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Would you like to have one of the most striking medium tattoo designs? If yes, then here you can get great medium tattoo ideas.

Medium tattoo
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Medium tattoos are one of the most practical tattoo options because they are neither too small to be noticed nor too big to take time.

Unlike small tattoos and large tattoos, they appear more elegant on all parts of your body due to their medium size. Being about the size of a small tattoo, they usually don’t take up more space on your arm, shoulder, leg, thigh, chest, or back.

Depending on the body part you want to tattoo, there are more options for body placement. You can choose one from finger tattoos, shoulder tattoos or chest tattoos etc. There are tons of medium sized tattoo ideas out there. The designs of these tattoos are versatile. Indeed, it can feature a flower pattern, a horror pattern, a freehand sketch, a graphic sketch or an anime sketch, etc. .

Beautiful black inked rose tattoo on arm

Beautiful black inked rose tattoo on arm
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Featuring a beautiful black ink rose at the bottom, this hand tattoo is one of the great medium tattoos. It not only looks beautiful, but also occupies less space and has a simple outline. If you are looking for an elegant rose tattoo that looks a little bigger than a small tattoo, you can opt for this one. Its design shows a sketch of a compass on the top side and a beautiful sketch of a rose on the bottom. Throughout the design you will see scattered leaves which add to the elegance of this tattoo.

The use of quality black ink and attention to fine detail shows the hard work of the respective tattoo artist. If you are looking for one of the best thigh tattoos, you must consider whether this tattoo can be done on the thigh or not.

cute black and gray rose tattoo

Cute black and gray rose tattoo
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Known as a concealed tattoo, this medium sized graphic tattoo is a perfect example of elegance. No matter which tattoo parlor you get a tattoo from, this tattoo is sure to make your arm look sleeker than ever. Its design features a medium sized black and white rose with elegant leaves at the bottom. The whole design is sleek yet space-saving. You can get another small tattoo on the side if you want.

The same tattoo can be done as a full back tattoo after confirmation from the respective tattoo professional.

Freehand tattoo inked on the arm

Freehand tattoo inked on the arm
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One of the unique medium tattoo ideas for men is to include butterfly sketches in tattoos. The design of this tattoo shows a butterfly body on one side and a bouquet of small flowers on the other.

No matter which tattoo shop you do this at, it sure looks eye-catching on your arm. At first glance, it may look like a small tattoo, but it is a kind of medium-sized tattoo that does not occupy much space. You can do it as a shoulder tattoo or a chest tattoo after asking your tattoo artist. There are no overdone designs, so this is one of the cheapest tattoos.

Beautiful Flow Ink Feather Tattoo

Beautiful flow ink feather tattoo
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If you are looking for creative medium tattoos, you can get this black ink flower tattoo. Whether you want to get your first tattoo or are looking for a bigger tattoo than a small one, this is one of the awesome medium sized tattoo ideas. Its design shows a flowing multicolored feather. The colors used in its manufacture are purple, blue and black. The combination of these colors sets it apart from many other tattoo designs.

After confirmation from your tattoo artist, you can do it as a forearm tattoo. Unlike large tattoos that may look unattractive on your shoulder or forearm, this one surely looks elegant due to its medium dimensions.

Medium sized black and white graphic tattoo

Medium sized black and white graphic tattoo
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The inclusion of the word “Art” in black ink sets it apart from many other medium sized tattoos. For those looking to have a creative and stunning tattoo on their wrists, this one is one of the recommended medium tattoo ideas for men. The corresponding drawing shows a sketch of a swimming right whale.

Similar to how small tattoos look stylish, this one also looks stylish on your wrist. His tattoo work is completed in less time and it does not come with a high pain tolerance.

Black Bold Horror Tattoo

Black bold horror tattoo
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Now you can get a tattoo depicting a horror look if you choose this one. Its size is medium – neither small tattoo nor large tattoo types. It can be done on your leg or you can try it as a shoulder tattoo. The design shows a bold black skull of a horror character you usually find in horror movies or mythological tales. Moreover, the design resembles cosmetic tattoos with a creative twist.

When done on a lower leg, it looks more elegant when wearing a half skirt. The horror vibes you get just looking at this tattoo represent the meticulous work of the tattoo artist. You can do this from any established tattoo parlor at a flat rate.

Positive Vibes Colorful Butterfly Tattoo

Positive vibes colorful butterfly tattoo
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All hand tattoos or forearm tattoos equipped with butterflies always look stylish no matter what occasion you are looking for. This long sleeve tattoo, or commonly you can say medium tattoo, shows three equally spaced butterflies on your arm. Their colors are green, blue and red. In the space between the wings of each butterfly you can see unique names written. Although there are three butterflies, it is not a big tattoo.

If you want to get colorful butterfly tattoos and use more ink, this option is one of the cutest tattoos. Usually it is a tattoo on the forearm, but you can ask one of the tattoo artists if you want to do it on the other parts of your body. Unlike most expensive tattoos, this one can be done affordably, and yet it looks stylish.

Beautiful black and gray anime tattoo

Beautiful black and gray anime tattoo
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If you are a fan of anime tattoos, you can get a black ink tattoo. Depicting the exact same idea, this black and gray anime tattoo looks fashionable and eye-catching. Its design shows three anime characters conveying unique messages. The first character conveys not hearing bad words, the second not seeing bad things, and the third not saying bad words.

If you are used to trying a small tattoo or a large tattoo, you can try this one and enjoy the unique design of medium tattoo dimensions. Choosing one of the reliable tattoo artists allows you to do it with excellent precision.

Simple and elegant medium butterfly tattoo

Simple and elegant medium butterfly tattoo
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The combination of alphabets, numbers and butterfly sketches can be seen in this tattoo. This combination makes it one of the exceptional medium tattoos on the market. It is kind of an easy tattoo as the design suits a person of any age. The design represents the letters ‘w’, ‘a’, ‘y’, ‘s’ written in sequence and with a dot after each. In addition, after the letter ‘s’, there is a number 3 written three times vertically. This vertical fashion of the number ‘3’ contributes to the wing of the butterfly. The remaining side shows the beautiful butterfly wing.

The overall design is not overstated, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of an average tattoo. Its price will be affordable given its elegant look.

Artistic mouse with medium pumpkin tattoo

Artistic mouse with medium pumpkin tattoo
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Now you can get a mouse and a pumpkin tattoo. This tattoo is exactly like this one, which shows a little mouse trying to eat a red pumpkin. Just as a small tattoo does not take up space, this one too is space-saving. The long tail of the mouse makes this tattoo more elegant.

If you are worried about how long an average tattoo lasts, this one is finished in less time at any reliable tattoo shop.

Being neither minimalistic nor overdone, these are the best medium sized tattoo designs. Unlike larger tattoos, they take up less space and you can get a tattoo on your chest, shoulder, back or arm or with a lettering tattoo etc.

No need to wait for several sessions because they can be done quickly in less time. If you want to get a medium sized tattoo, you don’t have to worry about pain tolerance. The reason is that most of these tattoos have pain tolerance and the corresponding tattoo artist will take enough care. You can simply find out about tattoo prices or how much does a medium size tattoo cost to the tattoo artist and choose the one that suits your tattoo price budget and expectations.

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