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If you have what it takes to get a neck tattoo, then you have come to the right place. Here are some cool ideas for a male throat tattoo.

Male throat tattoo
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Neck tattoos are one of the boldest types of designs in the tattoo world.

Since the area around our neck is very sensitive, a neck tattoo can be very painful. Plus, it’s a lifetime commitment, because you can’t easily hide them.

Generally speaking, for a very long time, neck tattoos have been associated with gangsters or mafias in the criminal world. With the progression of society over the years, this stereotype has started to change and neck tattoos are now seen as a bold type of body art. They reflect a lot about human nature and are very unique to look at. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Post Malone have played a huge role in the huge growth of neck tattoos. It not only takes a lot of expertise from tattoo artists, but also a lot of courage from someone who wants to do one. They are not vulgar and can look very attractive if done correctly. Let’s take a look at some of the male throat tattoo designs below.

Full neck tattoos for men

Full neck tattoos for men
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The image here shows a very unique full neck Tattoo Design in the form of an insect. The tattoo artist used a wide range of colors to create this design. There has been a growing demand for insect or spider tattoos among today’s youth, due to the symmetrical shape of these creatures. Moreover, they also reflect a deep and dark side of the person with these tattoos. If you are looking for cool neck tattoo ideas, you can try this one. However, always remember that getting a neck tattoo will hurt more than those on other parts of the body. Therefore, only after making a decision and discussing it with your friends and peers will you have one. There is no going back, once the tattoo is done, as it will still be visible and cannot be covered up very easily. You can undergo ablation treatments, but they can be quite expensive.

Floral Neck Tattoo Designs For Men

Floral neck tattoo designs for men
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Flowers can be powerful and meaningful symbols. Here in this image, we can see that the tattoo artist has used simple lines to create the image of a flower, on the neck region of this individual. The different shades of black ink used in certain areas of this front neck tattoo are indeed remarkable. This image generates a bold statement about the individual. If you want similar floral neck tattoo designs, you can try this one, or you can also choose other flowers for inspiration, like a rose tattoo or a sunflower tattoo.

Eagle neck tattoo

Eagle neck tattoo
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Eagles are the embodiment of power and freedom. Therefore, if you are looking for similar ideas to reflect via your tattoo, this one is a must. The slender wings of the eagle symbolize dominance and when paired with the placement of the neck can be the perfect example of greatness and fearlessness. The tattoo artist here only used black color to make this design. One of the main highlights of this Tattoo Design is the intricate wing designs of this bird. If you like this one, you can also look for wing tattoos which are known to be the perfect symbols of guardian angels.

back neck tattoos for men

Back neck tattoos
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Back neck tattoo designs are another popular type of neck tattoo, which has been in trend for quite a long time. In the image above, the artist has drawn the image of a moth on the back of the neck. One important thing to remember before getting a neck tattoo is that it can be a very painful place to get a tattoo. This is because of the thin skin that surrounds the upper back region of our body. Therefore, if you think you have the pain tolerance to get a neck tattoo, go for a tattoo.

Tattoos on the side of the neck

Tattoos on the side of the neck
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Side neck tattoos with a feather design can also be a great choice if you are looking for a more subtle design. To be honest, neck tattoos are the most badass tattoos out there, so whatever image you want to draw on that region, if done right, it will look proud. look no matter what. The image here shows two feathers imprinted on this person’s neck. The reason feathers are such a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts is that they represent strength and honor. If this is your first tattoo, you can use this one as a suggestion. You can try other feather tattoos, like dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers are a popular symbol in Native American cultures and represent life.

Lion Neck Tattoo Ideas

Lion neck tattoo ideas
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Lions symbolize bravery and courage. The artist of this design used this idea to create this cool neck tattoo. Generally, in lion neck tattoos, people use the lion head as the main attraction of the design. The sharp teeth and ferocious gaze of the lion in this photo are indeed marvellous. It must have taken a lot of work and patience for the artist to deliver such a beautiful result. This is a perfect example of a full neck tattoo and you can use this design as a reference for your next throat tattoo.

Angel neck tattoo ideas for men

Angel neck tattoo ideas for men
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The angel neck tattoo is a very popular example of an elegant neck tattoo. Angels, also known as messengers of God, symbolize spirituality. The image here shows the design of an angel carrying the scales of justice and two huge angel wings protruding from his back. This is a very unique design and represents truth and fairness. The artist used a mixture of gray and black ink to deliver this beautiful design. You can try similar angel designs for your next neck tattoos.

Crown Neck Tattoo Ideas

Crown neck tattoo ideas
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Crowns are the embodiment of self-control and glory. They reflect the beginning of new beginnings by overcoming difficulties. Crowns are the ideal choice for neck tattoos as they look great in small neck tattoos as well as full neck tattoo designs. If you are one of those people who loves the idea of ​​courage and glory, then this one is perfect for you. In the image above, the artist only used the color black. However, you can customize the size of the crown according to your preference and also add any color you want. Adding bright colors will give a more vibrant look to this neck Tattoo Design.

Tribal Neck Tattoo Ideas

Tribal neck tattoo ideas
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A tribal neck Tattoo Design is one of the perfect ways to pay homage to your rich culture and heritage. There is no specific design for a tribal neck tattoo as it differs in different cultures. They represent the achievements and glory of a culture. It can be a way to celebrate your rich heritage. The person in this image has created a very uniquely shaped tribal tattoo on the side of their neck. You don’t have to recreate the same design, but you can take inspiration from this one.

Best Neck Tattoos For Men

Best neck tattoos for men
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A skull tattoo can represent a wide variety of meanings. While for some human skulls might represent death and rebellion, others might see them as a symbol of rebirth and celebration of life. For this reason, these are the best designs for neck tattoos, especially for men. We can see a similar design in this image. The artist of this design has done an amazing job creating this design without any form of irritation on the skin. You can try this one for your next neck tattoo.

Before getting a neck tattoo, you should fully understand the amount of pain you have to tolerate, as well as the additional dangers of infection. The area around our neck is very sensitive and contains few nerve endings. Therefore, the higher you go up the neck, the greater the pain. If you are someone who is very sensitive to pain, neck tattoos might not be the ideal choice for you. However, if you think you have enough pain tolerance then buy one as it is one of the coolest forms of body art. However, it is equally essential to get a neck tattoo from someone with the appropriate experience and expertise. Below are some neck tattoo ideas to try.

  • religious neck tattoo
  • throat chakra design
  • neck tattoos with roman numerals
  • sailor neck tattoo designs
  • Neck Eye Tattoo

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