling liquid and the fire.

Molotov Cocktail Thigh Tattoo

Molotov cocktail thigh tattoo

A great molotov cocktail tattoo can be done on the thigh. The outer covering of the bottle may look like a champagne bottle with tiny pieces of fabric visible and the fire burning through the fabric. The bottle can be tilted slightly. Fire can be done with a shade of yellow, orange and black. Similarly, colorants can also be added to the bottle, including black, green, and a small white line showing the reflection of light. The tattoo will look great once you learn and add some shading. The meaning of the molotov cocktail tattoo is etched in the mind of the individual.

Fire Sun Molotov Cocktail Tattoo

Fire sun molotov cocktail tattoo

This fire tattoo is done in a unique way. Instead of showing the actual fire on the ends of the fabric in the bottle, a fire-colored sun can be displayed behind the fabric, while the material is designed to represent flames of fire. The bottle is in shades of black, but the rest of the elements included in the fire tattoo are colored, even the liquid. Water droplets fly out of the bottle against the background of the blazing sun.

Shoulder Molotov Cocktail Tattoo

Molotov cocktail tattoo on the shoulder

A shoulder tattoo doesn’t always have to be big. A small black tattoo also looks great. It looks like a molotov cocktail tattoo with flames bursting at the top. Two layers of fire can make the molotov cocktail tattoo distinct from traditional tattoos. Molotov cocktail tattoo design can be taken from ios device. Ios devices have a wide range of tattoo designs. The tattoo looks realistic in shades of black and white.

Flying Flame Molotov Cocktail Tattoo

Flying flame molotov cocktail tattoo

A flying flame can be shown, giving the impression that the fire is moving to a particular side while the bottle and cloth remain constant in one location. The bottle can be shown to have a label. Whether you want something written on it or keep it blank is up to the customer. Ash shadows can also be painted in art.

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