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Looking for meaningful dragonfly tattoo ideas for yourself? Check out these amazing dragonfly tattoos and choose your favorite idea.

Meaningful dragonfly tattoo
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Dragonfly tattoos have been around for years now.

Since ancient times, dragonflies have been associated with good fortune, spirituality, self-realization and maturity, as these insects are in the final stage of their life cycle. Therefore, the dragonfly tattoo meaning is also associated with such symbolism.

A dragonfly tattoo design can be symbolic of where you are in your life or where you want to be. Since the dragonfly tattoo meaning is so beautiful, many people like to tattoo themselves with dragonflies on their body, whether it is a colored piece or black and white. Even celebrity Becky G has a dragonfly tattoo.

Keeping the dragonfly tattoo meaning in mind, check out these dragonfly tattoos and choose the tattoo that suits you best!

Realistic dragonfly tattoo

Realistic dragonfly tattoo
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Many people opt for realistic dragonfly tattoos because this insect is quite aesthetic on its own. As you can see in this tattoo design, the dragonfly wings look quite delicate. In contrast, the insect’s body has a dark coloring, giving a perfect contrast. These medium sized tattoos are perfect for the upper arm as pictured. However, you can also choose to ink it on your back, leg, or chest.

Unlike this design, the black dragonfly tattoo is also the perfect blend of a realistic tattoo and an artistic tattoo. The insect’s boldly inked body, along with its delicate wings, also create the perfect contrast in this piece. Moreover, the gradient shading of the wings with the intricate lines imitating the real nature of the dragonfly wings adds up to produce perfect images.

Blue Dragonfly Tattoo

Blue dragonfly tattoo
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As you already know, dragonfly tattoos are symbolic of several positive meanings; hence, these pieces are very popular among tattoo lovers. However, did you know that blue dragonfly tattoos are considered even more auspicious? For example, a blue dragonfly tattoo symbolizes an individual’s spiritual journey.

So if you want a dragonfly tattoo that speaks of your relationship with your soul and brings you good luck, this tattoo is perfect for you. Here, the tattoo artist has perfectly blended the blue and yellow hues to bring out a unique look that instantly catches the eye. Moreover, the slim yet finely inked body of the dragonfly makes this dragonfly tattoo idea all the more worthy.

Large dragonfly tattoo

Large dragonfly tattoo
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If the meaning of dragonfly tattoos really resonates with you, then why not opt ​​for large dragonfly tattoos? Check out this design pictured above. This realistic dragonfly has extremely intricate detail done in black ink, which lends a kind of intensity to the whole piece. Covering the entire back, this giant dragonfly is a strong statement of all the positive notions we associate with this beautiful insect.

If you thought the black ink was a bit too much in the previous dragonfly tattoo design, there are also other alternatives to choose from, in which the wings will have an intricate network of lines, enhancing the marvelous details of the tattoo. Unlike the other designs, this tattoo will also cover a whole part of the body, and the dragonfly body can be drawn much more realistically by the tattoo artist, mainly because of the realistic markings, body splits, etc. So, if you too are interested in a dragonfly tattoo design, check one of these out.

Colorful dragonfly tattoo

Colorful dragonfly tattoo
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If you have a colorful personality and want your dragonfly tattoo design to reflect that, then here is the perfect option for you. This dragonfly and gladiolus tattoo is nothing short of art, with its eye-catching blend of colors and hues. The bright red of the flowers, the green of the leaves, the blue of the dragonfly and the yellow of its wings all combine to produce the ideal tattoo design. You can also add butterflies to this tattoo to make it even more vibrant. The best placement of such a remarkable design would be on the wrist, neck, arm or behind the ear.

Third eye dragonfly tattoo

Third eye dragonfly tattoo
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In many cultures around the world, the meaning of the third eye is associated with a state of enlightenment. Even in Native American culture, the third eye is seen as a symbol of a doorway into consciousness that leads to a higher spiritual experience. Thus, you can understand how this symbol works well with a dragonfly, which is also related to spiritualistic ideas. The third eye of this tattoo is placed quite boldly on the body of the dragonfly. The intensity of this tattoo design is mainly due to the patterns that have been used to ink the body of the insect. Such a dragonfly with several hidden meanings would look great on the wrist or arm as pictured.

