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Are you looking for lion tattoos to show your fierceness to the world? Browse through these lion and lioness tattoo ideas to show fierceness and intelligence to the world.

Lion and lioness tattoo
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A geometric lion tattoo on your body shows the royalty and royalty of the family you come from.

A gray lioness tattoo symbolizes your presence of mind and intelligence in your surroundings. A lioness is normally associated with women, which is why she is the queen of the jungle.

Normally a lion is known as the king of the jungle. So, if one gets a cool lion tattoo by a tattoo artist, then the tattoo signifies his fierce attitude while standing on a ground of courage and serious attitude. As we know, the lion does not hunt. It is the lioness who goes hunting. Finally, getting a lioness tattoo by a good artist signifies the counter-active nature of the person with a smart attitude. Men often opt for lion tattoos while women opt for lioness tattoos keeping gender parity intact. Going for lion and lioness couple tattoo ideas shows the sign of courage and intelligence together in that person.

A powerful couple is often represented by a lion and a lioness together. The shrewd and fierce mother lion or female lion often becomes the wife of the family while the lion king is called the husband. The child of this powerful couple often gets a teddy bear tattoo, which signifies the power of the king and queen in his family. Here is a list of the greatest lion and lioness tattoos just for you.

Matching gray shading lion and lioness tattoo ideas

Matching gray shading lion and lioness tattoo ideas
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This lion tattoo featured on the man’s hand as seen in the picture is surely an artistic brilliance from a good artist. The lioness tattoo featured on the woman’s hand as shown in the shaded image is done with black ink which gives a unique charm.

These types of lion aka Leo tattoos are often boldly beautiful and symbolize the crown on and off the family. Most men are seen with these types of lion tattoos signifying the father figure of the animal kingdom. On the other hand, female lion or lioness tattoos symbolize the watchful and counter argumentative mentality of the wives and mothers of the family. Apart from the family connection, some people get lions tattoos by a lion eyes artist. One can also metaphorically place the crown tattoo on his hand to signify the presence of a tasteless lion within him.

Realistic Brave Lion Tattoos For Men

Realistic brave lion tattoos for men
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This lion tattoo as seen in the picture is synonymous and creative as it shows a brave lion in the background taking a serious look at his surroundings. He patiently looks around.

If someone is planning to tattoo it on their hands, they must be a good observer who follows things around them closely. Getting it tattooed on your shoulder signifies additional responsibility, whereas placing this lion tattoo on your arm with a bigger design gives you more strength. Some men also get these lion tattoos inked just to add vibrant colors with deeper meaning to their life. In the tattoo, the black ink adds an extra layer of seriousness and a larger than life attitude.

Married love lion and lioness tattoo ideas

Married love lion and lioness tattoo ideas
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This married lion and lioness couple tattoo as seen in the image signifies the coordination and loyalty between the king and queen of the animal kingdom. The lion casts his solemn gaze, while the lioness shows her kind and indulgent gaze. The arm is the most suitable place to get a tattoo, but it can also be done on any part of the body.

This tattoo is a perfect piece of creative beauty in itself. These tattoos represent mutual understanding and love for each other. So, these tattoo ideas are basically suitable for couples, symbolizing eternal love and mutual respect. Both men and women can ink these tattoos, eventually creating invisible angled lines between them.

Mother With Cub Sketched Gorgeous Lioness Tattoos

Mother with cub sketched gorgeous lioness tattoos
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This lioness tattoo as seen in the photo is a responsible mother taking care of her cub. One can get this tattoo inked on his hands which is the most viable option in this case. One can also keep the tattoo covered in her dress if she wishes.

These kinds of lioness tattoo ideas create space where mothers can show love and affection to their children. Women often ink these tattoos on their hands, but men can do it too. The style of these lioness tattoos is remarkable because children can always feel protected by their mother who is always by their side. The sketched format also offers a simple yet elegant look.

Light Black Ink Floral Mother Lioness With Cub Tattoo Ideas

Light black ink floral mother lioness with cub tattoo ideas
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This lioness tattoo as shown in the image signifies a passionate mother who worries about her child and takes care of her with a great sense of authority. The target audience for these lioness tattoos are often mothers, but fathers are also targeted.

This tattoo shows that the mother lioness has returned from hunting after a few years. Eventually, the little one’s urge to get along with his mother grew stronger because they seem so happy together. Likewise, mothers who often get tattoos have already faced similar circumstances. That’s why they ink these tattoos on their hands just to remember their children while being away from them. The black and white complexion adds depth to the image which signifies the mood of nature surrounding the lioness and her cub.

Greatest Design Blue Eyed Crowned Lion Tattoo Ideas

Greatest design blue eyed crowned lion tattoo ideas
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This blue eyed lion tattoo as seen in the image signifies a crowned lion roaring like a king. The forearm is a suitable place to perform this larger design tattoo. Both men and women can get it inked.

This lion tattoo symbolizes vigor and respect for someone. So, people who have immense respect for themselves get their right forearm tattooed. Ambitious and successful people also ink this lion tattoo on their body. The blue eyes and nature of the roar signifies the lion’s concentration and level of concentration on its surroundings. So, people who have so much focus and concentration can also do these tattoos.

Fierce lion left arm tattoo idea

Fierce lion left arm tattoo idea
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This lion tattoo as seen in the image is a symbol of a fierce lion showing its animal instincts to the outside world. Most men get these scales tattooed on their arms.

This fierce lion tattoo signifies the courage and bravery of a person in the private and public world. So, if a person faces many challenges in his life and successfully fights them, he can wear this kind of fiery tattoos, possibly relying on his characteristic features. People who have a strong personality also ink this type of tattoos on their body parts.

Black Inked Lion and Lioness Family Tattoo Ideas on Upper Back

Black inked lion and lioness family tattoo ideas on upper back
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This lion and lioness family tattoo as seen in the picture is a symbol of pure love, affection and togetherness between family members. The upper back is the usual position to place these inked tattoos. Mostly, women tattoo them on their body parts, but men also do it.

This family tattoo signifies a close-knit and close-knit target audience. Often, members of an entire family ink these tattoos on their bodies as a symbol of unity and togetherness that protects them from outside dangers. People can also get tattoos on their shoulders and neck.

Lioness tattoo idea on the right front arm in a floral theme

Lioness tattoo idea on the right front arm in a floral theme
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This lioness tattoo idea as implemented in the image signifies a pretty lioness covered in flowers. This tattoo covers the front right arm in the photo.

This tattoo is a symbol of pure motherhood where the flower shows the simplicity and kindness of the mother. It is particularly aimed at mothers. So, they can wear these tattoos and flaunt their motherhood if needed. Mostly, women ink these tattoos on their body.

Colorful lion and lioness with cubs tattoo ideas

Colorful lion and lioness with cubs tattoo ideas
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This black and white and colorful tattoo with cubs as shown in the picture symbolizes the quality of family time. You can do it with precision, but if you want it to stay covered in the robes, you can do it.

This family tattoo signifies togetherness between family members. People who spend time with their family most of the time often get these tattoos done on their body. The color also shows the good and bad times the family goes through while still being together.

There are many shapes of lion tattoos, lioness tattoos and lion and lioness tattoos that you can customize according to your own needs.

A lion and lioness tattoo is often associated with responsibility, courage and a fighting spirit. Here are some suggestions that might make you want to get a lion or lioness tattoo inked on your body parts.

  • Glowing lioness tattoo on the front arm.
  • Muscles black eyed lion tattoo.
  • Hand crowned lion tattoo.
  • Left arm green eyed lioness tattoo.
  • Lion and lioness upper shoulder tattoo.

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