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The best way to show your love towards nature is to inked the activity of nature on your body. Here are some flash tattoo sleeve ideas you can consider!

Lightning tattoo sleeve

Lightning bolt tattoos in general signify strength, power, and intelligence.

Inked tattoos are a part of almost every culture. Lightning bolt tattoos represent speed, decision and power.

The lightning bolts in these lightning bolt tattoos are associated with positive concepts such as intelligence, power, and truth. According to Native American tribes, the Thunderbird is considered a shining example of virtues. Therefore, getting these lightning bolts tattooed on any part of the body is also considered morally right and just. Other than that, if you see it from another angle, these lightning bolt tattoos look great on your body. But, finding the right tattoo for different parts of your body can be extremely difficult.

There are a variety of flash tattoos but to help you choose the best, here is a list of flash tattoos you can refer to.

Small lighting tattoo

Small lighting tattoo

This lighting tattoo looks amazing, but it completely depends on the location you choose for the tattoo. This design will look best if you get it inked on your inner arm or muscle wave. You can also ink it on the back of your ear or even in the neck area. This lighting arm sleeve tattoo is relatively small. This mini size tattoo will look great especially when you tattoo it on your fingers. This electric tattoo will look even better if you ink it on the darkest part of your skin.

Dark Cloud Lighting Tattoo

Dark cloud lighting tattoo

This flash tattoo looks more realistic. It is a long sleeve lightning bolt tattoo that looks best when inked on your arm or on your calf. The best part about this tattoo is that it looks realistic when done with precision. It captures the action of the moon and lightning. Therefore, you can see the dark color used towards the sides and top to represent the moon. The lightning bolt in the center of all that darkness makes for a contrasting look.

Eye lighting tattoo

Eye lighting tattoo

This is by far one of the best Eye Lightning tattoos. It has an awesome visual impact and is a full and vibrant flash tattoo. Interestingly, you can get this tattoo inked on different parts of your body. The design theme of this tattoo is eye-catching and this tattoo will look more impressive when you choose the right tattoo artist. The colors used in this tattoo are quite vibrant including red, blue, yellow, black, and gray.

Lighthouse Flash Tattoo

Lighthouse flash tattoo

These lighthouse tattoos have become one of the most popular tattoos. Here, the tattoo artist has used bright colors to make it look impressive. In the center of this tattoo is a lighthouse. Around this lighthouse you will see representations of the sky, clouds and thunderstorms. You can get this tattoo inked on your calf, your hand as well as your arm. Among the lit tattoos, the lighthouse tattoos are considered the best by those who love vibrant tattoos.

Grayscale Lightning Snake Tattoo

Grayscale lightning snake tattoo

Well, if you love getting tattoos tattooed on your body, this grayscale lightning snake tattoo will grab your full attention. Electric tattoos are among the most popular tattoos. It becomes even more attractive when combined with a snake tattoo. It is a grayscale snake tattoo where the lightning bolt tattoo and the snake tattoo have been combined which makes it even more eye-catching. If you want to get a black lightning sleeve tattoo, this is the best choice to consider.

Negative space lightning bolt tattoo

Negative space lightning bolt tattoo

Storm tattoos are very popular these days. This tattoo has the best negative space lightning tattoo you can plan on inking on your arm. If you like to have a lot of shading work in your tattoos, it’s fine to go for it. To portray negative space, this tattoo has been completely inked in black and white colors. Towards the top you will find flowers and lined tattoos. It is towards the end that you will see the lighting bolt which gives this tattoo a completely different look.

thunderbolt tattoo

Thunderbolt tattoo

This lightning bolt tattoo will blow your mind. For all nature lovers, here is the best way to show your love for nature. The clouds in this tattoo look extremely realistic. Well, you can get this tattoo inked on any part of your body. This tattoo depicts the natural phenomenon of lighting. If creative tattoos catch your eye, this one is one of them. It is a simple back and white tattoo that will not make you feel amazing.

Sick free hand flash tattoo

Sick free hand flash tattoo

Many tattoos have this concept of a free hand, as you can see from the post above. This is a full black and white colored flash tattoo. You can ink it on any part of your body. However, it is best to ink it on your hand or arm. The best part is that you don’t need an experienced tattoo artist for this particular tattoo. This is a simple yet unusual tattoo that you can consider getting inked.

heart lightning tattoo

Heart lightning tattoo

This tattoo depicts an extremely impressive lightning bolt tattoo. If lightning bolt tattoos are your favorite tattoos, this will indeed blow your mind. This tattoo has a fabulous pink and white color combination. It is a heart shaped tattoo that can be inked on any part of your body. It is an extremely simple tattoo that can be inked even by an artist who has entered this field recently.

Lightning tattoo on the back

Lightning tattoo on the back

Generally, the lightning reaction is a source of worry and fear, yet many people find it invigorating. Storm tattoos as you can see in the attached Instagram post are trending. This is a simple lighting tattoo that you can get inked on your back as well as your hand. In this tattoo, the artist has used an excellent combination of red and black color. The jagged bolts in this tattoo are black in color while a reddish shade represents the negative side of the same.

Flash tattoos are among the most attractive tattoos. More lighting represents more power, intelligence and strength according to Greek mythology. If you are planning to get a new tattoo on your body, be sure to choose the tattoo after proper research. Here are some additional suggestions for lightning sleeve tattoo designs that you can consider if you like tattoos with more lightning.

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