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If you’re looking for some cool ideas for your next tattoo, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fantastic butterfly tattoo ideas for men.

Butterfly tattoo for men
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Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects, and having one tattooed on your body will surely look very appealing.

The prevailing norm is that butterflies only represent feminine beauty. However, this is not true at all and will be equally attractive to men.

You can try bold patterns or geometric shapes for your butterfly tattoo. Tattoos are very personal to each individual. Each tattoo generates different types of feelings and emotions in other individuals. Therefore, before getting one carved into your body, you need to be sure what kind of idea or thought you want to reflect through your tattoo. Getting a simple design of a small butterfly tattoo can look appealing, or you can also opt for more extensive and bold choices if that’s what you’re looking for. You can add a special touch to your butterfly tattoos by mixing them with quotes or other images. Common places to get a butterfly tattoo include the area around the neck, wrist or ankle. Here are some of the popular tattoo ideas you can refer to for your next butterfly tattoo.

Large Butterfly Tattoos

Large butterfly tattoos
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The image here shows a large butterfly tattoo in black and gray tones. If you look closely, you can see the image of a skull engraved on the body of the butterfly. This touch of creativity made the design more appealing to look at. The person in the photo above has this tattoo imprinted on their chest. Chest tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a great canvas for any type of body art and are easily noticeable. If you want to get such a similar butterfly tattoo design inked on your body, you can use this one as a reference.

Beautiful butterfly tattoo for men

Beautiful butterfly tattoo for men
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This here is a perfect example of having one of your favorite memories permanently inked on your body, in the form of a tattoo. A butterfly is a very famous insect that is tattooed on the body. Although mainly preferred by girls, they can also be very attractive to men. All you need to do is choose the right design ideas for your next tattoo and then you are good to go. The artist here has made a beautiful juxtaposition of black and gray colors to bring out the true beauty of this body art. The intricate butterfly wing design is indeed something to admire. He associated it with a short write-up, as well as a memorable date. You can also personalize your handwriting or date and make one.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoos

Colorful butterfly tattoos
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Colorful butterfly tattoos are one of the most famous forms of skin art. The physical beauty of a butterfly, along with the deep symbolism it generates, can provide a charming look to any individual. If you are new to the tattoo world, you can use the image above as a suggestion. The detailing of the beautiful features of the butterfly’s wings, combined with a splash of vibrant red color, brought out the true beauty of this unique tattoo. You can choose any other vibrant color of your choice and create something similar on your body. A butterfly is a very colorful creature, and having one imprinted on your skin will always look stunning no matter what.

Large Butterfly Tattoo Designs With Roman Numerals

Large butterfly tattoo designs with roman numerals
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If you want to engrave your favorite date on your body, this might be the most creative way to do it. The date can be the date of birth of someone you cherish or even represent the beginning of a new life and new possibilities. Here in the image above, the artist has created something similar, using only back ink. Just take a moment to pause and look at the detail in this image, and how beautifully it has been done. Butterflies are a representation of the soul. Therefore, for this reason, butterfly tattoos are very popular among many women and men. This particular design could be the perfect way to show your significant other how much you care and love them.

Beautiful butterfly tattoos

Beautiful butterfly tattoos
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The artist here used vibrant colors to create this fierce look of the tattoo. The beautiful blend of orange and black color of this design is etched on the individual’s leg. The reason why colorful tattoos are more preferred than black and white tattoos is that they can bring out the true essence of the creature. As we know, butterflies are amazingly colorful insects. Therefore, adding light or vibrant colors to your design can look very beautiful if done correctly. If you are looking for ideas for your first tattoo, you can try this one.

Geometric Butterfly Tattoos

Geometric butterfly tattoos
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Geometric butterfly tattoos are among the most popular tattoo ideas. Although they may seem very simple at first glance, they require a lot of time and patience. Using various lines and shapes to create the perfect design is not an easy task. If you look closely at this image, you can see the different shapes of the lines used to make this design. Needless to say the artist did an amazing job. If you want to get a geometric butterfly tattoo, be sure to go to someone with experience. They require a lot of detail and any small mistake in the shape can lead to a disfigured result.

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Small butterfly tattoos
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If you are looking for a more minimalistic design for your butterfly tattoo, this one is a must. The artist has drawn this small butterfly tattoo on this individual’s arm, using the color black. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also very adorable to look at. If you don’t like to take risks or opt for bold choices, when it comes to tattoos, this little butterfly is for you. Some of the most common places to get butterfly tattoos are the neck, wrist, forearms, and upper back.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoos

Traditional butterfly tattoo
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Here is another example of colorful butterfly tattoos. Traditional butterfly tattoos, minimalist butterfly tattoos, and geometric butterfly tattoos are some of the popular types of butterfly designs among the current generation. Butterflies mark the beginning of new beginnings and reflect the true beauty of nature. That is why, when paired with different colors, they create such aesthetically pleasing designs. If you want to get such one inked on your skin, you can refer to this picture for ideas. The artist of this tattoo used different bright colors like yellow, red, and teal green to create this design.

White Butterfly Tattoos

White butterfly tattoos
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White is the color of peace and purity. When mixed with the innocence and beauty of a butterfly, it can result in very aesthetically pleasing tattoo art. One such example can be seen in this image. Using white ink to mark the eyes of the butterfly, the artist made this tattoo design on the individual’s forearm. In Christianity, a white butterfly is a symbol of purity. If you don’t like big tattoo designs, you can also opt for a small butterfly tattoo. Regardless of size, it will look great on any individual.

Ornamental Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Ornamental butterfly tattoo designs
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Ornamental butterfly tattoo designs can be one of the most creative tattoo ideas, especially for men. Compared to other butterfly tattoo designs, they are usually larger in shape and can be time consuming. The tattoo on the forearm of the individual pictured above is one of the best examples of an ornamental butterfly tattoo. Typically, the chest and neck are the ideal places to get an ornamental butterfly tattoo. Indeed, they offer a larger surface, compared to the wrist or the ankle. However, when getting an ornamental butterfly tattoo, it is important to choose your tattoo artist beforehand, as they can be quite tricky and should only be done by an experienced person.

Butterfly tattoos are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity and precision. However, one thing to keep in mind is that getting a tattoo engraved on your body is a life changing choice. If done incorrectly, not only will you regret it for the rest of your life, but it can also lead to serious health complications. Therefore, choosing the right artist and the right design is very important. Below are some suggestions for beautiful butterfly tattoos.

  • Small butterfly with flowers
  • Neck Butterfly Tattoo
  • Realistic butterfly tattoo
  • monarch butterfly tattoo
  • Vintage Butterfly Tattoo

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