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If you are someone who believes in the word Luck and is considering getting a Good Luck tattoo, then you must check out these amazing designs.

Luck tattoo ideas
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We can say that the word “luck” is a combination of positive and negative events, and even events that had absolutely no probability of occurring.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, luck is defined as a certain force that causes things to happen, whether good or bad, without any control of a person. It can cause both good and bad things to happen, not because of the person’s ability or effort, but completely by chance.

Some people strongly believe in the word luck and even wear it as a symbol of hope, as a symbol of fortune, and even as a symbol of God, which is believed to protect them from all kinds of negative powers. While some people consider it to be a mere illusion.

Four Leaf Clover Irish Luck Tattoo

Four leaf clover irish luck tattoo
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In general, four-leaf clover is a genetic mutation of three-leaf clover.

According to the mythology of the Celtic Druids, that is to say the Indo-European mythology, the four-leaf clover was considered a lucky charm and even sacred because it is supposed to sense the presence of the demon. Druids were the upper class people of Celtic culture.

The four leaves of a four leaf clover are a symbolic representation of love, faith, hope and luck or good fortune which can even be considered as the grace of God. So, wearing a four leaf clover tattoo on your body means inviting good luck. Therefore, a four leaf clover tattoo has been popular all over the world since the very beginning of the concept of lucky tattoos to protect against all kinds of negative energies.

So if you are someone who wants to get a four leaf clover tattoo on any part like wrist, shoulder blade or leg or even as a two person couple tattoo then you should definitely check this design. You can also opt for the shoulder blade position as it is one of the least painful areas to get a tattoo.

Some people even believe that there is no right or wrong way to represent luck.

Lucky Dream Catcher Tattoo

Lucky dream catcher tattoo
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Over time and years there have been a variety of reasons and each reason has a specific meaning as to why people all over the world get inked. This includes spiritual resemblance, as a protective band all around them, as a form of love towards their partner, and many more. These reasons vary from person to person.

Similarly, the Dream Catcher is also considered a symbol of good luck. Traditionally, a dreamcatcher is a kind of woven art where the artist weaves a spider-like net into a hoop-like structure. The purpose of this dream catcher which is believed to catch all negative dreams or even bad omens while you are sleeping by giving you a good omen or good thoughts dates back to American culture and its belief in luck.

Nowadays, people have started getting tattoos of dreamcatchers instead of hanging one in their bedroom. This dreamcatcher can be worn on any part of the body with black or colored ink, which will make it look equally beautiful. So, if you too want to try one, then this design will suit you perfectly.

Egyptian Ouroboros Luck Tattoo

Egyptian ouroboros luck tattoo
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The concept of getting inked or, in a nutshell, getting a tattoo dates back to ancient Egypt, that is, the time of the mummies, where you can see images of bulls, animals and even some mysterious lines inked on the bodies of the 5,000 year old Mummies.

There are many symbols and numbers that represent good luck and even bad luck. The most common number that is considered bad luck is the number 666 which is known to be the number of the beast. Unlike unlucky numbers, there are also many tattoo ideas that are considered to attract bad luck like dragon eye fill, upside down horseshoe, upside down cross, Valknut tattoo and many others.

There are also many lucky symbols which are believed to bring good luck and also bring good fortune like Japanese Fudo Mayo tattoo, Egyptian Scarab tattoo, Chinese money tree tattoo, Rabbit foot tattoo, lucky lady tattoo, chinese knot tattoo and many more. . Similarly, the lucky number that can bring good luck in some countries is 7 in the Western world, 13 in Italy, 4 in Germany and 8 in China and Japan.

Daikoku Japanese Luck Tattoo

Daikoku japanese luck tattoo
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As mentioned earlier, there are several good luck tattoos in Japanese culture, one of them is the Daikoku lucky mask tattoo that originated in Japan. Daikoku is also considered one of the seven lucky gods in Japanese culture. These Daikoku luck tattoos can be worn mainly by people working in the food industry or by those who work as artists, as they are believed to bring good luck, success and confidence in life.

If you too belong to the food industry and want to wear something that will bring you luck and good fortune, you must go ahead and get this lucky tattoo.

Italian Ladybug Luck Tattoo

Italian ladybug luck tattoo
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As mentioned earlier, many animals are also considered lucky charms, such as rabbit, frog, etc. Similarly, ladybugs are also considered lucky charms in Italian tattoo culture. The ladybug is usually a beetle. The ladybug is a symbolic representation of the freedom and independence of a human being. It also symbolizes happiness and good luck and also a symbol of friendship.

Previously, this culture of tattooing was done using needles and ink where the ink was pressed into the skin using a needle. Nowadays, similar technologies of pricking the ink are used, but with the help of a needle, which opens up more options and ideas for tattoos, making it an experience. safer and thus further improves the characteristics and quality of the tattoos. presented as a gift.

Lucky Dolphin Tattoo

Lucky dolphin tattoo
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A dolphin is considered to be one of the good luck tattoos in the list of sailor good luck tattoos. It attracts ocean-loving and ocean-conscious tattoo artists primarily because of its playfulness and cheerfulness. It is mainly considered to be chosen by tattooed women. If you too are one of them, you can also opt for this one.

Crossed fingers luck tattoo

Crossed fingers luck tattoo
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Keeping in mind the most heard word good luck, the crossed finger is a symbolic representation or can be considered as a good luck gesture for a long time in the western world. It can also be said that it is a perfect example of the belief that people keep luck and its meaning. A cross is also a symbolic representation of good luck in the Christian community or culture as it resembles Jesus Christ.

So, if you too believe in the crossed finger then you can definitely try this Tattoo Design.

Laughing Buddha Chinese Luck Tattoo

Laughing buddha chinese luck tattoo
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As mentioned earlier, there are many good luck symbols in Chinese tattoo culture, one of them being the Laughing Buddha also known as “Budai”. Budai was a Chinese monk well known for his cheerful nature, different from all other Buddhists after he was named the Laughing Buddha. You can definitely try this design once.

Irish Horseshoe Luck Tattoo

Irish horseshoe luck tattoo
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A most common question surrounding the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčluck which can be both good and bad, which comes to the mind of tattoo lovers is why not have the bad luck of the Valknut tattoo?? The answer to this is that Valknut is considered the symbol of Odin, the god of war and death according to Norse mythology. Getting an inked Valknut tattoo is considered bad luck as it is tantamount to surrendering to Odin, which often means an extremely violent death for the bearer of this tattoo. It is considered bad luck because it is associated with warriors who have been violently murdered, i.e., slain warriors.

Horseshoe tattoo is considered lucky because it is done by a blacksmith using fire which again is a symbol of good luck according to Indian mythology because fire is orange in color which is considered lucky in India. Hanging a one-piece horseshoe on the front door of your home with its feet facing upwards is considered good luck as it is believed to attract good fortune. Likewise, a downward facing horseshoe is considered bad luck.

So if you too want to attract luck to yourself. you can definitely try this beautiful and colorful horseshoe tattoo on your arms or legs.

Chinese lucky cat luck tattoo

Chinese lucky cat luck tattoo
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Unlike all other Chinese lucky symbols, the lucky cat is also one of them. It is believed that keeping a lucky cat in your bedroom brings good fortune and success in life. You can definitely try this cute cat Tattoo Design once if you are a believer in success and luck on the one hand and also an animal lover on the other hand.

Here are more Good Luck tattoo ideas for you.

  • Chinese money tree luck tattoo.
  • Chinese good luck fish tattoo.
  • Chinese frog luck tattoo.
  • Japanese Ebisu lucky tattoo.
  • Nautical lucky star tattoo.

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