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Are you looking for a cool face tattoo that also has a deep meaning behind it? We have what you need ! Check out these amazing Moko Kauae tattoos that will suit you.

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Face tattoos have had a very special meaning in Maori culture for a very long time.

The importance of Maori culture began to fade after the colonization of New Zealand. This culture started to resurface recently when women started to tattoo their lips and chin with the Maori stamp.

For Maori women in New Zealand, the traditional Maori tattoo is considered very sacred and a demonstration of their true identity. In ancient times, men had the Mataora tattooed on their face and it was considered a mark of nobility. These tattoos were done on the head as it was considered the most sacred part of the body and thus reinforced the importance of chin tattoos. Women of this culture for Moko Kauae tattoo meant on their lips and chin and it was a representation of their leadership qualities. These tattoos were a representation of the abilities and social status of these Maori women.

Receiving the Moko Kauae on their face and other body parts was considered a milestone in their lives. This tattoo session was celebrated with various rituals and rites. These tattoos were considered to make each gender more attractive than the opposite. Men have it on their face and women have it on their lips and chin. Other known parts of these tattoos were the forehead, thighs, back and neck.

If you are part of Maori culture or want to stand with these women who are bringing this culture back, Moko Kauae face tattoos are the way to go! Check out these amazing designs and choose your next tattoo!

Tribute to Moko Kauae

Tribute to moko kauae
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Maori culture had lost all of its significance around the 1800s when New Zealand was colonized. Originally, these tattoos were carved into the skin with scissors rather than being punched into the skin like modern tattoos. The skin then had grooves rather than a smoother surface. The pigments in these tattoos were made from awheto (caterpillar fungus) which gave it a black color. Tattoo making was considered an art form and men and women traveled the world to display it. These Moko Kauae tattoos are usually worn by women.

This design was done with black ink on the wearer’s chin. This beautiful design is worn with pride as it is a significance of their heritage.

female warriors

Female warriors
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Many cultures believed that the Moko Kauae signified the end of a person’s life, however, these tattoos are usually a sign of a beginning. It is the sign of becoming a woman, the beginning of your vocation in this world, the chance to revive a culture and to understand a beautiful language. Several women from all over the world came together and got these tattoos on their lips and chin as a sign of revival of Maroi culture.

In this picture you can see 3 variations of the traditional Moko Kauae Tattoo Design. It is done in black ink. This design can also be extended to the neck and chest. Women usually prefer it on their lips and chin, and you will rarely see a woman with a Moko Kauae tattoo on her forehead or other body parts nowadays.

spiritual symbol

Spiritual symbol
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Every Maori woman gets a tattoo of her tribe’s symbol or her spiritual symbol. This culture saw its resurgence in the 1990s for both women and men.

To show off her spiritual symbol, the current New Zealand Foreign Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, who is also the first indigenous woman appointed to the post, has a tattoo on her lip and chin representing Maori culture. She also said she took pride in finding positive ways to represent and allow expression of Maori and other cultures.

Nanaia Mahuta has a tattoo representing her culture on her lip and chin. His lip has been stained with black ink and there is a drawing on his chin probably from his tribe. It’s a beautiful design and would make an amazing tattoo for anyone who wants to show off their tribe and heritage to the world.


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In Maori culture, the Whanau is a political unit located at a lower level than Hapu and Iwi. The word Whanau also means to give birth or to be born. The term “Wahine” is also used to describe Maori women. It has become a “rite of passage” for these Maori women.

The tā moko is a form of tattooing that reflects people’s ancestry and culture. This is an ancient Maori practice that has also become relevant today. There are many people, even today, who are beginning to accept their true identity as Maori women.

This particular design is also a representation of the wearer’s tribal culture. This tattoo was done with lines and dots. Black ink has been used to complete this beautiful art form.

Tribute to Maori women

Tribute to maori women
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There are several intricate designs that portray the tribal identity of each man and woman. These tattoos are an attempt to bring the art form back to life and be a mark of the genealogy of the wearer. It tells a story that connects indigenous peoples to their ancestors. This beautiful form of tattoo is a way to establish the status of women in their culture.

This beautiful tattoo has been done with fine lines in black ink, just as these designs have traditionally been done with a black natural color. These tattoos testify to the history and heritage of the individual.

Oriini Kaipara Facial Tattoo

Oriini kaipara facial tattoo
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Oriini Kaipara recently made headlines as she is the first woman working as a TV host, journalist and translator to have a moko kauae on her face. She is also the first person with a ta moko to host a prime-time news program broadcast on national television. Her talent and abilities led her to represent Maori women nationally, as did the New Zealand Foreign Minister. In several centuries, this happened for the first time.

Oriini has a beautiful tattoo on her lip and chin which she proudly displays on national television. Not only that, she also has a tattoo on the back of her left hand. Her face tattoo is done with black ink.

Chin tattoo logo

Chin tattoo logo
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When Maori girls become women, this is also when they get face tattoos. A ritual is organized to complete this process. However, after their colonization, these tattoos were associated with gangs and criminal activities, but soon today’s women brought back this tradition with culture and pride.

The tattoo artist made a design with line art. Black ink was used to complete this design. This is a beautiful piece of art that can be changed depending on who wears it. It can be extended on the neck or other elements can be added to it.

native face tattoo

Native face tattoos
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Representing your culture and your tribe at the national level is a source of great pride. Each tattoo not only represents the tribe, it also displays a personal history of the individual. It could be related to their culture or their ancestry.

This design is done on the person’s chin with black ink and line art. This tattoo not only enhances the beliefs of people but also enhances their beauty. A beautiful tattoo to honor these beautiful Maori women.

Maori tattoo on chin and neck

Maori tattoo on chin and neck
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This beautiful Maori tattoo is a representation of different things all together. A history, a status in society, a culture, a heritage and all the rest. This particular design has been extended to the person’s neck. Line drawings were used to complete this design. Colors like black and blue ink were used for this tattoo. This tattoo is part of every Maori woman and her heritage.

These tattoos are done on a very visible part of the body, the face. It can be a very strong commitment for anyone to get such a tattoo, therefore, you can ask the tattoo artist to give you a temporary tattoo and if you like the design, you can convert it into a permanent tattoo. If you are a proud Maori woman then why wait. Select your tattoo now! If you want to explore more designs, you can take a look at –

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