Moreover, if you want your third eye to be a real eye, you can also opt for an original dragonfly tattoo design. The main focal point in such a tattoo will be the shading, which will be used to ink the different parts of the insect. The realism of the eye will give the tattoo a pretty scary feel, to say the least. Such a tattoo piece can be an original take on traditional tattoos combining third eye and dragonfly designs.

Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo

Watercolor dragonfly tattoo
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Looking for a watercolor dragonfly tattoo to enhance your skin? Then look at this watercolor dragonfly tattoo pictured above. This little dragonfly, with its blue coloring, is nothing short of larger tattoos and is therefore perfect for those who would like to be inked with a dragonfly but want to keep it inconspicuous.

You can get this small, meaningful dragonfly art tattoo inked on your wrist or even on your neck if you too are looking for such a design.

Dragonfly Tribal Tattoo

Dragonfly tribal tattoo
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Tribal tattoos never seem to lose their popularity, and a dragonfly tribal tattoo is the perfect proof of that. Here, a small dragonfly has been inked with geometric designs on its wings, matching designs commonly used in Asian cultures. This tattoo design is quite classy especially because of the wings. Such a small dragonfly tattoo is perfect for those who want a touch of uniqueness.

So, if you too are looking for a tribal dragonfly tattoo design, check it out once.

small dragonfly tattoo

Small dragonfly tattoo
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Nothing can be as cute as a small dragonfly tattoo. You don’t believe that? Check out this little dragonfly pictured above. Although this dragonfly tattoo design is extremely delicate to look at, it still contains all the beautiful meanings that we associate with a dragonfly. Such a feminine and meaningful dragonfly tattoo is a common choice for women who need to cover up the presence of tattoos or like to keep their inked skin private.

You can also check out other dragonfly designs if you want your little dragonfly tattoo idea to be even more delicate and smaller in which only a few lines can be used to create the dragonfly in the tattoo. Such a small piece could be inked anywhere, and no one will notice it easily.

Botanical Dragonfly Tattoo

Botanical dragonfly tattoo
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Botanical tattoo designs will never really go out of style, so you can add a dragonfly to botanical designs to make them trendier and more meaningful. As you can see in this tattoo design, a dragonfly has been inked alongside a bouquet of flowers and leaves. The dragonfly in this tattoo idea is also quite realistic, even though it was only done with black ink. You can add more flowers like lotus flower or cherry blossom to this black dragonfly tattoo.

If blue dragonfly tattoo designs catch your eye, you can also add blue to your botanical dragonfly tattoo design. There, the entire tattoo will be mostly done in black ink, with blue colored circles outlining certain parts of the tattoo. The most unique and striking feature of this type of dragonfly tattoo design will be the unique contrast between the shiny black and the royal blue inks. These dragonfly tattoos are, although hard to find.

Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo

Geometric dragonfly tattoo
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Geometric tattoos are popular all over the world, and it looks like their popularity will never really diminish. So if you want to hop on that wagon, get a geometric dragonfly tattoo like the one pictured above. The wings of the butterfly here have geometric lines, resembling wormholes. Even the insect’s body looks like gemstone drops, while its head has very prominent lines that look very geometric. If you are a science student or the uniformity of lines and shapes attracts you, this dragonfly tattoo design may be your preferred choice.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the meaning of a dragonfly tattoo and the different types of dragonfly tattoos, you can choose for yourself a symbolic and meaningful dragonfly tattoo that suits your life.

Here are some other dragonfly tattoo designs for you.

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  • Dragonfly and dream catcher tattoo.
  • Native American dragonfly tattoo.
  • Small dragonfly tattoo design for the wrist.
  • Colorful dragonfly tattoo with several significant elements.

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